VG Pulse 59: Laws in the Clouds

I’m solo for the next three shows, as DarkGod is now in Manchester. The News this week is another random grab bag. The Big three news bits deal with Lulzsec, The Supreme Court and The next big law that could potentially affect video games, SB 978. As we get further into the summer news in the games industry will keep getting harder to find. Untill the explosion that is the fall holiday season. I’ll worry about that when we get there. In the meantime I look into the forum and get your thoughts on sequilitis. Once that is done, I get to review the game I’ve been teasing for a few weeks now. It’s a indie game on steam that is easily overlooked.( HINT – That is not a good idea) All that and more, Good times inside. Listen in to find out. Continue reading VG Pulse 59: Laws in the Clouds