Script 2 Script 24: True Grit

Not all adaptations are made equally. Sometimes they get made and Hollywood, being the land of originality and creativity, decides to try and remake it. This episode we’re talking about a book so nice they adapted it twice. True Grit.

With the original movie being made back in the sixties staring John Wayne with the next one done in twenty ten, there are differences abound. Not the least of which is that the accent Jeff Bridges affected for the remake got stuck and now he always talks like a drunken frontier lawman. Not much else to say so we’ll keep this no bigger than a corn nubbin.

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2 thoughts on “Script 2 Script 24: True Grit”

  1. The audio is broken for this episode. Also the title name is wrong as well. In this episode they talk about Stephen King short stories that were adapted into video form. Before the audio breaks that is.

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