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Popcorn Pulse 130: Treasure Master

It’s an animation spamination here on the world of Popcorn and Pulses.

We kick off with the financial bomb that’s rumored to have put the nail in coffin in the traditional animation at the house of mouse. That’s right, Treasure Planet[2002]. It’s something of a re-telling of Treasure Island but in space and it features a space boatload of talent. Basically there’s a place where the pirate king buried all his treasure and they’re off to find it. There’s also music scored by the lead of the Goo Goo Dolls in case future archeologists needed to date this without the use of carbon.

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Manga pulse 425: Miss Me Outside

For today’s forecast it looks like we have a heavy pair of reviews inbound. Recommendations aplenty, so keep your battery charged and prepare to read along this week.

What happens when magical girls become known celebrities in their own right? What if they grow up a little and become abusive. Miss Guillotine explores this when they kill a class mate. Suddenly a mysterious magical girl appears and starts killing of their comrades. Think The Boys meets Sailor Moon. It gets a Read It Now.

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Popcorn Pulse 129: Wish for Death

Charles Bronson. The man made of old golf bags left in the sun of death valley in august made a lot of bad movies. Including a sequel that would spawn more. Starting with Death Wish 2(1982).

He plays the architect, once again, only living in California. Not Chicago as the previous movie hinted at. He has a girlfriend and his daughter is recovering from the attack in New York. Unfortunately for him, a roving gang he angers in the park find his house after snatching his wallet. They break in, brutalize the housekeeper, kidnap the daughter, do the same to her before she leaps to her death, and think nothing of it.

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Popcorn Pulse 128: Me Super

Who likes chicken? All you who didn’t raise your hands are welcome to sit out and sign petitions for the rights of fruit flies. The rest of us can gather in solidarity and rail against Morgan Spurlock’s latest attempt to cash in on the fifteen minutes of fame he had years ago. Yes, we dual reviewed and are talking about Super Size Me 2[2017].

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Manga Pulse 423: Creepy Yakuza

Dust off the shelf and dig through the piles. It’s manga time once more.

Tim has Gokusen. It’s about the granddaughter of a yakuza boss who’s become a teacher. She ends up teaching a bunch of delinquents which only lasts for a couple of chapters. The rest fo the first volume is her filling in for grandpa while he recovers from the consumption. It earns a Crackers.

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Popcorn Pulse 127: Rock-a-Doodle

Oh crap. Show. Ugh, how about a Don Bluth movie? No, not one you like or have probably seen. We did Rock-A-Doodle(1991). It’s about a rooster who believes he crows the sun up but the sun rises without him one morning which makes the other farm animals laugh at him. So he runs off to the city to become an Elvis impersonator. The protagonist gets sucked into his story book from the real world, gets turned into a kitten, and has to set out to bring cock of the walk back to try and stop the rain. Also there’s an evil owl.

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Manga Pulse 422: Doctor Bitch

Twin manga powers activate. Form of, a shounen! Plot of, a shoujo!

Tim revisits Dr Stone now that he’s read well beyond the first few volumes. It’s still a mostly grounded story where they have to use their brains and luck out to find some incredibly rare pieces in a prehistoric tech world to revive humanity. It culminates to a point where they determine they have to go to the moon. It keeps a Read It Now though the plot is getting ahead of itself.

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