VG Pulse 91: Randomly Poking Bollocks

We are all here this week, this time with 100% more random. But the only way to know that is if you were in the live chat. This week we haz ezmails. Some more random questions get answered. Then it is off to the news and Ohh no, there is a lot of it. From kickstarter to Game to rumors and other mindlessly expensive thingamagigs, We cover it all. Then it is off to the forum to get your thoughts on the theoretical possibility of another console. After that we get to a dual review. It’s DarkGod and myself as we randomly poke away at Sony’s new killer app for their new handheld. Good times, Listen in to find out. Continue reading VG Pulse 91: Randomly Poking Bollocks

Fan Pulse Episode 12: Keanu will never be Spike!

You guessed right, it’s time for another installment of Fan Pulse. We have our regular people again. Sadly no guest, we were pressed for time this episode as you will hear. We have good discussions and rants. We don’t go as off topic as we usually, for better or worse. It is a good episode so be sure to listen in and have a good time. Of course you will have a good time, why you ask? Because this is Fan Pulse.


Ichigo Note: Regular Anime Pulse episodes will start again next Sunday, get ready for it!

VG Pulse 90: German Pulse

This week we are all here and find out that we no longer do a show on video games. Though we end up talking about them anyway. The big rumor on the internet is the steam box. Is Valve getting into console development or not, we discuss the good and bad of it. While there is not much else in the news, we find enough to get by. During the forum discussion we get your thoughts on the Pokemon sequels that are in the future. To finish this week off, I finally get around to the review that I have been meaning to do for 3 weeks now. I talk about the latest adventures of crime boss Jackie Estacado. Good times, Listen in to find out. Continue reading VG Pulse 90: German Pulse

Fan Pulse Episode 11: Lag makes the world go round (Feat. Mango’s pretty sounds)

Here is the next episode of Fan Pulse, so you know what to expect; randomness and technical difficulties. This episode we have no guest but it is still a good time with the four of us. We have Paltir, Geth, Ouran, and Otaku bringing you some noteworthy topics of discussions and as usual some other topics that might not be so noteworthy but still fun to hear. Since we don’t have a guest, it seemed fitting to include something from one of the listeners of the AP community. So this episode proudly presents an intro and outro by our very own XOMANGO who plays piano covers of Blinded by Light from Final Fantasy XIII and Dango Daikazoku from Clannad. If you don’t want to listen in to the episode, you must listen in to hear Mango’s amazing piano covers. You definitely will not be disappointed. So listen in!

VG Pulse 89: Heavily Medicated

This week’s show is out of control. Sickness, medication, tech fail and lots of insanity went into the making of this show. While we are in fact all here this week, we at the same time are not. We start the show with some ezmailz, which only adds to the madness. Then we go into the news over the last week. I also add a side note to the news clarifying the fine print on the 3g Vita bundle. From there we take it to the forums, as it turns out speech fail still occurs while medicated. At the end Kas and DarkGod hijack the show and review a game that DarkGod gave a first look to. Good Times, Listen in to find out. Continue reading VG Pulse 89: Heavily Medicated