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Episode 670: Infinite Charlotte

This week on Anime Pulse we got spooky doughnuts, riding horse girls in 2021, and taking over the body of a hot girl to get better grades. Up first IRL news is in with Joseph grabbing his Nexotrap to catch some not-Pokemon, and Andrew becomes the M. Night Shyamalan of anime. Afterwards the industry news has moving Gundams, the best anime openings, and Japanese Krispy Kremes offer some delicious holiday treats. Lastly the reviews sounds us out with Joseph playing an MMORPG with a huge ass sword that turns into a cute girl, and Andrew cheats on his homework by slipping into the body of the class president.

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Episode 669: Ishuzoku Monogatari

This week on Anime Pulse we got Japan’s crackdown on the Wacky Tobacky, the best worst case scenarios in anime, and trying to date a girl you think is interested in someone else. Up first IRL news shows us that Joseph needs an FGO intervention, and Andrew built a bookshelf. Afterwards industry news ranks the best fast food joints to buy a burger for moon viewing, Paramount picks their director for a live action anime, and Japan can arrest you for even speaking of weed. Finally reviews gets Joseph handing in his V-card to bang a succubus, and Andrew gets swole, grows out his eyebrows, and falls in love with a girl he thinks is in love with someone else.

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Episode 668: Omoide no Quartet

This week on Anime Pulse we got casting our votes for anime president of the United States, the Monster Musume creator canceling 12Beast, and a lackluster end to Borderlands 3. Up first IRL news has Joseph playing games and driving his car, meanwhile Andrew get right to the community with who we would elect to be president of the USA. Afterwards industry news sees topics like the KyoAni arsonist being used for medical science, and the continuing impact COVID is having on conventions. Lastly the reviews get Joseph going back to isekai school, and Andrew goes on a journey of self-discovery and friendship during Summer vacation.

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Episode 667: Pupipo to Mori no Kamisama

This week on Anime Pulse we got Tsukimi sandwiches, why Westerners hate sugoi dekai, and adopting an imaginary monster friend. Up first IRL news goes in with Joseph ready to break free from his self isolation, and Andrew wants us to rank the most unconventional anime weaponry of all time. Afterwards we dig into industry news with Tom from Cartoon Network supporting BLM, an adult actress explains the finer points of Uzaki, and a VTuber couldn’t handle the heat after just a couple weeks. And lastly the reviews return to normal with Joseph going on a journey with an adopted human daughter, and Andrew brings home an invisible creature.

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Episode 666: High School Maou-Sama!

This week on Anime Pulse we got demonic boobies, demonic McDonalds, and a job opening in Japan for Prime Minister. First up IRL news gets us through the gates of hell with Joseph’s trip to Florida, and Andrew wants us to point out our favorite demon lords. Then in industry news Charon takes us down the river of Styx with the artist of the act-age manga responding to its cancelation, and Japan went full weird with the mascot for the Osaka Japan Expo. And finally we take a tour of the seven circles of hell as Joseph grapples with uncensored demon tits, and Andrew sells us a devilish happy meal with extra french fries. Please excuse Andrew’s mic quality, the devil cursed it.

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Episode 665.5: Encouragement of ReLIFE

Hello, Andrew here. Joseph’s on holiday this week so we’re down to half of the hosts but (hopefully) not half the fun. The forum question this week is about anime that aged poorly the second time round. With news there’s Gundam and other anime being made available for free topped off with everyone’s favorite salt-mining college Kouhai getting immortalized in Saitama. Finally in the the reviews, Andrew relives his youth with a magic pill to climb mountains.

Special thanks to MillenniumX17, Ryowei247 and Joseph in helping me get this episode up.

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Episode 665: Yatogame-chan to Nekoyama-san

This week on Anime Pulse we got Nagoya accents, exorbitant prices for Crunchyroll, and no show next week. Up first IRL news has Joseph reminding us that he will be in Florida next week, and Andrew asks us what our greatest anime achievement is. Then industry news hits us with a mangaka being arrested for touching middle school girls, a major piracy site bites the digital dust, and a chain of bookstores in the Down Under stop selling some very specific manga titles. Finally the reviews are back in full swing as Joseph reads us off some more Nagoya edition Snapple facts, and Andrew the cat lover argues with a dog lover until they yuri.

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Episode 664: Weathering With Peter Grill

This week on Anime Pulse we got what monster girls you like, another animation studio succumbs to the COVID financial drain, and traveling with a girl who can control the weather. Up first is IRL news with Joseph giving a small update on his FGO summer 2020 event, and Andrew is asking a question that Joseph may have been a little ‘too’ well prepared for. Afterwards industry news gives us another Joseph sandwich, with the chance that YouTube may be making anime legally available soon and Honda works to produce a pink scooter to ride around on in style. Lastly Joseph becomes the strongest man on the planet with a super weak loyalty to his woman, and Andrew runs away with a girl who can make it rain.

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Episode 663: Summer 2020 Previews #4

This week on Anime Pulse we got Sugoi Dekai, terrible official artwork for Naruto, and spending too much money on gatcha. First up Joseph tries to drink himself into forgetting all the dosh he spent on trying to obtain a 2D Waifu, and Andrew joins Joseph in drinking all sorts of beverages for this week’s forum topic. Afterwards comes the news where a Florida Congressman talks out his ass, and Viz Media hired Ted from accounting’s son to do their official cover art for Naruto. Lastly the previews see Joseph and Andrew being teased by a busty kohai, Joseph checking monster girls for lumps in their breasts, and Andrew inherits a studio and hires some pretty boys.

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Episode 662: Summer 2020 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got terrible relationships, the hardships of publish loli content, and raising your knock off Pokemon in a digital world. Up first IRL news has Joseph ecstatic about his new Amaretto, and Andrew seeks out where we buy our otaku merchandise from. Afterwards the industry news gets in with Netflix being just as scummy as the rest of the industry, and the list of banned LNs just keeps on coming. Lastly the previews have Joseph and Andrew say nothing but good things about a wonderful relationships that has no problems whatsoever, afterwards Joseph tries to recalls what happened in an anime five years ago and Andrew raises a digital pet to battle other digital pets.

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