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Popcorn Pulse 135: Bridges go up

So imagine that this year is a really ominous night club. We’re all on stage at once, doing something of a talent show. And every time the audience of faceless demons is displeased, one of us is selected and thrown into a pit. Apparently someone dropped their spinning plates and so they took Chadwick Bosemen.

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Manga Pulse 430: Shield-Chan

Sometimes there are things that pop culture discussion revolves around for a hot minute. These things are usually forgotten by the time something more interesting come along. Like what kind of vaginal worms some Instagram “influencer” has been using to tighten up the old hallway.

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Popcorn Pulse 134: DOOOOOOM

Remember last year? People used to smile more. Also there was a new Doom movie. Because we hadn’t had one of those for a good long while. It was shopped around for a distributor to send to theaters. When no one bit, it was off to see if a streaming service would take it. When even nutflux can’t be bothered to offer a pittance, you know it’s bad.

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Manga Pulse 429: Rules for Goshimaing

Six ways from Sunday, any which way you can get a box of rocks. That’s how you get ready for Halloween when Mr Brown comes round. You could throw it at him but it’s more cruel to just put it in his sack. This allows him hope and the upcoming disappointment is so much richer.

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Popcorn Pulse 133: Old King Pop

Remember when Joker came out and every shitty hack kept saying it was just a ripoff of two Scorsese movies? We’ve both seen Taxi Driver(1976) and didn’t see much resemblance. So that left only one other movie in the pair to watch and review. King Of Comedy(1982).

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Popcorn Pulse 132: No Daddy

Would Nic Cage kill his kids for money? That’s the question the movie attempts to answer in Mom and Dad[2017]. Selma Blair and Cage are parents in a Californian suburb. Their kids suck and they both dream of their youth now wasted. Then something happens where modern TVs start generating static and parents start killing their kids. It goes nowhere and attempts to be far too clever while not exploring the symbolism or the scifi aspect.

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