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Episode 660: Summer 2020 Previews #1

This week on Anime Pulse we got anime sound tracks, Amazon denying Light Novel readers a chance to finish, and a reincarnated demon lord kills a guy by snapping his fingers. Up first IRL news gets Joseph talking about cleaning house, and Andrew questions our taste in anime music. Afterwards Joseph skimps out on the industry news, leaving Andrew all along to talk about Amazon kicking some Light Novels to the curb and a saga of romance series get an anime. Lastly we’re back to previews as Joseph and Andrew do a joint rant I mean preview of the depressing life of Subaru season 2, and then both do one solo preview with Joseph gushing over an overpowered demon lord and sweet talker Andrew being swindled out of a deal.

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Episode 659: Aggressive/Grand Order

This week on Anime Pulse we got aggressive raccoons, the queen of teasing kohais, and catching up on old anime. Up first IRL news sees Joseph ready to play the new Borderlands 3 DLC, and Andrew adjusts his invisible glasses in this weeks discussion thread. Afterwards the news rolls in with KyoAni hiring fresh blood, Ken Akamatsu calls for no foreign interference in anime, and TRIGGER employees finally get their overtime pay. Lastly reviews caps things off with Joseph spending all his saints quartz to summon servant waifus, and Andrew goes back to working in an office with anthropomorphic animals.

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Episode 658: Uchuu Patrol BURST

This week on Anime Pulse we got video games that look like anime, tasty not-doughnuts, and TRIGGER goes full TRIGGER while patrolling space. First up IRL news gets in with Joseph nearly losing his FGO account, and Andrew just wants to talk more about Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Afterwards industry sees topics like Cyberpunk 2077’s anime adaptation being announced, and Andrew is ready to meet his locomotive waifu in a newly announced VN. Lastly the reviews have Joseph talking about licking armpits and toe sucking, while Andrew patrols his school for illegal aliens in style.

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Episode 657: Science Fell in Love So All Routes Lead to Doom

This week on Anime Pulse we got anime on Pornhub, breaking smartphones, and overcoming your death flag by becoming the main heroine. Up first IRL news gets us started with Joseph upgrading his house and spending money, meanwhile Andrew is interested in knowing what reverse harem anime we would rate at the top. (Or have seen at all) Then in the industry news an amalgamation of Ash and Yugi sells condoms, and Andrew is psyched to tell us all about how Ero-Manga Sensei is doing really well. Lastly the reviews see us out with Joseph proving that love does not in fact exist, and Andrew gets the harem ending in an isekai to avoid death.

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Episode 656: Planet the Third

This week Anime Pulse talks about Norio Wakamoto, how long it takes to make anime these days, and car trouble. Up first the IRL news has Joseph worried that his car is going to cost him a pretty penny, and Andrew is asking us what your favorite off-brand names in anime are. Afterwards the industry news has a man arrested for selling “fake” cell phone cases, and the passing of a renowned composer. Lastly the reviews get Joseph stealing bitcoins from a deadpool, and Andrew fights teddy bear UFOs while fanboying over Wakamoto-san’s voice.

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Episode 655: Kamisama no Dekinai

This week Anime Pulse talks about Japan approving a dreaded Anti-Piracy law, top Shoujo anime, and the best girl wining. Up first IRL news gets Joseph talking about the new FGO event, and Andrew questions our manliness in his community topic for the week. Afterwards come the industry news with ufotable dodging taxes, a scary revisit to KyoAni-like threats, and a brand spanking new Ghibli film is on the way. Let’s hope it’s better than the last. Lastly the reviews see us out with Joseph switching his bet for best girl, and Andrew (not) solving crimes with a (not) NEET.

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Episode 654: Mairimashita! HEAd

A very late arrest, chaotic anime, and pizza. These topics and more are on this weeks episode of Anime Pulse. Up first IRL news gets Joseph playing gravedigger for some robin eggs, and Andrew makes us all hungry for some delicious, hot, cheesy, pizza. Then industry news rolls on through with Japan lifting their lockdown, and that arsonist behind the burning of Kyoto Animation gets put in cuffs at last. Lastly reviews have Joseph going back to school with some demons, and Andrew reveals an anime that shares the same universe as Steins;Gate.

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Episode 653: Uma Musume Pride

Pirates live to steal another day, social drinking, and horse girls. Up first is the IRL news were Joseph is sipping tiki mai tai while relaxing at home, and Andrew is also sipping on some beverage of choice while asking a pretty hard hitting question. Afterwards the guys switch places and make an Andrew sandwich in the industry news, as Joseph sheds a tear for his paper childhood and Andrew suits up in his new Sardine Mech. Finally the reviews wrap things up with Joseph setting fire to a white fedora, while Andrew hops aboard a horse girl who is not a centaur.

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Episode 652: Full Metal Kemono Michi

Delayed food shows, suplexing princesses, and Aniplex being sorry but not sorry. These topics and more can be found in this weeks episode of Anime Pulse. Up first is IRL news as Joseph reveals how wearing his Hollow Ichigo mask in public went, and Andrew once again asks a question he can’t really answer; this time about your favorite elves. Then the industry news gets at us with Aniplex apologizing for the COVID-19 translation BS, and Shokugeki no Soma’s 3rd episode is delayed till June. Lastly the reviews take us out with Joseph booing a bad hero out of the wrestling ring, and Andrew climbs into a mech to fight a terrorist organization.

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Episode 651: Oresuki Friends

Keep washing those hands and covering that face, and look forward to the end when we can all breath normally again. Meanwhile let’s all sit back and relax with some warm Anime Pulse, serving up a heaping helping of news and reviews. Up first is the IRL news with Joseph completing his PC build, and Andrew cross examining our answers from last week with the top worst villains list. Then comes industry news shaking its head at Funimation and YouTube saying no to free anime, because censored boobies. And lastly are the reviews where Joseph fights bench-kun and blackmail, and Andrew goes on a safari with some furries.

Show Notes


Intro – “Japanese Style Trap Beat” by Annex from Royalty Free Anime Music

Outro“Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri from Paris from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase


OreSuki – Netflix

Kemono Friends– Netflix


How to Not Summon a Demon Lord Pulled from YouTube

Make Yourself into an Anime Character

Funimation Still Being Shit Even During COVID