Manga Pulse 456: Finger the World

I bet you can feel a little something in the air. No, no the slight chill that’s not driven away by the light of day. Nor the soft sigh of wind as it carries leaves right into your yard not moments after you raked the last damn pile. It’s the time of the week where we review manga instead of movies. It does happen though.

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Popcorn Pulse 160: Express Malibu

Another year, another harvest of actor deaths. We definitely don’t take advantage of this to choose movies or anything. It’s certainly a tribute to their craft. Yes, that’s what we’re going to go with. Who to pick this week? Fuck. We didn’t think that far ahead. Art Metrano it is.

We jointly talk about Malibu Express(1985). One of the first movies by Andy Sidaris. A man famous for putting in gratuitous nudity, guns, and explosions. The main character is Cody. He’s a private investigator who’s on his first case investigating or maybe guarding a family. There’s someone stealing chips from the US and selling them to the Soviets. Not that it really matters as this is all an excuse to feature topless Playmates.

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Manga Pulse 455: Dearest Remina

Hark! Who goes there? Long live the king…of Manga. There’s something rotten in the state of manga. It seems we have two volumes and nay a reviewer in sight. Unless thereupon the horizon, there are two figures approaching. They seem to be bearing two volumes which may sate our desire for reviews.

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Popcorn Pulse 159: A Nut Job

You’d better not pout. You’d better not shout. You’d better not ask exactly how and why an actor gaining a whole bunch of weight makes sense in this day and age. Even losing a whole bunch of weight is reserved for nut bags who snort ground up Oscars. So what the hell was Russel Crowe thinking in Unhinged[2019]?

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Manga Pulse 454: Game of Malice

Thank you for waiting, we’ve had a lot of calls this morning. We’re a little short staffed as it is. Cost cutting procedures, you know how it goes. So, describe your symptoms to me again. Hmm. Yes, I see.

It seems we’ve got another case of Abovus Cannus. For cases of, what you might call Updog, we recommend a double dose of manga reviews.

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Popcorn Pulse 158: House of Road

Like a B movie star with a latex allergy, Hollywood has spawned a whole bunch of illegitimate sequels to things that we once enjoyed. Yet we’ve so far been spared at least one wild move that epitomizes the decade it’s from. No, not Back to the Future. Ok, so the second eighties movies they haven’t yet stuck their silver nitrate poisoned cock into. We’re talking Road House(1989).

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Manga Pulse 453: My Assass

Is there a bard in the house? No, we’re not asking for you ridiculous bards who roll to seduce everything you can talk to. We’re looking for the kind of bards that compose epic poems. The ones that get remembered by the weird historian looking to make a name for themselves because there’s really only so many ways to analyze the Battle of Agincourt. Yes, that one. You come over and sit down right here. We’ve got two mangas you need to chronicle them for us, dear sir.

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Popcorn Pulse 157: Pork Chop Express

It’s throwback Thursday. And by that we mean Monday. At least we recorded this on Monday. If you wanted to hold off until Thursday to make it accurate you’re fully empowered to do so. You are master of the destiny you pursue. Either way when you get to it, we’ve talked about Big Trouble In Little China(1986).

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Manga Pulse 452: Yankee Sex

Gather round all ye. With the mailbag in our hands we have requests. Let’s see. Hate, hate, hate. And that’s just how we feel about the catalogs. Ah, we have at least a single request that’s been sitting on the back burner. Which is good as that takes care of fifty percent of our trouble in choosing. We’ll spin the wheel of degeneracy for Wetlall’s and call it a day.

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Popcorn Pulse 156: Draft Back

We’re knee deep in summer. Up here in the proper hemisphere where things are warm. It’s bikini weather and Weltall is frightening his neighbors with Italian thongs and a ratty ice cream truck. How best to cool down when the sun heats up? We’ll talk about a movie where they fight fires. So we’ve got Backdraft(1991).

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