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Episode 14: I like pie….

We’ve got a great show for you this week. We review Bleach and Naruto, Batou reviews Kage Kara Mamoru, Chigo reviews Sexy Commando, and I review Outlaw Star.

Kage Kara Mamoru – Wait until it hits the US and NetFlix it
Sexy Commando – Pi, or Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers/Download Now
Outlaw Star – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers

Show Notes:


Otakon Enforces Copyright at Artists’ Alley

Gintama TV series
TV Tokyo has announced that the Gintama manga will be adapted into a TV series to be screened in April. The Gintama TV series will be produced by Sunrise.

Anime on The South Bank Show
Britain’s ITV1 will air an episode of The South Bank Show on February 19 that will focus on anime. Included in the program will be interviews with anime industry representatives such as Mitsuhisa Ishikawa. The South Bank Show is the longest continuously running arts programme on television.

Montreal Otakuthon
The Otaku Anime of Concordia University will be hosting Otakuthon on June 10 and 11 at Concordia University.

New Viz Properties from NATPE

Howl’s Moving Castle Nominated for Oscar
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the nominees for the 78th annual Academy Awards. For the Academy Award for Animated Feature, the nominees are Howl’s Moving Castle, Burton’s Corpse Bride and Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The Academy Award winners will be announced on Sunday, March 5 in an awards ceremony starting at 5pm Pacific standard time.

Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature

Top Selling Anime DVD Movies

Funimation Seeks Convention Crew

Kurosagi Live Action
Sankei Sports reports that the Kurosagi manga, by Takeshi Natsuhara & Kuromaru, is to be adapted into a live-action TV series. Tomohisa Yamashita, from the J-pop group News, will star as the main character.

ImaginAsian TV Launches Home Video Label

Tokyo Anime Fair New York
On February 6, The day preceding their Tokyo Festa in New York, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will be holding an industry only event, Tokyo International Anime Fair in New York. The event will include a trade show, and presentations from Bandai Visual USA, TOEI, Studio 4C, Sojitz Corporation and Tokyo Anime Center.

Shinichiro Watanabe at Michigan State University

The Anime Network on DirecTV

New York Comic-Con Announces Anime Programming

Anime Song on American Idol
Years ago, we received a news submission about someone singing an anime theme song on American Idol. The song in question was Fly Me to the Moon. The person e-mailing us was unaware that Fly Me to the Moon was a popular american song that predated Evangelion by many years. However tonight’s American Idol did feature an anime song… Jigglypuff’s song from Pokemon.

Oyayubihime Infinity Licensed by CMX

Mew Mew Power Broadcast Finished
4Kids has announced on its forums that it has broadcast all 26-episodes of Mew Mew Power that it has. According to the post, “[4Kids is] trying to get more, but can’t say when or IF this will happen.” In total, 52 episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew have been produced and broadcast in Japan.

Geneon – Tokyopop Cross Promote

Stone Bridge Press Announces Anime Encyclopedia 2nd Edition

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa Lecture in Miami

Fair Use Details


Kage Kara Mamoru

Sexy Commando,730,xmmdvf,sekushi_command.html

Outlaw Star,449,wdsags,outlaw_star.html

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Our very first promo

Here is our first promo, it’s 39 seconds long, so if you like our show, use it on yours. Of course we’re always willing to play other show’s promos as well.

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Episode 13: The Yuri/Furry episode. Or is it?

We’ve got a good show for you this time. We review the latest news, and our regulars Bleach and Naruto. We also review Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Prince of Tennis and Magikano.

Magikano – Download Now!
Prince of Tennis – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.

Show Notes:


Kite Live-Action Directors Chosen

Evangelion #1 at Amazon – Sort of…
Due to a pricing glitch, Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Collection was listed for $5.99 on As a result, the DVD set rose to the number 1 status on their daily best sellers list. Orders placed for the set at $5.99 will not be honored.

Cartoon Network to Air Ghibli Movies
Cartoon Network has picked up the rights to broadcast the Studio Ghibli library of movies from sister network Turner Classic Movies. The first of the films, Spirited Away, will air on the Fridays block on February 3 at 7PM. Thanks to Daikun for this item.

