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Oh, hello there, welcome to another episode of Anime Pulse. I’m your handsome and charming host RedUnit10, and this week I am joined by the adorable and kawaii-waifu to TimeChaser; Raina. We start into news, talking about energy drinks full of seahorses and politicians who support anime. Then it’s onto the discussion thread, where everyone was disagreeing with everyone else! What is your unpopular anime opinion? Then, sadly, Raina encounters a wild laptop. It uses Overheat, and is super effective. Leaving just poor little Red, all on his lonesome. Luckily he has plenty of boobies to keep him company, as he reviews Seikoku no Dragonar. For everyone who wants a cute female host, listen from the start. For everyone who wants a crazy male host, stick around till the very end. In either case, come along, and let’s get this thing started!

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This week on VG Pulse, we discuss awkward cars and concert fanboying before heading off to the two-weeks worth of news, where we discuss the WiiU’s future, the Internet-Arcade, and the announcement of a new Zelda 3DS remake! After the news we go over the forums, and finish off with a listener-review of Diablo 3 and my review of Super Mario 64 DS! All this and more up next on VGP 207! -Aki

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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, this week RedUnit10, TimeChaser with Raina, and Ichigo are all here to join in. We jump right into news about cutely personified colon bacteria, the chibatman vs the police saga continues, and a university in Japan orders too much Pocky! Then the discussion thread this week is all about the love and war, who do you consider the top five kick ass couples? And finally we start back into reviews, TC and wife tackle the anime file 009 Re:Cyborg, Red tries to explain the romantic comedy of Bokura wa Minna Kawai-Sou, and Ichigo wraps it all up with gender swapping twin tailed warriors in Ore, Twintails no Narimasu. All aboard the anime train! Next stop, Pulseville.

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The show that almost didn’t happen because of cars. Damn you machines and your need for repairs! Why can’t you just be like Transformers and fix yourself without our intervention! Get on that Google peoples and make it snappy. As with all requests, it sometimes takes a bit of search-fu to confirm that, no, we […]

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At last, dear listeners, our previews for the Fall 2014 season draw to a close. Red and I are on hand to give you the low-down on Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, Hitsugi no chaika Avenging Battle, Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de, World Trigger, and Sanzoku no Musume Ronja, as well as the usual news and discussion thread. Don’t miss it!

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This week on VGP, we have a Kas back, and we have an ezmail! After the ezmail we go over the news, in which we discuss Breaking Bad toys and new internet laws in the United Kingdom. After the newz finish off with my review of Family Restaurant and Millennium’s review of Forza Horizon 2! All this and more up next on VGP 206! -Aki

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It’s the show you know and love, Anime Pulse! This week we do our second show of previews for the fall 2014 season, and boy do we have some good ones! But first, we cover the news including milky soda, counterfeit dollar bills, and the final movie in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. Then a discussion thread all about the coolest anime characters, whose face do you want chiseled into a mountain side? And poor Red just can’t catch a break as Ichigo continually thrashes on his well timed and hilarious jokes, hang on to your boots because you’re in for a ride!

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Being as this was made and intended as a Halloween companion episode, or at least themed as such, we decided that a throwback into something within the horror genre would do. Which left us with the mere burden of choice. What to choose? A slasher or zombie flick would be expected though trite. We both […]

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This week on VG Pulse we start off with side notes of new cars and new books, before heading off into recent news of threats against Anita Sarkeesian and a hoax bomb threat at Gearbox Studios, and get into discussions about the recent trend of incidents like these. After the news we go over the forums, and finish off with Millennium’s review of Euro Truck Simulator 2, and my review of Lifeless Planet! All this and more up next on VGP205! -Aki

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xoMango and I talk about Youmacon 2013, what we did there and what we thought of it. This audio is incredibly late but maybe it will motivate those of you in the Detroit area to go check out Youmacon which is happening this weekend and should be a very fun time!

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