VG Pulse 56: Fabled E3

This week is a full house as Tim, Weltall and Bionic all join us to look back at the week that was E3 2011. Both the good and the bad, but mostly just bad, we look at what stood out to us. The conferences and games get discussed again, in a bit more detail. Also we get everyones opinion on Nintendo’s new piece of hardware, for better or for worse. I still don’t like the controller, but it is still early, I will hold out hope. We then skim over the forums and give you our most embarrassing E3 memory. Then its of to a review. Some may remember back in VGP 29, The Fan Show, That Bionic did a preview of Fable 3. He is back to finish his review. Lots to talk about, with lots of people to do the talking. Also the Manga Pulse crew is here and not one mention of their favorite furry creature. Good Times, Listen in to find out. Continue reading VG Pulse 56: Fabled E3

Episode 283: Everyday Princess

We’re back! Did you miss us? We do the news as usual and then review some anime. This week a blast from the past, Princess Nine. We also review Nichijou. Don’t miss it!
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Manga Pulse 182: Eden Zero

We once again go for the longest show and I’m fairly certain we get it.

Eden no Ori – Read it at Borders
M×0 – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers. Continue reading Manga Pulse 182: Eden Zero

VG Pulse 55: Dreamcast World Dusk

Well here we are, a few days away from E3. The news is a 50/50 mix of rumors and announcements. The rumors I can deal with. The announcements just before a major gaming convention where everyone announces there big projects, well that just leaves me wondering wtf? Then I have relapsing memories of 2008 E3 and that is bad. The forums tell us your thoughts on what you want to see at the show, then we go into our wishes. Then we have two reveiws to round this show out before next weeks nightmare. A very special thanks to FamilyJules7x for permission to use his cover on the end of this podcast 🙂 Continue reading VG Pulse 55: Dreamcast World Dusk

Fan Pulse 02: Dude, where's my couch?

Oh Snap! Two in a row! The moral to take away from this episode is this “Insanity is defined by doing the same thing multiple times but expecting different results”. This week the boys are joined by Contra. Geth seems to be lagging, or maybe that’s just him. This one is more of a drunk story show, and apparently the guys aren’t old-school gamers. Come on guys, the code is “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start” (Select Start if two-player). Disappointing. I’ll be back next week, so enjoy the extended break from regular shows 🙂

Manga Pulse 181: Blue Planet

In this honey badgerific episode we explore the many tangents of honey badgery and what it means to live a life devoted to such practices; or people ask a lot of badger questions…

Planetes – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Blue Exorcist – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers. Continue reading Manga Pulse 181: Blue Planet

VG Pulse 54: Chasing A Grand City Fail

This weeks episode is brouhgt to you by failure. That is a technical, tempurature and english failure. I couldn’t figure it out untill the next day but skype decide to haunt the input volume on our mic. So our volume is anywhere from really soft to screaming loud. Audacity also went and had a bit of a tantrum as well. After an unprecidented 9 hours of editing its not going to get any better, sorry. So we recorded the show on Sony Vegas movie maker. It worked well enough. As for what happened during the show, Vailreth joins us once again to discuss the video games and sutch. The sutch being how hot the weather is. Once the three of us get through the news, We continue to the forums and butcher the English language. Not as bad as Fox news butchered the facts but still. Then we finish up with two reveiws. One that is good and the other that turns into a rant that goes on for way too long. Good times, Listen in to find out. Continue reading VG Pulse 54: Chasing A Grand City Fail

Fan Pulse 01: The fans that hate me :-)

Now I know you’re thinking “what’s the deal Ichigo, where’s the AP?”, well sorry, I’m taking a short vacation. But luckily Paltir, Gethsemane and the Freaking Pope started a little something they call Fan Pulse. Paltir thinks I either forgot about him or am just ignoring him. Neither, it was all part of my master plan to wait and release this when I needed a break, mwahahaha! Anyways, some fans from way back kick back and shoot the shit, give it a listen.

Manga Pulse 180: Alice's Avenger

First we play tic-tac-toe. Then we slap a dog. Then we sit…

Are you Alice? – Even if you receive it as a present, burn the book and piss on the ashes.
Utopia’s Avenger – Read it at Borders. Continue reading Manga Pulse 180: Alice's Avenger

VG Pulse 53: Deadliest Colosseum

In the spirit of seeing how long a show we can make unintentionaly, we go the distance and cross over the 90 minute mark. We go over the Sony PSN tragedy in progress, the latest rumors for E3 and not to be out done, Fox news is in the mix. Basically it is a lot of news, however we do go into some good stories as they become relevent. Once all that is done we look into your thoughts on multiplayer. Then it is off to the reviews, Two different ones for a change. Shocking I know, Good times to be had, Listen in to find out. Continue reading VG Pulse 53: Deadliest Colosseum