NDK 2007 – Greg Ayres

Here is an Anime Pulse interview with Greg Ayres. To find out more about him, visit his site.

Official Site

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0 thoughts on “NDK 2007 – Greg Ayres”

  1. Wow, this interview was inspiring in so many ways! For a slightly uninformed otaku, such as myself, it’s great to be enlightened on how things work behind the curtains. Sometimes the big guy isn’t the bad guy :p

    And also, the reminder to start buying Naruto dvd’s couldn’t have come at a better time. A more than decent price tag for the first two uncut boxes (all together 26 episodes) meant I got to support the industry while avoiding burning a huge hole in my wallet!

    Listening to all the interviews was wonderfully fun and educational, so thanks you guys :3

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