Manga Pulse 480: Olga’s Syrup

Hey there. Did you know that our episodes often come with reviews? Two of them, if you can believe it. You should believe it because we don’t lie. Unless we’re running for congress. Then we’re going to offer you blowjob robots that crap money. We like to pull out all the stops when we’re campaigning. Even if it makes the intersections far more dangerous.

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Manga Pulse 479: Giant Pumpkin

Gather up your rayon capes. Put on the elastic masks with the sharp mouth slot. And steal the classic Mickey D’s treat buckets from those obsessive collectors. It’s the spooky season and that means manga featuring all sorts of skellingtons and bones and all that autumn jazz. Or we might have just incidentally found manga that sort of fits by happenstance.

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Manga Pulse 478: 100 Deaths

Like a little white rabbit, we’re late. But that’s just because we prefer it raw rather than wrapped. Caseless bratwurst is the tastiest and don’t let the haters tell you differently. There is a slight chance of food poisoning though. Especially if the cart you’re buying from is currently being raided by the FDA. Can’t beat the “going out of business because of the raid” deals though.

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Popcorn Pulse 182: Purple Hook

If you’ve had a subscription streaming service you’ve probably been advertised an original movie or two. And if you’ve been remotely curious, or drunk enough, you’ve tried watching one of these. Especially if the social media hype has gotten to you. Then you watched it and promptly forgot about it. Which is how Tim and Weltall became probably the last two people in the world to bother watching a Netflix original movie that came out months ago.

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Manga Pulse 477: Girlfriend Executioner

It’s been convention time around here. That means plenty of overpriced snacks from the land of the rising sun. Oddball panels and events. Wide range of cosplay from off the rack to professional grade. It also means manga grab bags are up for sale. And at the end of the con, they’re at their cheapest and prime for review material.

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Popcorn Pulse 181: Train Your Bullet

Tickets! Get your tickets ready! We’re on a triple stop trip through Locoville, Madness Junction, and Crazytown. No matter where you’re going, we’re sure you have baggage so please make sure that’s stowed. Baggage may also be passed on to relatives or small children. There will be no drinks or snacks served and the dining car is closed. Take your meds and strap in.

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Manga Pulse 476: Embers of Lust

We don’t have a lot of thoughts in the head today. It’s probably all those fumes from trying to strike oil out in the field so we don’t have to work anymore. That or it was getting beer bottles thrown at our head from digging in some random field looking for oil. Turns out property owners don’t care for trespassers. At least we’ll always have out manga.

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