Episode 171: Asu no Kyoukai

We’ve got a great show this week. We talk about the news and review Asu no Yoichi! and Kara no Kyoukai. We also revisit our “fillers” discussion after some insight from a listener. Don’t miss this one.

Asu no Yoichi – Wait until it hits the US and NetFlix it.
Kara no Kyoukai – Download Now!

Show Notes


Intro – Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell vs. Mysto & Pizzi featuring vocals by Renald Francoeur available for free download at GEICO
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Asu no Yoichi
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Kara no Kyoukai
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0 Replies to “Episode 171: Asu no Kyoukai”

  1. Nice show guys. i like the music you started with, it is very different from the norm. also good reviews, you picked things i wouldnt have normally thought about, so i may have to check out kara no kyoukai.

  2. What does ‘no yoichi’ mean? I see it in some of the manga I read so I was just wondering if you could answer that for me. You guys are awesome, (Im sure you know this.)

    1. “no” in this case is a possessive particle, “Yoichi” is the name of the main character, and “Asu” means tomorrow. So it literally reads Tomorrow’s Yoichi or some derivation of.

  3. shingetsutan tsukihime? well, there are 2 real female characters in it. The tsukihime and the one possessed by roa. the possessed one is now working for the church.

  4. a tenchi spinoff without tenchi is not a tenchi spinoff, its just a spinoff…and im getting very dizzy…

  5. I’m not sure if it was ep 170 or 171, but Ichigo mentioned circumventing chrunchy region limitations.
    Can we get a hint how to do it?

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