Popcorn Pulse 72: Lethal Mic

It’s a magma flow of savings, at Anime Pulse! We have close out on mega reviews. Act now and we’ll finish of the entire Lethal Weapon series. Yes we’ve got two, three, four and more inside our discussions. So many weapons of varying lethality that the bad guy from three is trying to get in on our action.

Is Murtagh too old for this shit? You’d better believe he goddamned well is. We’re talking graying old man bush, sitting in a tub and wondering if he can muster the effort the get an erection to sadly masturbate over crime scene photos of Riggs wife old. At least until his awful adult children pop in on their naked father and surprise him with sheet cake.

Is Riggs still crazy enough to fight a shithouse rat for a chunk of fire fighter turd? He does seem to get happier and better adjusted with each bullet he pumps into a skull. In between giving Murtagh shit for his daughter staring in a condom commercial because the closest Riggs get to a condom is the one that smuggld in the cocaine he injects into his dick and eyeballing Murtagh’s daughter. He also takes it as a sign from his dead wife that Joe Pesci shows up and tells him a story about kissing a frog.

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