Fan Pulse 01: The fans that hate me :-)

Now I know you’re thinking “what’s the deal Ichigo, where’s the AP?”, well sorry, I’m taking a short vacation. But luckily Paltir, Gethsemane and the Freaking Pope started a little something they call Fan Pulse. Paltir thinks I either forgot about him or am just ignoring him. Neither, it was all part of my master plan to wait and release this when I needed a break, mwahahaha! Anyways, some fans from way back kick back and shoot the shit, give it a listen.

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0 Replies to “Fan Pulse 01: The fans that hate me :-)”

  1. In regards to it being more active back in the day, I remember that Ichigo and Batou used to always push to have Anime-Pulse voted for various contests about podcast popularity but in maybe the past 100 or so episodes there has been nothing like that.

    Also, I know Batou has quit/taking a break but when he was on the podcast was more like a group of people having a conversation about anime and now it seems more like a normal news program. Neither is bad but I did enjoy the more active feeling of the older podcasts that were more conversation like.

    Recently TimeChaser has been helping out so hopefully it will get that way again.

  2. Please get rid of this show. Anime Pulse, Manga Pulse, and VG Pulse are all good because they’re REVIEW shows. This is no review show, it’s people complaining about no one being active in the forums. If they want to do something about it, they can, just not in the form of their own show. Besides, their recording quality is HORRIBLE. Even early Manga Pulse recordings were much better than this. Please stop this show. it’s a waste of our time and their time.

  3. I haven’t heard this yet, but I don’t know why in the age of twitter people would think messageboards would still stay popular. Messageboards have fallen off over the years.

  4. I don’t consider myself an “audio nazi” but this was god awful. I actually had to kill my volume a couple of times just because the audio was actually hurting my ears.

  5. As a new memeber I cant talk about back in the day. But I’ve been listening since episode 111b and the main show has been boring since Batou left while MP and VGP have some charisma and fun mixed in with the reviews. I think Paltir is on the right track. Keep it up.

  6. There is definitely less energy from when Batou left, but who could ever match the mania of Batou!??

    I didn’t listen to Anime Pulse just for Batou, so Ichigo is fine for me. I think having TimeChaser to bounce off of was a smart idea, because the format of Anime Pulse doesn’t seem like a solo show.

    What I REALLY want are the 4 or 5 people on the show days! 🙂

  7. Listening as I type this. Some points.

    1. Until you’re more comfortable with podcasting, DON’T get up

    2. Time marches on. Forums? IRC? You think people want to use that anymore? People are mobile now. Twitter, Facebook, texting on your phone. IRC? might as well be a BBS. You want to bring BBSes and newsgroups back, too?

    3. How does Getsemane pronounce his screen name? I know how the word is pronounced, but how does HE pronounce it, because I hear other pronunciations.

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