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There are some things in life which are just plain classy. A finger of whiskey, neat on a cold day. A silk tie done in a proper Windsor knot. The clean lines of an Aston Martin. We, however, do not have much truck with class. We could explain more but you’ll only understand once you’ve listened to this episode where we tackle sensitive subjects like a raging bull after a cape.

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To our delightful listeners we give you: an shiny new episode! This time we bring you a harem of beautiful vampire sisters and a really confusing plot. Ryo is happy because of the vampires, but Blonde is a sad panda because there were no blondes to be banged in the church.

Listen in and enjoy.

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This week on VG Pulse, we have a show that should have been short but somehow ends up being long! We start out with side notes about Kas’s surgery, before heading to the not-really-ezmailz ezmailz section! Afterwards we dive into the shallow pool of news and discuss Guillermo Del Toro saying that he refuses to be involved with another video game, as well as the loose possibility of a new Alice game happening! After the newz Millennium talks for awhile about Farming Simulator 15 and Sakura Clicker, and we finish off by rambling on about what animes we’ve been watching lately! All this and more up next on VGP 235! -Aki

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Here we are again friends. Our first date went so well we’re coming back for more. Blonde and I are here to serve up another dose of sexy fun fun time with this week’s hentai: Darling. It’s got everything you could want: sexy dom role-play, masks, and ero ero maids, stacked on top of a steaming pile of scary 80s hairstyles. Mmmmm Delicious!

Listen in to find out a better way to use that trumpet on: AP After Dark~

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Hello and welcome back to another episode of Anime Pulse, this week Red and Ryo are here to bring you news, reviews, and hopefully some amusement. Straight off the bat is the weekly updates on your gracious hosts, Red working on the ending for the second volume in his book series and Ryo is tired of sleeping on an air mattress. Afterwards comes news with Red detailing the events of a Monster Failure of a convention and Ryo praying to her Idol Gods, and one final bit of news relating to the ex-anime pulse member whose name we do not speak. Then the discussion thread is up to par, this weeks question about what you’d be willing to pay for the ultimate anime streaming and downloading service. And finally the reviews, with Red bringing the second season of Hitsugi no Chaika to the table and Ryo digging up an oldie from the early 2000’s called Divergence Eve.

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This week on VG Pulse, we have a rather long and side note filled show! We start off with side notes of Kas’s upcoming surgery, as well as my adventures in Gamestop pre-orders for consoles. After the side notes, we dive into the regular news, in which we discuss the EA and Microsoft press conferences that happened at Gamescom, as well as an eating disorder site that wants to make video game characters ”normal” by making them fat. After the news we discuss the forums, and finish off with a long discussion about the anime we’ve been watching recently. All this and more up next on VGP 234! -Aki

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At long last the previews have ended and Anime Pulse returns to its regularly scheduled programming. This week Red and Ryo fills you in on what they’ve been up to lately, Red nearly suffocated on fumes of cat pee and Ryo went off roading with her dad. After that they move onto news from Japan and the industry, Red begins with news on the color blue and Ryo brings up the topic of a man who was stealing women’s treasures. Then it’s onto this weeks discussion thread, where we wanted to know what Japanese phrases or sayings have really stuck with you. And finally the reviews make their return, with Red handling Jinsei and Ryo gushing over Gatchaman Crowds.

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Behold! Ryo and community member turned host, Innocuous Blonde are here to bring you something new, something fresh, something…X rated? That’s right kitty cats this Anime Pulse After Dark! We’re here to fill your dreams with tentacle monsters and school girls. We kick things off with a disclaimer. Are you under 18? You might wanna come back later. Next we dive head first into our show which is called Temptation which Ryo demanded we watch because of reasons. A teacher is sleeping with his students and black mail? How could we say no? We end things with the note of: Don’t be creepy. K thanks.

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Given that we’re attempting our best at keeping this from being a strictly genre based show, we mixed it up with a Neanderthal tale. The Clan of the Cave Bear was released in nineteen eighty as the wave of cocaine prepared to engulf Hollywood. Fueled in no small part by the novel’s success, they made an adaptation of it. Being as the story centers upon an orphaned Cro-Magnon girl being adopted by a tribe of Neanderthals, who would best be cast? Probably someone with a good dramatic background. Oh, no one like that is available? Just grab the lady who played the mermaid in Splash and hand me that razorblade, […]

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As we first tackled something more lighthearted involving a museum in New York, it only seemed fitting that we go a bit morbid. In this episode we discuss Relic, adapted as The Relic. Unlike our last show, the books starts off with a couple of kids getting lost in the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Their end comes about not at the hands of a quick witted security guard who hasn’t been lobotomized but at the crushing jaws of a monster. The film changes this by moving to Chicago, forgivable, and having the two kids escape death, unforgivable. We pity the movie on so many levels as […]

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