Popcorn Pulse 209: James Bond

We’ve talked about it for quite some time. Teased and hinted at doing something a little unorthodox from the norm. So we’ve broken down and gone and done it. We’ve leaned into the universe of James Bond. Helped by the fact it’s all free on a certain streaming service we don’t advertise for free.

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Script 2 Script 34: Dune

It’s time to get dried out from all the aquatic themed books we’ve done. What better place than Arrakis, Dune, desert planet. The Frank Herbert novel is getting another adaptation soon-ish. It’s a classic space opera where one family attempts to trap another on a hostile world to be exterminated.

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Manga Pulse 504: Chou Bachi

Alright. We’ve got two sample bottles of scotch and two mangas. No funny business or running gags. No diversionary little anecdotes that are about as pointless as a marble. Perhaps a little bit of rambling that goes nowhere like a road to an abandoned farm which has antiques you can steal. They’re haunted as a matter of course. Have a priest’s number on hand before you go barn looting.

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Popcorn Pulse 208: Three Vampires Outside Renfield

It’s October, as we recorded this anyways. And we needed something that fitted within the spirit of the season. That spirit is whiskey and it’s a perennial favorite of ours. That spirit guided us towards our patron saint, senor Nicolas Cage. We’re pretty sure he was knighted in Spain so he can be called senor as a title. That’s right, we have Renfield[2023].

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Manga Pulse 503: Fire Kaiser

Hello, we’re Manga Pulse and we thank you for choosing us today. We have a lovely set of specials right now. A very seasonal word salad made from only the worst quality slang and confusion. Peppered with silliness brought on by anything mentioned within the news. Braised with whatever alcohol was on sale. This is all paired with a tasty set of reviews on only the freshest of manga, left to sit on the warehouse dock through the weekend.

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Popcorn Pulse 207: Terminally Firm

We need some sort of inspiration for a film choice. We’ve drawn from novel adaptations. Foreign films. Ok, let’s see if we can find a movie based on a hentai. We’ll just turn to the old fashioned internet oracle. And that was darn fast. Though this is less hentai and more ecchi. Fuck it, we ball. We’ve got Kite[2014].

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Manga Pulse 501: Pony Cock

Would you look inside this barrel? There’s barely anything in there. It’s like we’re scraping out the bottom. Yeah, it seems we’re getting wood leavings when we run our scraper over it. I suppose we’ll have to order another hogs head of manga straight from the land of the rising sun. Until then, we’ll wash off these two and do a review. We have some manga adaptations of eighties properties.

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Popcorn Pulse 205: Arthur’s Phallus

Ok, look. You see that sword over there? Yeah, the one stuck in that rock? Go over there and give it a little tug and come right back for your free meat pie. Now, you’ll see some guys put on a whole show. They’ll flail and flop around, maybe grunt or yell while they’re doing it. They crowd laughs but I’m not throwing in anything else just because you get them riled up. Got it, little Arthur?

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