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Welcome to the second previews show of the 2016 anime season, and a show completely devoid of Ryo. That’s right, the intrepid and often sickly Ryo has taken a bit of a sabbatical to recover. Meanwhile, Red has gotten a guest host from the past to return; Spirewrecker from the 4Player Anime Cast! After a brief reintroduction, Red and Spire kicks things off with IRL news which quickly segues into Industry News which is bursting with content this week! Hentai Manga Authors getting licensed, Anime Authors evading taxes, and the controversy that is the live-action GitS. Afterwards both hosts dig into three more anime from the spring catalogue: Hundred, Kiznaiver, and Big Order. Don’t miss out on this one folks!

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This week on VG Pulse, we have an extremely long and supervised show! We don’t really have many side notes, and so we pretty much dive right into the news, where we get into lengthy discussions about the Nintendo NX, the PlayStation 4K, future news about Persona 5, and more things being stolen in transit in the UK! After the news we head off into the extremely overdue and lengthy review of Stardew Valley, and we finish off with talk of anime and Slither.io! All this and more up next on VGP 252! -Aki

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Welcome to another episode of Anime Pulse, this week brought to you by the empty amphitheater that Ryo apparently decided to record from. Technical difficulties aside, this is the first previews show of the Spring 2016 season. We’ve got IRL updates from both of the hosts, industry news about cats and ideal body types, and then the previews of which there are four in total. We’ll be doing two of these shows this season, and then possibly taking a week off while Ryo recovers from near death via finals.

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Greeting and salutations, dear listeners. After experiencing an episode that would never be Blonde and Ryo are back to bring you something on the more horrifying side of things. Ryo really wishes she hadn’t listened to this whole episode after editing because she had blocked all of it out. God why…Turn down the volume and lock all your doors cause it’s about to get freaky in here on After Dark Episode 9.

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Hello listners, No we’re not dead, but maybe dying. But before our inevitable return to the grave we bring you another steamy episode of After Dark. We’re here to take you two a whole new world of holes with two titles that offer a variety of feelings.

Look through that peep hole and join us in After Dark Episode 8.

Magical Moe

Ryo: yada

Blonde: yada

Nozoki Ana

Ryo: Fap now

Blonde: Fap now

Intro: Hayloft by Mother Mother

Outro: Imitation

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This week on VG Pulse, it’s been a bit of a slow two weeks! We more or less dive right into the news of the past two weeks, where we discuss micro transactions in $60 games, the shutting down of a vanilla WOW server, and politicians spending too much money on Steam games! After the news, we head off into the review, where I finally talk about the hot cheese and poor directing that is Until Dawn, and we finish off with talk of anime and the return of Orphan Black! All this and more up next on VGP 251! -Aki

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For this weeks show Red and Ryo have become one with their bosses and have begun to exemplify their pessimistic views of the anime industry, or in other words they poke fun at the state of Manga Pulse and its hosts. But before they work hard on trying to get fired, Red and Ryo regale you with their IRL news where they attempt to explain their long absences. Red has a new car, and Ryo is single again. Then it’s onto the Industry News, or lack-there-of as it’s a slow ass past few weeks for anything interesting to talk about. But doing their best Red has a follow-up piece about a Voice Actress facing charges after being found with cocaine, and Ryo informs everyone about the exciting venture of a Final Fantasy 15 anime. And lastly is reviews, where Ryo takes the lead with the feathery Comet Lucifer and Red rounds us out with Absolute Duo.

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This week on VG Pulse, we celebrate having 250 episodes! We start out with side notes of jobs ,mixers and compressors before diving into the regular news. Which we discuss Nintendo being a mess of a company, the details behind the Nintendo NX controller hoax, and the outcome of the Dark Souls tea auction! After the news, Millennium gives his review of Cities Skylines, and I give my review of FNAF World, and we finish off with talk of anime, popcorn, and games! All this and more up next on VGP 250! -Aki

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Did you know that we thrive on requests and suggestions? It’s true. Our last two Popcorn Pulses were entirely inspired by feedback from listeners who like to inflict things on us. That goes for manga as well as movies, as evidenced by Tim’s review this week. What we’re saying is, we take your suggestions when you email them and do our best to get to them as quickly as possible. So feel free to email us with movies or manga you’d like us to analyze.

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Even if humanity stopped making films right this second and never made another, there would still almost be too many to watch in a lifetime. That doesn’t mean they’re all quality though. By the time you died, you’d have watched a mountain of garbage recorded by some schmo with a Sony Handycam and two hundred parts ambition to one part talent. So it’s baffling when one of the best known turds from the nineties, Samurai Cop, received a sequel in the twenty first century. Through the miracle of crowdfunding, the majority of the original cast is reunited under a director who is either worse than the original or a savant […]

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