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Being as this was made and intended as a Halloween companion episode, or at least themed as such, we decided that a throwback into something within the horror genre would do. Which left us with the mere burden of choice. What to choose? A slasher or zombie flick would be expected though trite. We both […]

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This week on VG Pulse we start off with side notes of new cars and new books, before heading off into recent news of threats against Anita Sarkeesian and a hoax bomb threat at Gearbox Studios, and get into discussions about the recent trend of incidents like these. After the news we go over the forums, and finish off with Millennium’s review of Euro Truck Simulator 2, and my review of Lifeless Planet! All this and more up next on VGP205! -Aki

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xoMango and I talk about Youmacon 2013, what we did there and what we thought of it. This audio is incredibly late but maybe it will motivate those of you in the Detroit area to go check out Youmacon which is happening this weekend and should be a very fun time!

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another exciting and anime-tastic episode of Anime Pulse, your one news source for all things anime and Japan related. This week our intrepid trio are back, as they preview some of the shows that have come out for the 2014 Fall Season. We have news of delicious looking burgers, chibatman offering his services as the dark night of Tokyo, and a discussion thread that will have you ready and waiting for Halloween to be over. That’s right, the leaves are falling in beautiful shades of orange and red and we’re inside where it’s nice and warm. So take a seat, grab a cup of hot tea, and relax as you immerse yourself in the soothing voices of Red, TC, and Ichigo.

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It’s that time again where the numbers in the episode line up in sequential order. Sure it’s descending but it’s still very satisfying. Like finding out that you’ve got no spare parts left over after assembling some flat packed furniture. Within this mighty episode, Tim reviews Gokukoku no Brynhildr. We’re treated to a hard working […]

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We’re back! And we’ve got a great show for you this week, including the news and discussion thread. To wrap things up, Red and I do a combined review to close out the summer anime season. It’s time to board the train as we discuss Rail Wars! Don’t miss it!

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Sometimes we like to perform scientific experiments here in the pulse network. We are, after all, prone to bias just as the next squishy humans in spite of our expensive cybernetic upgrades. For example, there is the hypothesis that when Tim picks the movie of the week Weltall is sad. In yet another test done […]

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This week on VG Pulse, we finally have a Kas back! We start out with lengthy side notes about why she’s been missing, and me shamelessly advertising World of Shindana! Afterwards we head off to the ezmail [gasp!], before diving into the normal newz where we discuss future HDD’s and the current releases of the XBOX One. After the newz we skip the forums and instead head off into my review of Heavenly Sword, and Xahldera’s review of Crisis 2! All this and more up next on VGP204! -Aki

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What happens when you leave an episode for a year and a half sitting in a pool of alcohol? It turns into the biggest milestone in Fanpulse history! Join Paltir, Pope, Geth, Ouran, Otaku, and special guest Ichigo on a quest to destroy the livers of the world.

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There’s probably a point where some poor bastard mangaka was sitting at their desk and trying desperately to think up a story for a deadline. “Gee, if only something would fall from the sky and knock my ass out so I have an excuse my editor will accept.” At that point, a coconut was conveniently […]

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