Blood+ Licensed

The Anime Network on Akimbo

Priest Live-Action Movie
Andrew Douglas, director of Amityville Horror, is to direct a live-action adaptation of Min-Woo Hyung’s Priest, a manhwa available in North America from Tokyopop. Production is scheduled to start this summer. Thanks to Murphix for this item.

Samurai Champloo on Friday Night Fix

Tokyo Anime Center to Open in Akihabara

ADV Podcasts on iTunes

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Trailer
Harmony Gold has released a quicktime trailer for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles from NATPE. Available in high resolution and low resolution.
high resolution –
low resolution –

Green Green Licensed by Media Blasters
Media Blasters has solicited Green Green volume 1 for release May 16.

Princess Mononoke on YTV Saturday
YTV will be airing Princess Mononoke Saturday night at 9pm.

Brattle Anime Festival in Cambridge
On Saturday February 25, the Brattle theater in Cambridge, MA will hold an 18 hour anime festival. Starting at 6pm the Brattle will show anime such as Evangelion episodes 21-24; Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer; Azumanga Daioh!; Samurai X and more. Details are available.



Prince of Tennis

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien,1243,ohjgii,kimi_ga_nozomu_.html

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Episode 12: The Yaoi Episode? Nope, not really

We’ve got another great show for you this week. We’ve got Chigo who talks about Firefly, we talk about Kurau: Phantom Memory and Gun x Sword. We also have all the news and a quick tutorial on podcasting.

Gun x Sword: Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for Crackers.
Firefly: Download Now!!! – Actually Buy Now!!!
Kurau: Phantom Memory: Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for Crackers.

Show Notes:


Angel/Dust neo to be Serialized in Newtype USA

CPM Announces New York Comic-Con Guests

On April 11 Bandai will release the Vision of Escaflowne Complete DVD Collection for $49.98…

JAST USA Announces First “Boy’s Love” PC Dating-Game

Anime Network SVOD Available on Cox

Otaku Murderer Death Sentence Upheld

Death Note Movies

FUNimation licenses xxxHolic/Tsubasa movie, Tsubasa TV series

Hellsing OVA Preview TV Broadcast Announced


Gun x Sword,1737,lzvngj,gun_x_sword.html


Kurau: Phantom Memory,1435,wnitsi,phantom_memory_.html

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The YuleMasHannaKawanzaDan Episode

Here it is, slightly late, but finally for your enjoyment we have the Tim the Enchanter rant. Batou took the time to interview Tim the Enchanter from the forums, who has a promising career in comedy, or at least in customer service.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Episode 11: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

we’ve got a great episode this week. We review Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu, Elfen Lied and Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl ~. We discuss a nice Highwind figure that Wetall lent us, and the Ichigo figure Batou gave me.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – Download Now!
Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Elfen Lied – Download Now!/Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.
Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl ~ – Look for a more thorough review and recommendation as more is out.

Show Notes:


CPM Seeking Interns

Utena Set for $99.95
Later this year Central Park Media will be re-pricing and re-releasing Revolutionary Girl Utena on DVD. In the mean time they’ve set up a pre-order. From now until January 31, the entire Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series, Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie, and a limited edition Utena T-Shirt are available for $99.95. CPM will ship all the sets in February.

Shinichiro Watanabe in Detroit
On February 8, Shinichiro Watanabe will be in Detroit, Michigan. He will show clips from the Animatrix and Samurai Champloo and discuss creative and technical aspects of his work. The event will take place at the Detroit Film Theater, at 7:30pm.


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Wetall’s Highwind Model
Final Fantasy VII Highwind Model

Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu,1477,loqhit,iriya_no_sora_u.html

Elfen Lied

Kashimashi ~ Girl Meets Girl,3135,vijqxa,kashimashi____g.html


Toys N Joys

The sweet Ichigo figure Batou got me
Kurosaki Ichigo Picture

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Episode 10: The Twins episode

This week Chigo was too busy translating, but Rukia joins us. We discuss news, the lack of Bleach, and types of food we learned about and now eat because of Anime. We review Futakoi, Lamune and Naruto. Why is it called the Twins episode? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Futakoi: Wait until it hits the US and Netfix it.
Lamune: Wait until it hits the US and Netfix it.

