The Pokemon Shinkansen

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the new Pokemon themed Shinkansen (bullet train) by the JR East company running here in Japan. Well today I took a trip on it. It was the Asama Shinkansen between Tokyo and Nagano. We start off with a pic of good old Pikachu and the fire monkey (names will not be included other than Pikachu because I don’t know them. If you care look it up yourself).

A rabbit and some small animal

A lizard and something in an egg?

A big-eared animal, similar to Pokota from Slayers Revolution

Pikachu, a turtle and the fire monkey

Pikachu again (seeing a trend?)

And… another Pikachu

Egg creature, lizard, squirrel and a bird

big eared creature

Things I can’t even begin to identify

A flying honeycomb… yes you read that right

Pikachu’s butt

More strange creatures

A Venus flytrap-like creature

A cat

Something with flowers in its hair

And the end with Pikachu and the bird again

Finally, to top the whole thing off, Pikachu on the seats.

I think we can safely assume that Pikachu is the Pokemon of choice among the Japanese, or at least the most recognizable one. I definitely wasn’t the only one taking pictures of the train in the Nagano station.

Full album:

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0 thoughts on “The Pokemon Shinkansen”

  1. OMG, that is so cool! I only didn’t recognize 2 of them… odd because I played through all the games…

  2. Well for reference sake, front to back:

    6)Happiny (Chansey pre-evolution)
    7)Shaymin (Sky Form)
    11)Shaymin (Land Form)
    13)Combee (Female)
    15)Mime Jr. (Mr.Mime Pre-evolution)

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