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Manga Pulse 341: Gun and Punching

There’s nothing quite like governmental redundancy. If nothing else, bureaucracy is quite good at making a theater out of stagnation and calling it action, see the TSA. Tim and Wetall have a brief discussion on this fact before entering the meat of manga reviews. Continue reading Manga Pulse 341: Gun and Punching

Manga Pulse 340: What episode is it again?

There is a lot of confusion in this episode based on its enumeration. This is because, for once, we suffered from a rare bout of overconfidence. As always, it leads to us screwing something over. We can only hope this doesn’t lead to people believing they’ve gotten an erroneous episode and email calling us idiots. While they would be factually correct on that count, the episode would still be correct. Continue reading Manga Pulse 340: What episode is it again?

Manga Pulse 339: Ghoul Ass

It’s always a little sad when Halloween comes to pass. Not because the slutty versions of everything costumes get put away, though it is sad in its own right, but because the retail chains let loose the hounds of December. Yes, the popup holiday stores have gone away and now the big retail kids have put the fat man in the red suit to work, shilling more plastic trinkets while pop artists screech the same seven carols are the beleaguered, underpaid employees. Continue reading Manga Pulse 339: Ghoul Ass

Manga Pulse 338: Desert Mob

The real trouble with Tribbles isn’t that they eat everything and reproduce like Duggars on methenphatamine fertility treatments. It’s that they attach themselves to the skulls of suit wearing business “tycoons” and convince them to play in politics. Why, we’re sure if you stopped and think about it you could probably name at lest one boardroom surfing twat hammer who’s so afflicted. Unfortunately, the only cure is a flamethrower to the face. Continue reading Manga Pulse 338: Desert Mob

Manga Pulse 337: Little Bites

With Summer finally gone, we can clean up the sand and put away the barbecue. Now it’s time to start saving up for holiday shopping seeing as Summer never reimbursed us for gas, beer or snacks. Summer’s a bit of a mooch, is what we’re saying. We’ll still welcome them back when Spring leaves us alone and afraid. Continue reading Manga Pulse 337: Little Bites

Manga Pulse 336: Magma 4

This installment of the shows pairs well with either a spring bottled red and a steak, done to your specifications but if it’s well done you should know you’re a heathen. For the beer drinker we recommend a grilled chicken and a slightly chilled IPA. For the more dedicated among you, we recommend a finger of whiskey. Continue reading Manga Pulse 336: Magma 4

Manga Pulse 335: Path to the DMZ

Not believing in the Kobayashi Maru doesn’t make it any easier to beat, as Weltall and Tim found out recently. It also turns out the hiding under the console and screaming that you’ll turn over the ship if they’ll just leave you an escape pod and let you live isn’t a wining strategy. Those Trekkies take their reenactments seriously and can bruise when provoked. Continue reading Manga Pulse 335: Path to the DMZ

Popcorn Pulse 43: TSA Sucks

Given our track record with flying, you’d think we’d want to avoid films that avoid reminding us of the screaming metal science tubes that propel us around. Not because flying terrorizes us, though it does when we fail to take out anxiety meds, but because we hate dealing with security. Nothing quite like explaining to someone, who may or may not be able to actually pass a Federal background check, that the round of shaving soap isn’t dangerous. It may say glycerin on it and that may, in fact, be a component of nitroglycerin which is another component of dynamite but we aren’t going to pay a visit to the chemistry crafting table in mid flight and turn it into something volatile. Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 43: TSA Sucks

Popcorn Pulse 42: Nick’s Hot Cage

To the movies, ready with popped corn and refreshing carbonated beverages, we go. For our joint discussion, we talk about 8MM(1999). While the title makes it sound like a documentary dedicated to the development of a caliber that just preceeded the more popular 9MM but only just. Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 42: Nick’s Hot Cage

Popcorn Pulse 41: Air Force Gary

There are rare times when we can be asked to settle on anything consistent. This is one such time where a single person can serve as the focal point of discussion. Though not always a major feature in the respective features in this episode, Gary Oldman is our anchor. Continue reading Popcorn Pulse 41: Air Force Gary