Episode 63: Sci-Fi Gargoyle wa Pretty Cure the Musical

Welcome. This week we review Sci-Fi Harry, Yoshinaga-san’chi no Gargoyle, Futari wa Pretty Cure and the Live Action Utena musical. It’s a great show, so check it out.

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Musical – Wait until it hits the US and NetFlix it.
Sci-Fi Harry – Wait until it hits the US and NetFlix it.
Yoshinaga-san’chi no Gargoyle – Wait until it hits the US and NetFlix it.
Futari wa Pretty Cure – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for Crackers.

Show Notes


Intro – Bravin’ Bad Brew by Riryka from Venus Versus Virus
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Hare+Guu Television Broadcast Scheduled
The Hare+Guu television series will air five nights a week at 10:30PM (EST) on the FUNimation Channel beginning January 29th.

Production I.G. Enters Negotiations for Live-Action Ghost In The Shell
Production I.G. meeting with movie studios in Hollywood to develop live-action film

AnikiCon Cancelled
Germany’s AnikiCon has been cancelled due to lack of interest. The event was to be held April 6-8 in Bonn.

May 5 is Free Comic Book Day
IDW’s Transformers live action movie prequel comic and Tokyopop’s Choose Your Weapon sampler and are among the selections announced for this year’s annual Free Comic Book Day. The event will be held May 5.

Domo-Kun Premieres This Fall
This fall Nickelodeon will premiere Domo-Kun, a series of 2-minute shorts co-produced with Polygon Pictures. The series’ official website, domonation.com, will launch “in the coming weeks,” and a Domo-Kun Face t-shirt is already available from Hot Topic.

Ghibli Museum To Support Animation Research Project
Museum to offer up to 300,000 yen to one researcher of Animation. The Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, in association with the Tokuma Animation Culture Foundation, has announced their annual grant for any student, graduate student, or researcher focusing on Animation. Proposals for research projects can focus on either Japanese animation or western animation, but only one will be selected to receive the grant of up to 300,000 yen (approximately $2700 US Dollars). Applicants for the grant are also limited to people ages 35 and under. This will mark the 4th time the museum has offered the grant.


Sci-Fi Harry

Comedie Musicale Utena la fillette revolutionnaire

Futari wa Pretty Cure

Yoshinaga-san’chi no Gargoyle

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