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Popcorn Pulse 41: Air Force Gary

There are rare times when we can be asked to settle on anything consistent. This is one such time where a single person can serve as the focal point of discussion. Though not always a major feature in the respective features in this episode, Gary Oldman is our anchor. Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 41: Air Force Gary

Popcorn Pulse 40: Schwarzenegger

The show has hit forty and decided that it wants to have a bit of a midlife crisis. Along with the attendant trophy wife and convertible sports car, it decided to dip a little into the nostalgia pool. Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 40: Schwarzenegger

Popcorn Pulse 39: Push the Sleeping

There’s…some…thing of a review…going on…today. We’ve decided to talk about The Kidnapping of the President(1980) starring William Shatner. That is to say that Billy got top billing in the movie. He shows up for a lot less screen time that you’d think the ex-captain would be able to get out of in a Canadian budgeted movie. It’s not like he was that famous, almost fifteen years after the Enterprise went off into its final venture. Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 39: Push the Sleeping