Script 2 Script 19: The Godfather

We going to make an episode you can’t refuse. Hey look, it’s that line from the Godfather that everyone knows. Which must mean we’re doing the Mario Puzo pulp classic which became one of the best films directed by Coppola. To top it off, we managed to see it in theaters as part of an anniversary rescreening with a small quiet audience without screaming children.

There’s a lot of material within the novel that doesn’t make it to the big screen. Like the lady with the extremely loose vagina who can only be satisfied by Sonny and his horse dong. Or who Michael Corleone’s nose leaks constantly after he has his jaw broken because the Italian doctor half-assed his job. These are the kind of details which we were perfectly fine being cut right along with the career of a singer rising and falling then coming back after a throat surgery.

While the novel is a pleasant read we can’t argue that it’s on par with the movie itself. There are one or two details which don’t translate into film quite as well as within the novel. Between legendary acting performances, a director working at the top of his game, and a score that you can probably hear right now while a pasta sauce commercial plays on loop in the background. For this one we have to give it to the movie.

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  1. I would of loved the person talking in public going on how the book it better than the movie because the movie didnt have grand canyon vag & jimmy big dick.

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