Manga Pulse 510: Dear Akira

Before you there are two drivers. One of them is signed by the publisher and easy to find. The other has to be downloaded from a Megadrive link you found on a Substack post. Choose, but choose wisely. One of them will corrupt your boot sector and force you to reinstall the OS. The other will fix your issue. At least until you forget you did that and reinstall anyway.

Weltall has Dr Slump. It’s Akira Toriyama’s first success. We do not talk about Wonder Island, lest we get hit by a solar flare. We have an inventor named Senbei who decides to make a robot girl. She doesn’t know she’s a robot and this causes some situational shennanigans. Like a setup where Senbei needs to buy her some clothes but doesn’t want to be seen as a pervert. Naturally he has to cross dress as a friendly aunt buying things for a niece. It gets a Read It Now.

Tim took on a bunch of requests from a Western studio, Onsorugo. This was done because what they have available is two to three chapters worth. First up is Prophecy Of The Nameless which gets a a Borders. Next is Soul Ace and that gets a Burn It. Last is Endjinn which gets a Crackers and is inspired by Akira Toriyama. So even from beyond the grave, he’s making Manga better.

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