VG Pulse 58: Hacker Physics

In this random grab bag episode, we talk about a little bit of everything and nothing at the same time. The news is a shotgun pattern of a little bit of good, a little bit of bad and some in between. While at the same time being only loosely relevent. Then its off to the forums to get everyones thoughts on the recent hackings that have been going down lately. Not suprisingly everyone who posted has strong feelings on the subject. To wrap up this episode DarkGod is here with an Iphone/Ipod Touch game to review. Just before she leaves for 3 weeks to the United Kingdom. All that and more with anime inspired intro and outro themes to boot. Good times inside, Listen in to find out. Continue reading VG Pulse 58: Hacker Physics

2NE1tv Live Sneak Peek

Hey 2NE1 fans,

We have some very exciting news! Mnet US is going to have an exclusive invitation only sneak preview of the 2NE1tv LIVE : WORLDWIDE season premiere this Friday, July 15th at 7:45pm at CGV Cinemas in Koreatown in Los Angeles, CA. This is your chance to see the show before the entire world does! All you have to do to win a pair of free tickets is to register for the 2NE1 digital street team here by no later than 10am Pacific Time on Thursday, July 14th and your name will be left at will call. We would also love you to tweet about the screening while you are there and blog about it later if you are blogger. Feel free to post pictures from the screening onto the internet as well. Tickets are first come first serve. Act now!

2NE1tv LIVE: WORLDWIDE Premiers July 17th in the US

Hit reality series 2NE1tv LIVE: WORLDWIDE – starring the phenomenal K-pop girl band 2NE1 (pronounced “twenty-one”) – is coming to the U.S. with the new season’s world premiere on Mnet. The leading 24/7 English-language network in the U.S. devoted to Asian pop culture will air the series, which follows the four members of the group as they live together while recording a new record, each Sunday night in primetime, beginning with the world premiere on July 17 at 8pm ET/PT, with an encore presentation the following Saturday (July 23) at 8pm ET/PT. The series will air for a total of ten weeks with over twenty half hour episodes.

For those of you who haven’t heard of them, 2NE1 is a South Korean group that debuted in 2009 with a number of singles and released their first album in 2010. Their songs have consistently hit the top of various music charts and they’ve received Mutizen, Cyworld and Asia Song Festival awards.

Although their name is “2NE1” it’s not pronounced “To anyone”. According to the group’s members it means “New Evolution of the 21st Century”. Their music style ranges from pop to hip-hip to reggae to electronic dance, so there’s something for everyone.

Check out their facebook site here, and until the 17th, here’s a little taste.

VG Pulse 57: Hail to the News

This is going to be a very special episode of VGP for the history books. Its a solo show for myself with an unprecidented amount of news. Had DarkGod been here, we would have gone for over two hours. But given that it was just me, I summerized, skipped a few and ended up talking really fast. Still lots of news to go over; Nintendo, Hackers and E3 leftovers. The forums this week was a good showing, you shared your thoughts on E3 2011. We won’t have any more E3 forums till next year. But right now is another good one on the recent hackings. Then it is off to the review which I may never hear the end of, Duke Nukem Forever. It came out, was then promptly hated on by all main stream gaming media and I’m now here to give my thoughts on the entire matter. Send you opinions on this matter to my email if you want, I won’t change my stance on it. Good times, Listen in to find out. Continue reading VG Pulse 57: Hail to the News