Popcorn Pulse 171: Potter Potion

What happens when you don’t pick a film until the last minute? Wild guesses and titles are thrown out. It’s like a bingo night where everyone’s deaf, the caller is reading from the phone book, and no one is a winner. That’s how we end up with movie picks like Love Potion No 9(1992).

Tate Donovan is a loser who’s got a crush on Sandra Bullock who is also a loser. This sort of changes when he gets a love potion from a gypsy. He manages to isolate the compound and distill it down. He and Sandra then go out and test and maybe abuse the ability to make people uncontrollably horny. It also might end once they decide that true love was actually in front of them all along.

Tim then talks a bit about Penquins of Madagascar. He doesn’t have much to say about it. He was expecting it to be awful as it’s a spin off of a movie that wasn’t that good in the beginning. It’s somehow watchable and now Tim does a Skipper impression a lot in his private life.

Weltall then talks a bit about the Harry Potter franchise. His opinion is there are a lot of problems that are fun to criticize. Like the obsession with trying to remain whimsical done by director’s who aren’t able to handle it. Wand fights that devolve into chi blasts to overpower the opponent. Worst of all, a disturbing lack of discussion on which magical creature produces the best personal lubricant to be harvested for Mcgonagal.

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