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NDK 2007: Day 1

NDK started off pretty good. No real programming until 5:30, but we had some great Taiko drummers to launch us off.

After that we had opening ceremonies, followed by a Madhouse panel/Q&A and then rounding out the evening with a concert by Lisa Furukawa.

All in all it was a great day. Below is links to pictures from the various events as well as some short videos of the Taiko drummers.

Mirai Daiko
Opening Ceremonies
Lisa Furukawa

Taiko Drummer Videos

Ichigo guest hosts at Podtoid-san

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I was invited to sit in on a show of Podtoid-san over at Japanator. You can check it out here.

2007 Podcast Awards

Anime Pulse is on the slate for the People’s Choice award and the best Arts/Cultural award. Voting starts on 7/28 and ends 8/11. You can vote once per day. Votes will be confirmed via email, so be sure to use a valid email that you check regularly.


Anime Expo 2007 Promo

Here is the promo video for Anime Expo 2007, enjoy the show.

Why the site was down

Here is the explanation of the recent downtime.

Mind of Ichigo Prize Reimbursement Fund

We’ve created a donation fund to help purchase the prizes promised by AnimeFF. See the below link for all the details. Every bit helps.


Best Art Contest. Ever. is having pretty much the coolest Anime art competition I have ever seen. As part of the AnimeFF convention in Mid-Jan in Vegas, is doing an art competition that will have as prizes:
2 PS3s
6 Wiis

Check it out here!

RightStuf International has Bandai sale!

RightStuf International has just announced a new sale through October 8th in which you can save 40% off on many Bandai titles and boxsets. Check it out at the above link, just click on the “SKY-SURF” button on the top right of their home page. Don’t forget to use the coupon “SKYSURF” when checking out for the discounts!

Illumitoon Partners with Westlake


Initial Release of “Beet” Marks Westlake Entertainment’s Entry Into Anime


“FORT WORTH, TEXAS” Illumitoon Entertainment, Ltd. announced today that it will be utilizing Westlake Entertainment Inc. for home video distribution on its new acquisitions, including “Beet the Vandel Buster” and “AM Driver.” The announcement comes on the heels of Westlake Entertainment’s announcement of the company’s repositioning in the marketplace to release first-run features, including theatrical and new title acquisitions in other key core categories.

“Westlake is a strong strategic partner for Illumitoon and we look forward to a strong launch together,” said Barry Watson, President/CEO of Illumitoon. “Westlake brings considerable home video experience including a high level of anime sales and marketing experience and shares our vision for the product.”

Tony Vandeveerdonk, VP of Sales for the new Westlake and formerly with Pioneer (now Geneon) and FUNimation states, “Illumitoon is bringing the anime category exciting new brands and content as well as a clear direction for repositioning the product in new and innovative ways. We feel the timing is perfect for Illumitoon’s entrance into the anime marketplace. We’re very excited to include them with our other premium content.” The new Illumitoon releases are initially planned to street as early as January, 2007. “We’re already in production, and are gearing up for a strong production pace,” commented Watson.

# # #

About Illumitoon Entertainment, Ltd.

Illumitoon Entertainment, Ltd. is a newly formed collaboration of business and creative professionals focused on delivering customized, quality entertainment to the North American markets. The company’s principals have more than 20 years combined experience in acquiring, producing, and distributing anime, as well as creating original productions for the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For more information, visit the company online at

About Westlake Entertainment Inc.

Westlake Entertainment Inc. is a fully integrated independent entertainment distribution company focusing on the release of premium first run DVDs across several key product categories. The company also just announced it has several original film production projects in the works. Westlake owns the rights to a wide variety of visual content, including over 500 feature films and hundreds of hours of television programming. The company was originally founded in 1992 and distributes content from such labels as Cineville Films, Red Bull USA, Illumitoon Entertainment, Rigel Films and Desert Mountain Media. For more information, visit the company online at

For information: Email Charlotte Black at or call (817) 800-8551.

Anime Pulse Wins Podcast Award!

Anime Pulse has brought home the gold for best “Cultural/Arts” podcast in 2006! Thanks to all of you for your support, for without our fans this wouldn’t have been possible.

Podcast Awards Site