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Manga Pulse 407: Plunder Kai

It’s year seven hundred forty nine of the Banshou Era. The third age of enlightenment following the Toki wars. This is the kind of thing Tim complains about in the intro to his manga. Where the author tells us what year it is like we’ve been reading their notes and know what to make of that.

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Episode 620: Kenja no Titan

It’s not 420, but Joseph and Andrew can still get lit while they discuss anime news, reviews, and what’s been going on in their lives. IRL news zooms right past us as Joseph has almost nothing really to mention, and Andrew has very little community response this week. Industry news is bit more meaty with voluptuous drawings pissing off special ed kids, and a voice actress returning to the scene after a brief hiatus. And the reviews bring up the rear as Joseph lusts after the girl nobody wanted, and Andrew puts on his ODM gear and battles good taste.

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Popcorn Pulse 111: Cold Pursuit

It may not be a special number but we happen to like the triple digits. So we just had to pick a theme of some sorts. We couldn’t come up with anything particularly uniting so we decided to hone in on movies set in our home state.

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Manga Pulse 406: Zero Patrolman

Welcome back to our artisanal show. We make our podcast with a couple of simple ingredients. A couple of manga, some whiskey, and lots of time. No artificial cash influxes provided by oversized media conglomerates intent out forcing out as much flavorless paste for as little as possible.

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Episode 619: Sewayaki Kitsune no Kokkoku

This week on Anime Pulse the guys talk about microscopic Jojo creatures, the dismissal of Vic Mignogna’s case, and coming home to loli fox girls. First up is IRL news as Joseph reveals his 23andMe results, and Andrew wants to know how you got your friends addicted to anime. Afterwards the guys covers some industry news, with topics like otaku scientists naming newly discovered creatures and anime gets more Junji Ito horror. And lastly the reviews come in, as Joseph spends his nights petting foxtails and Andrew stops time to solve a mystery.

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VG Pulse 338: Nope Man’s Sky

This week on VGP, we’re once again unsupervised! We start out with side notes of Aki having something mysterious going on, as well as Millennium telling us what life’s been like in daylight lately! Afterwards we dive into the regular news where we go over September 4ths Nintendo Direct (Deadly Premonition tho…), Ikumi Nakamura’s bizarre departure from Tango Gameworks, and we have a bit of a rant over the whole Alec Holowka situation and 2019’s “cancel culture” in general. After the news we dive into a joint first look at Astroneer, and finish off with talk of food, and Millennium ranting about Funimation! All this and more up next on VGP 338! -Aki

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Script 2 Script 24: True Grit

Not all adaptations are made equally. Sometimes they get made and Hollywood, being the land of originality and creativity, decides to try and remake it. This episode we’re talking about a book so nice they adapted it twice. True Grit.

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Popcorn Pulse 110: This Is Spinalta

This week we kick the show off with the grand pappy of mockumentaries. The one that started them all and inspired up to dozens of copy cats. Tim and Weltall jointly review This Is Spinal Tap(1984). A documentary style comedy filmed around a fictional English rock band in the vein of Sabbath who’s going on an American tour as their popularity begins to wane.

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Script 2 Script 23: King and King

Stephen King has a long history with adaptations of his work. No small amount of it has been decent to good books being turned into movies that are best described as “free, please take”. Is this a problem with trying to cram a book big enough to beat a rhino into submission into ninety minutes? We attempt to find out by watching Mangler and Cat’s Eye.

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Episode 618: Isekai Joshi kausei

Anime Pulse comes back to you now, at the turn of the season. A storm of anime is coming, and we must prepare. First, we sharpen the IRL news spears. Joseph has fallen back into the Skyrim trap, and Andrew wants to know your thoughts on shorter length anime. Afterwards the two inspect the barracks of industry news, discovering topics like China calling Chinese Otakus Japanese extremists, virtual YouTubers serving alcohol, and an update on the Vic Mignogna situation. And finally it’s onwards towards the battlefield, as Joseph takes aim at an Isekai within an Isekai and Andrew launches some mortars at cute anime schoolgirls.

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