Episode 707: Log Hyouka: Destruction of the Kininarimasu!

This week on Anime Pulse we got curiosity that infected the Oreki, renting overweight men and woman, and the attack of the killer hay fever. Up first IRL news brings us Joseph handing in his Assault Carbine for a Crystal Slime, and Andrew struggles through his hay fever to talk about the worst anime we enjoy. Then industry news brings up topics like an invasion of Attack on Titan artwork in a train station, and the creator of Ranma 1/2 explains why she can never have her characters just confess their love. And lastly we have more reviews as Joseph lets out an exasperated sigh in a isekai video game, and Andrew is curious about curiosity in High School.

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VG Pulse 363: E3 Demolition

This week on VG Pulse, it’s E3 time again!! We start off with side notes of never ending work times, before diving into the regular news where we go over every E3 press conference/event that happened and detailing our thoughts about all the new and upcoming games that were announced, as well as discussing the general weirdness about what E3 has become in recent years! After E3 talk we touch on a handful of other news stories, and then finish off with talk of anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 363!! ~Aki

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Episode 706: The Hidden Beastar Only I Can Enter

This week on Anime Pulse we got Zootopia the anime season 2, new FGO content, and the anime we think are good but don’t watch. Up first IRL news as Joseph is chasing chubbies in the latest chapter of FGO, and Andrew’s arms are so tired from all that flying. Afterwards industry news brings us topics like KyoAni finally doing something big since being attacked, and a list of anime you may need to take antidepressants to watch. Lastly in the reviews Joseph resists the urge to grope a chained up woman in a dungeon, and Andrew puts on a fur suit, gets on all fours, and howls at a horny bunny girl.

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Script 2 Script 29: Red Dragon

It’s that time to get around to listener requests again. Picked out for us by Algazero is the much anticipated Red Dragon. It’s the first appearance of one of the most enduring pop culture figures, Hannibal Lecter. Having been adapted twice, first in Manhunter(1986) and again in Red Dragon(2002).

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Popcorn Pulse 153: Older Boy

We awoke a sleeping dragon when discussion of Oldboy popped up last time. This means that we have decided to revisit the whole shebang once more. Pop in another quarter and queue up your least favorite song at least seven times, broken up only once by another. Then follow it up with the theme song to Bananas in Pajamas thirty five times.

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VG Pulse 362: Where’s The Hype?

This week on VG Pulse, we found a Kas!! We start off with side notes about life and everything Kassy-related, before diving into the regular news where we discuss E3 2021 and how strange things have become with the show as a whole, as well as the upcoming plans for a Nintendo Museum, and a handful of tech-related things! After the news we go over the Discord Discussions, before I give a lightning-fast First Look at Resident Evil Village, and Millennium gives a review of The Outer Worlds! We finish off with talk of food and anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 362!! -Aki

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Episode 705: Flying Zero

This week on Anime Pulse we got illegal maids, homestay witches, and raging against the Magics. Up first Joseph has put down MTG:A to prevent any more veins from popping, and have moved back into some dusty Fallout shoes. Andrew on the other hands has been a busy busy lad, but saves room to asks us who we would pledge our loyalty to and form a demonic blood pack with. Then in industry news a woman threatens to be the next KyoAni killer, and paying for service with a smile is going to become a little harder now. Lastly the reviews ties things up as Joseph proves why Beatrice is best girl, and Andrew does heartwarming witchy things.

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Manga Pulse 448: Berserker Paradise

Here in the future of the past, we’ve finally hit the point where lumber is almost worth it’s weight in silver. Pretty soon there will be a federal reserve of pine and plywood. Which then means we’ll get a Die Hard 10: Raiding Again where the nephew of the Gruber’s will rob it. And Willis will be partnered with some forgettable actor who’s popular on social media for a week. Until it’s discovered that they’re a vore loving baby fur.

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Episode 704: Suppose a Dragon from the Last Ball Movie Moved to a Starter Town

This week on Anime Pulse we got some a little special for ya, as Andrew dishes out two reviews at the price of one, Joseph starting to crack under the pressure of ranked games in MTG:A, and our favorite AMVs. Up first IRL news gets Joseph spending money on flights and putting in A/Cs, meanwhile Andrew is going Japantastic in his hunting of monsters before wrapping up the season of previews with his short takes. Then in industry news Joseph has a real talk about Japan’s prison system, and Andrew sombers us with the passing of a legendary author. Lastly in the reviews Joseph earns a Yandere after removing her lifelong curse with a washcloth, and Andrew powers up to Super Andrew God next time in Anime Pulse Z.

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