Show Notes:

Site Related Info:
The song that plays at the end of the shows is the opening theme from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase. It’s called “Neko Mimi Mode”, and is performed by “Dimitri from Paris”.


New Dragonball Z website launched

The Top Movies of 2005 in Japan

The Top Animated Movies of 2005 in Japan

The Top DVD sales of 2005 in Japan

Hayao Miyazaki turns 65

Miyazaki movies on Turner Classic Movies

TCM Offers Offer the Ultimate Hayao Miyazaki DVD & Book Sweepstakes

7 new anime series announced

Mamoru Oshii Interview on BBC Four






Curry Rice See “Retort Foods”







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Holiday Episode 1: The Piano Squall Interview

Happy Holidays everyone. Here is the first of a two episode holiday arc. We present the interview that Chigo and I did with Piano Squall.

Piano Squall Website
Fanplay Site

Episode 9: The favorite character episode

We’re all here this week. Leading up the holidays we bring some fun news. We reivew Mahou Shoujotai Alice, Cromartie High School and Scrapped Princess. We also go over our favorite anime characters.

Mahou Shoujotai Alice: Wait until hits the US and Netflix it/Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers
Scrapped Princess: Download Now/Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers
Cromartie High School: Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers

Show Notes:


Pokemon doesn’t cause cancer, but researchers think otherwise

Top 10 Anime Theme Songs of 2005

New Anime Details and Sites

DBZ on Robot Chicken
This Thursday’s airing of Robot Chicken on Adult Swim will be a holiday special featuring characters from Dragon Ball Z.

Employment Opportunities at Tokyopop


Mahou Shoujotai Alice (é)

Scrapped Princess ()

Cromartie High School ()

Favorite Anime Characters:

Male: Vash the Stampede – Trigun | Tamahome – Fushigi Yugi
Female: Sakaki – Azumanga Daioh | Iria – Iria: Zeiram the Animation
Non-human: Iriomote Yamaneko – Azumanga Daioh

Male: Happosai – Ranma 1/2 | Yosho – Tenchi Muyo! OVA
Female: Gum/Alita – Battle Angel Alita
Non-human: Ryo-oki – Tenchi Muyo! | Black Cat – Trigun

ChibiGodzilla (Chigo)
Male: Sven – Black Cat
Female: Osaka – Azumanga Daioh | Ayeka – Pretty Sammy OVA
Non-human: Shinichi Mechazawa – Cromartie High School

Episode 8: The Sci-Fi Episode?

This week we’re back with the whole crew. Chigo is here and Rukia makes a short appearance. We discuss the latest news, Ichigo reviews Saikano OVA, Chigo reviews Karin, and Batou just rants.

Saikano OVA – Download Now!
Karin – Wouldn’t kick it out of bed for crackers.

Show Notes


Howl’s Moving Castle Wins awards

CNN on “Anime, Piracy and Profits”

Ghibli Announces New Anime based on Ursula K. Leguin’s Earthsea Cycle

New Sunrise Robot Series
The January issue of Newtype (Japan) talks about Zegapain, a robot action anime which Sunrise is now planning. According to the New Type article, robots in the anime will be rendered in 3D CG. Masami Shimoda will direct.

Free Streaming Anime
Bandai Channel and Biglobe are offering the first episodes of a number of titles online for free here. Available series include Petopeto-san, Noein, Gunparade Orchestra, Amaenai de Yo!! , Gakuen Senki Muryou, Akane Maniax, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo, Sousei no Aquarion and more.

Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club Trailer
The official website for Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club, a Tenchi Muyo spin-off, now hosts a streaming Real Media trailer.

Tokyopop Manga Draw Negative Attention

Funimation – Shinsen-Subs Follow-up
There has been some misunderstanding regarding the events surrounding Funimation’s enforcement of its intellectual property vis-a-vis Shinsen-Subs. The fansub group was actively making available several titles that Funimation has already publicly announced. Their copyright infringement was not limited exclusively to unannounced properties.

New Poll: Favorite Director


Saikano OVA: Another Love Story (Another Love Song)

Karin ()