Manga Pulse 406: Zero Patrolman

Welcome back to our artisanal show. We make our podcast with a couple of simple ingredients. A couple of manga, some whiskey, and lots of time. No artificial cash influxes provided by oversized media conglomerates intent out forcing out as much flavorless paste for as little as possible.

Tim reviews Eden’s Zero, done by the creator of Fairy Tale. Our hero, Shiki, is living alone on an island of robots when a fantasy youtuber, Rebecca, shows up. The robots turn out to be evil and want to escape the island on her ship. Shiki defeats them and leaves with Rebecca and her talking cat, Happy. It turns out that the robots were faking to scare him off as they were soon to break down. A lot more happens in the first volume and it slips into a Borders.

Weltall then gets in Jaco the Galactic Patrolman. A familiar looking space man lands on earth. He crashes his ship on an island with a scientist who offers to fix it. Jaco is there to protect the planet from an incoming alien attack. The alien invasion turns out to be the incoming pod bringing Goku to earth. This is a more recently made prequel to the Dragonball universe made by Akira Toriyama. It’s good enough to get to Crackers.

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