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Ever have one of those shows where you started three times over, finally think you’ve solved the problems, only to find out as you are editing the show that everything went horribly wrong? Yeah, this is that kind of show. TC talked about seriously buying a new microphone to upgrade his old equipment handed down by Ichigo, and Red thinks thats’s a really good idea, like, today. Alas, dear listeners, you will need to put up with this terrible quality for this weeks show. After a brief talk about the passing of Leonard Nimoy, TC and Red jump into news with talks about body pillows that don’t like to be touched, McDonalds Japan trying to be more like a Starbucks, and tropes that even female anime watchers are sick and tired of. Then Red ushers in the discussion thread, bringing up the question of what makes an anime an anime? And finally it’s into reviews. Red kicks it off with the fujoshi bait Black Butler – Book of Circus, and TC with Wife bring up the rear with the not-so-virgin Maria the Virgin Witch.

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Hello everyone, this week the doctor of time, TC, has fallen ill once again and will be taking sick leave until further notice. However this does not mean you’ll have to put up with Red’s drunk behavior, well, you still have to put up with that but he’s at least not alone. The man behind AP, Ichigo, is back to deliver you some news and reviews. Red and Ichigo start off the show filling you in on udon for your dog, the top ten manga they’ve never heard of that others want animated, and sakura petals in your beer. Then it’s onto the discussion thread, were the question of visual novels came up. Have you ever played one before? And finally it’s more reviews, as Red takes many showers after watching Black Bullet and Ichigo pets adorably cute animal girls in Dog Days”.

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Perhaps we should just change the title of this podcast to “Red drinks a lot, please someone stop him!” No? Oh well, I tried at least. This week Ichigo is still MIA, with no word on when we will be seeing his return to the show, so it’s just TC and Red as usual. The two of them kick off with some news about losing American habits in Japan, learning Canadian habits outside Japan, and Dragon Ball mugs with heart shaped Dominos Pizza. Then it’s onto the discussion thread, this week being asked what our favorite anime catchphrase is! Listen closely and see if you can count all the times Red flubbers his words. And finally it’s more reviews, TC sails away on the Kantai Collection while Red enters the Harem Matrix with Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara.

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Are you ready for another episode of Anime Pulse? Because drunk Red and exasperated TC are here to bring it to you! First up is two helpings of news. The normal news is first, with topics like Discotech continuing to license half the anime in the world, IKEA all-you-can-eat dessert buffets, and Ghoulish anime cafe collaborations. Then Red regales you with news about the website and the forums, pay attention if you’re a member of the site! This stuff is important! From there it’s into the weekly discussion thread, where this week we were asked to provide the best anime character breakdown. Finally it’s into reviews, as the previews have ended. Red is up first with the Shafted Mekaku City Actors, and TC brings up the rear with the bikini-clad Rolling Girls.

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This is it folks, the final week of previews. Next week will begin our return to reviews, so come on and catch episode three of the 2014/ 2015 winter previews. But first TC and Red talk news, covering topics like garlic cola, the slow death of Toonami, and burgers that you could feed a family of four with for a night. Then it’s onto this week discussion thread, were they answered the question of what animes you prefer to watch dubbed over subbed. Can you guess what Red’s answer was? And then final, it’s onto previews! TC has checked Isuca off the list, followed a nine year old into Yoru no Yatterman, and questioned the virginity of Junketsu no Maria. Red on the other hand is chalk full of second seasons as he explores Tokyo Ghoul long division A, wants to pet animal girls in Dog Days”, and is fascinated by Durarara!! x 2. I hope you’re ready, because this show has serious depth.

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It’s week two of winter previews, and with TC being much more careful about his audio levels he proves to come across just fine this time. As usual Red and TC jump right into news, talking about the Japanese Isis hostage situation, super valentines day chocolates to impress your loved one with, and body pillows that are now just as warm as if they were truly alive. Then it’s onto the the Discussion Thread, as they discuss the answers to the question: What anime character would you like to run your local government? And finally they got more previews from the Winter 2014/2015 season. TC indulges us with The Rolling Girls, Sengoku Musou, and Yuri Kuma Arashi. Meanwhile Red shares Juuou Mujin no Fafnir, Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season, and Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata. Remember to nominate us in the Podcast Awards that are going on right now, we’re hoping to make it as winners for the Cultural/ Arts or the People’s Choice categories; fingers crossed!

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Hello everyone, Red here. As you may or may not know the 2015 Podcast Awards are now beginning, and as they always do it starts out with nominations. We were able to make it into the nominations and into the main voting round last year, but we fell short in the final voting round behind […]

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Do you feel that? A winter chill has brought us a brand new season of anime, and thanks to Jack Frost all three of the musketeers are here to bring you the sneak peeks into what this season has to offer. But first it’s news, as TC talks about Toonami, Red cooks up some Ice Cream Curry, and Ichigo morns the loss of the opera singer behind Ghost in the Shell’s soundtrack. Then the trio swings into a new Discussion Thread, where the question this week asked you what you would change in one of your favorite animes. Finally Ichigo, TC, and Red delve into previews. Ichigo brings to the table Shinmai Maou no Testament and Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Red has Absolute Duo and Seiken Tsukai no World Break, and TC introduces Kantai Collection: KanColle and Koufuku Graffiti. Sorry about TCs audio quality, without the waifu around he’s just a huge mess and plum forgot to check his wavelengths as we got started. I promise if you put up with it this time, I’ll be sure to remind him to step out of the tardis before recording next week.

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What a show, what a SHOW! I tell ya folks, if you’ve ever wanted to hear an angry Red then prepare yourselves because you’re about to. TC and Red jump right into news from the past week, talking about the successful Clannad Kickstarter, million dollar mechs you can ride around in, and then Red spikes his audio as he pummels BBC Radio for their ridiculous special on Japan’s manga and anime culture. Be warned, Red yells and swears like you’ve never heard before, so hide all the children and cover your ears; it’s a doozy… Poor Red. Then to chill down, TC invites Red back with the Discussion Thread that was promised the week before: What are 3 of your top favorite anime EDs? And finally, TC and Red do a joint review on the slice-of-life comedy Denki-gai no Honya-san. If you happen to see a tall, devilishly handsome, and angry drunk stumbling about, please send him home, that’s probably Red. Next week starts previews, so look forward to that!

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It’s a new year and yet another new episode of Anime Pulse! This week Ichigo, TC, and Red return to bring you the latest in news and reviews. First up is news, with discussions on how Red once again shows us his weird side, a woman fighting against a censorship loving government with her vagina, and Ichigo attempts to get TC to back a kickstarter for a manga adaptation of Clannad. Then its onto the Discussion Thread, two weeks in the making and the question asked at the end of every year: What were your top five anime of 2014? And finally we cover reviews, Red space quakes his way through the second season of Date A Live, TC has a fan-fighting time talking about Donten ni Warau, and Ichigo wraps things up with the ever controversial, lesbian rape, mecha anime; Cross Ange. Come along everyone, and let’s welcome 2015 the right way!

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