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Popcorn Pulse 100: Fuckn Frogs

There was a time where Sam Elliott wasn’t the glorious be-mustached man that he’s been since cowboy films were invented. It wasn’t only two seconds after passing through the birthing canal, into the world, and then ordering a whiskey with a side of broken glass. Are word needn’t suffice for it has been well documented in movie form.

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Episode 596: Battle Slime Alita

This week on Anime Pulse we talk about the first signs of Spring, how Japan really hates druggies, and reviewing the original OVAs of Battle Angel Alita. First up Joseph talks about a game he’s currently doing the writing for, and Andrew is working from home on Monday and asks us what our most memorable anime quotes are. Then industry news sees topics like Japan overreacting to a celebrity allegedly using drugs, train tracks underwater, and anime Otaku on the website Nijimen want to see remade. And the show wraps up with reviews, as Joseph gets turned into a blue slime and Andrew talks about another badass cyborg chick.

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VG Pulse 326: Factorio In 3D!!!

This week on VG Pulse, we have little news and no supervision and somehow manage to go over an hour anyway! We start out with side notes of movies and concerts, before diving into the tiny puddle of news we have! After the news we spend the rest of our time gushing over the newest variation of the factory building genre of games; Coffee Stain’s Satisfactory! After the first look, we finish off with talk of anime, food, and next weeks special project! All this and more up next on VGP 326!! -Aki

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Manga Pulse 395: Ridge of Rwby

Considering all of the genres of manga and all the subjects covered, there’s probably one thing among them that’s near taboo. That would be the original english language “manga”. We’re pretty sure that OELs were the meteor that killed the dinosaur of Tokyopop along with the nuclear winter of Levy’s ego. Yet there must always be an exception to the rule and a part of that is what we’ve been sent today.

Tim gets Rwby Anthology 1. Not being a fan of Rooster Teeth or any of their productions, Tim approached it decidedly neutrally. Hoping that, at worst, it was a generic fantasy manga with pointless rankings and fifteen year old wielding weapons that weigh as much as a cargo container. While Rwby, reportedly, has a story the anthology has no part of it. It is a series of disconnected scraps of rejected parts scooped up from the cutting room floor and crammed into a volume in order to milk fans of a few extra dollars. For this it earns a Burn It.

Weltall gets to Rwby Anthology 2. Like the other one, there’s nothing of substance for anyone who’s not already a dyed in the wool fan of this thing. There’s a short story with one joke that appears to be actually setup. One of the girls makes cookies that are hard as rocks and they get used as throwing stars on some random mooks. It also has random eight panel pages with interactions that are somehow more boring that the pointless stories about baking cookies. It also gets a Burn It.

Episode 595: Photon Scramble

Returning to Anime Pulse this week with his job intact is Joseph, and speaking of jobs, Andrew is working on creating a potential for all the AP shows to come together to do crossover type shows on YouTube. Let’s all wish him the best of luck! Industry news makes Detective Conan out to be a murderer, and yet even more voice actors have come forward to throw there hat into the sexual harassment ring of fire. And our reviews wrap up the show as Andrew finishes his badass prostitute turned killer robot trilogy, and Joseph goes back in time to an era where anime was completely hand drawn.

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Episode 594: Bunny Girl Mardock

Will Joseph soon be out of a job!? IRL news covers this topic and more as Andrew asks the community what their biggest WTF moment in anime is, but not before he mentions his experience with the new Alita: Battle Angel movie. Industry news continues to bring us updates on Japan’s new piracy law, and the United Nations has proposed to ban depictions of loli and shota in physical and digital media. And our reviews this week consist of Joseph introducing us to his invisible girlfriend, and Andrew dates a gay dolphin before going to a casino.

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VG Pulse 325: The Magic Touch

This week on VG Pulse, we’re left alone and unsupervised! We start out with side notes of tech fail, before diving into the regular news, where we discuss EA backing out of E3 and our thoughts about E3 as a whole, Anthem bricking PS4s, and the unsurprising news that Death Stranding is “behind schedule”. After the news, we head on over to the forum, and Millennium gives his review of Forza Horizon 4! We finish off with talk of anime and an exciting announcement!! All this and more up next on VGP 325!! -Aki Continue reading VG Pulse 325: The Magic Touch

Episode 593: As Miss Mardock Likes

REEEEE! Can you hear that? That’s the sound of a kick vic supporter speaking out. Before that however Joseph goes on for a bit about marrying his first couple of ship girls, and Andrew kicks it into high gear to cover the larger swath of AP Community activity. The industry news brings us the manga artists who are against Japan’s latest attempts at preventing piracy, as well as a very lengthy ‘article’ written by a very ‘sane’ person about Vic Mignogna. After that lovey bit of news, Joseph rolls around naked in fluffy demons and Andrew goes from prostitution to bad ass cyborg in just a few days.

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Episode 592: Batman Slayer

In the dark of the night, when criminals commit crimes, a shining light will pierce through and reveal the truths and that light is Anime Pulse. This week the guys talk about anime they are looking forward to, Apex Legends, and more news surrounding the Vic Mignogna controversy. First up Admiral Joseph breaks down Azur Lane for us, and Andrew wants to know what Western media we’d like to see animefied. Industry news brings in topics like Japan trying to ban all pirating, and the changes to an anime’s style over the years. And returning with a vengeance are the reviews, with Andrew training to be a ninja who is also batman and Joseph kills some goblin children while totally not having sex with two girls at the same time.

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VG Pulse 324: Corporate Evil

This week on VG Pulse, we actually have a lot to talk about! We skim through the few side notes we have, before diving headlong into the plethora of regular news, where we discuss Activision-Blizzard’s mass layoffs, Reggie Fils-Aime’s retirement from Nintendo, Bethesda banning their most loyal Fallout 76 player, and Millennium’s more and more credible Youtube conspiracy theory! After the news we enjoy Xahldera’s guest review of Donut County, as well as my (cat assisted) review of Resident Evil 2 (2019), and we end on talk of anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 324!! -Aki

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