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Popcorn Pulse 126: Underwater

Stuff and things. yay

Script 2 Script 26: Deathwish

There’s been a revival of the vigilante on a revenge quest movies lately which means it must be time to review one of the movies that kicked off the trend. Death Wish is the the book that the movie inherited its title from. And like True Grit before, it also garnered a remake.

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Script 2 Script 25: Truer Grit

Yes, over 2 years late here it actually is. I have found it… I think. They never say the title and I’m not gonna listen to the whole thing to check. -W

Not all adaptations are made equally. Sometimes they get made and Hollywood, being the land of originality and creativity, decides to try and remake it. This episode we’re talking about a book so nice they adapted it twice. True Grit.

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Manga Pulse 421: Giga Doc

Months later and he still hasn’t written a fucking thing. Makes you wonder how he finished all the manuscripts that nobody will ever read.

Popcorn Pulse 125: 2012

Apparently it’s just too much trouble. Maybe I’ll have to just make some shit up.

Today we talk about fairies and toads. A movie I just invented in my head.

Manga Pulse 420: It’s time

no idea… apparently being locked inside and having nothing to do means someone can’t wright up these things…

Popcorn Pulse 124:

getting there

Manga Pulse 419:

still no

Popcorn Pulse 123:

Whatcha want?

Manga Pulse 418: