Script 2 Script 1: New Beginings

Hosted by Tim and Vanessa
Welcome to a new series wherein Tim and Vanessa discuss one of the most complicated and annoying issues. No, not that. So like, complicated and annoying within pop culture. No, not social issues within media. Something a bit more nitpicky.

Fine, we’ll just tell you. We’re talking about the adaptations of books over to film. Our discussions won’t be nitpicking the specific details unless we feel it impacts the plot, message or if we feel it was just too damn lazy.

For our inaugural episode, we decided upon Stardust. There’s plenty of talk about the movie, the history of the book/comic and some of the more unfortunate implications. We still maintain that Tristran’s mother is the most dangerous black magic practitioner this side of the wall.

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  1. I thought you said doing more than one show would tire you out? Well if its a dirt of every now and then thing I can understand.

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