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Popcorn Pulse 56: The Great Free War

Would you believe we have things moving along with the website? It’s true. If you don’t believe us, how are you not noticing the format change we’ve enacted? You’re not having this read to you by a robot are you? Damn you Cortana and Siri, stop stealing jobs from healthy eyeballs! We do not submit to your gentle tyranny of soft spoken control! Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 56: The Great Free War

Manga Pulse 351: Stuff and Things

This week we did the show just before our local Comic-Con. Which was impressive as we’re pretty lazy and tend to slack on shows around convention times. The only thing we figure is someone left us a brick of cocaine which we dropped into our tea. Nothing quite like powdered motivation to ensure we get things done.

Tim reviews, apparently, a sequel to something we’ve already reviewed, Freezing Zero. Way back when we were still in the one hundreds(Tim believed it was in the 120’s though it was 177) one of us did the manga Freezing. This is the spin off which features, presumably, the same main character. Tim describes it as Evangelion, swapping out Shinji for a Tits McGee and Angels for Novas. While it attempts to spice things up with exposed nipples, it’s far too boring to be interesting. It gets Burn It for being an obnoxious clone.

Weltall then talks about Musunde Hiraite(by Minase Mayu). We specified the author as just image searching the name pulls up pictures that have nothing to do with the manga Weltall reviewed. It’s a bit confusing as it doesn’t follow the format we’re quite used to. The first chapter revolves around one person desperately trying to confess to a girl. Then a character from that chapter gets a promotion to protagonist for the second chapter. The unique storytelling device was interesting by not buttressed by enough story to earn more than a Borders.

Popcorn Pulse 55: Bill Murray

It’s been a little bit since we did a theme episode. Or it might not have been so long and we have short memories. That’s what happens when your brain is fueled by rage and stupid like ours. We settled on a show focused on Bill Murray. Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 55: Bill Murray

Script 2 Script 10: It’s better than Euro-Disney

If it’s two things we love, it’s popular trends and the author of Twilight. Which is why this month’s choice was the Jane Austen obsessed book and Stephenie Meyer produced movie, Austenland.

Continue reading Script 2 Script 10: It’s better than Euro-Disney

Manga Pulse 350: Princess Vs Princess

We have at least one idea which could make a profit in the near future. Shrapnel helmets to sell overseas. They’ll be made in America and sold to countries where there is a risk of bombs being dropped from Trump Force One because the president can’t tell the difference between China and Mexico as they all speak foreign. Continue reading Manga Pulse 350: Princess Vs Princess

New look

You might have noticed the site looks a little different. It will continue to change slightly as we update things and add graphics. We decided to launch the new look incomplete so that we could get feedback as it’s being put together. Let us know what you think.

Popcorn Pulse 54: Devil Kick

Too often we’re busy discussing the newest films like all the other pedestrian podcasts. Given our always topical choice in films, we decided to reach into the bag of recommendations and find something that has aged. We pulled out a copy of Sidekicks(1992) to see if it aged like wine or like tuna salad. Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 54: Devil Kick

Manga Pulse 349: Foreign Words

This week we managed a whole show where we didn’t talk about politics once. Yes, not even in passing. Instead we talked about movies quite a bit as we are wont to do even when the theme is manga. Because that’s just kind of what we do around here. Continue reading Manga Pulse 349: Foreign Words

Sailor Business Guest Spot

What’s this business? Is something no one in their right mind would ever say unless they’d recently suffered a head injury after entering a Big Lots(the business is keeping people from noticing they’re in a Big Lots). This wouldn’t be something you would ask of Sailor Business. Not to be confused with Business Sailor, a meme that failed to gain traction after the popularity of Business Hotdog and Cheez Face McGee.

Our very own Vanessa did a guest spot over at Sailor Business. They are a podcast dedicated to episode by episode discussion of the original run of Sailor Moon. In preparation of this, Vanessa watched a couple episodes with Tim. He was somewhat confused and had a few comments which Vanessa mentioned on the show.

You should go there( and give them a listen. Especially if you’re a fan of Sailor Moon.

Popcorn Pulse 53: Hard Clint

Today we jointly discuss a Clint Eastwood movie, The Beguiled(1971). While he has a large filmography, we wanted to avoid a number of the more well known films by Mister McSquinty. Plus the opening scene was so awful that when Wetall saw it, telling him we had to do this. Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 53: Hard Clint