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VG Pulse 316: Overtime Madness


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This week on VGP, I’m sick and we’re unsupervised! We start off with talk of work and all that fun jive, before diving into the regular news where we discuss the current status of the arrested serial swatter, the games included on the PlayStation Classic, and the surprising arrival of Deltarune! After the news we give some excuses about why there’s no review, and then finish things off with talk of anime! All this and more up next on VGP 316! -Aki Continue reading VG Pulse 316: Overtime Madness

After Dark 34: When They Bone


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Greetings dear listeners. It was Halloween when Ryo and Blonde recorded this. With that in mind enjoy Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni now with 92% more sex. Enjoy this “story rich” series if you can  decipher what the fuck that story is of course. Recite your lines and prepare for the coming festival with this episode of Anime Pulse After Dark! Continue reading After Dark 34: When They Bone

Episode 578: Fall 2018 Previews #3


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Another week and another episode of Anime Pulse, bringing you yet another episode of previews for the Fall 2018 season. Joseph talks about drinking his first carbonated beverage in years as well as his visit to the ENT, meanwhile Andrew drops out as he calls in from Scotland but returns to talk about rose tinted glasses in anime. Industry news comes at you with animation issues hitting a new Fall 2018 series about little sisters, a split between popular streaming services, and the amazing turnout a new doughnut store had in Japan. And then previews show up with Joseph going back to High School to read Romeo & Juliet and Ulysses, and Andrew travels through time to fight skynet and see in color.

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VG Pulse 315: Instant Shenanigans


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This week on VGP, we have to deal with a very sleepy and somewhat delirious me! We start off with side notes about why I’m in the state that I’m in, before heading off into the news where we discuss what little bits of news we were able to find for the last two weeks (it’s been a bit of a dry news cycle, lol). After the news we head on off into the forums, before Millennium and I give two duel first looks at Super Mario Party and the ever-elusive unicorn that is the SNES Classic Edition!! We then finish off with talk of anime and desperately needed sleep! All this and more up next on VGP 315!! -Aki Continue reading VG Pulse 315: Instant Shenanigans

Episode 577: Fall 2018 Previews #2


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We’re two episodes back in and this week we got Joseph coming in under the weather and Andrew getting ready to head back to Scotland, we also have InnocuousBlond jump on to read her comment about equality between men and women during the birth of a child. Industry news sees Joseph talk about the horrible experience con goers found at NYCC Anime Fest as well as VTubers made by prominent artists, and Andrew has a plethora of new anime seasons being announced as well as the lawsuit filed by the parents of a teen idol who committed suicide. And to wrap things up Joseph previews a lackluster shonen and a very dark adventure anime, while Andrew is ready to wrestle and run for sports.

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After Dark 33: Hump the Dragon


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Dearest listeners, we have returned. This time we’re bringing you fluff and scales. The contrast is stunning. Want to know what that means? Us too. Plug into your various fantasy machines and get ready for this episode of anime pulse after dark! Continue reading After Dark 33: Hump the Dragon

Episode 576: Fall 2018 Previews #1


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Aaaaaand we’re back! Anime Pulse returns from its month of hiatus, and boy are we refreshed. Joseph rolls in with IRL news of his month, featuring his luck in FGO and FEH. Andrew is calling in from Octoberfest, and he cheats on Anime Pulse with his own YouTube channel; the audacity! Industry news comes in with a hot topic like Bowsette, as well as the announcement of a new Ikki Tousen anime. Lastly, Anime Pulse is back in time to start previews for the Fall season, with Joseph talking about slimes and bunny girls and Andrew going full BL with yaoi and yuri.

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Popcorn Pulse 93: Rental King


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Considering the recent news on the passing of Burt Reynolds, we figured we should do something of a tribute episode. Which is why we choose an Uwe Boll movie to jointly review. In the Name of the King[2007] is what happens when someone watches the Lord of the Rings and decides to push their fanfic off as a screenplay.

Jason Statham is the main character who is called Farmer. Not a problem in a universe where other characters have ridiculous names like, say, the Discworld series. Quite a glaring issue within a world where no one else is named after their profession. Ray Liotta is busy trying to capture the ham of Jeremy Irons from Dungeons and Dragons. Burt is busy thinking about the glory days of Gator and Smokey and the Bandit.

Weltall then talks about Sharky’s Machine(1981). It’s about a detective who ends up in a botched drug bust where another cop dies. Disgraced, he gets transferred to vice where he busts a prostitute. She turns out to be part of a high class prostitution ring. This leads him to a crime syndicate who’s using it to blackmail a politician.

Tim then talks about Rent-A-Cop(1987). Burt plays a cop who is part of a drug bust that goes bad and other cops die. Disgraced, he ends up working as a security guard. At least that’s the promise of the synopsis. A prostitute, played by Liza Minnelli, who witnessed the murders tries to enlist him for protection. Things happen and attempts at jokes are made. The only one that lands is that anyone would have paid Liza money for sex in the eighties.

Manga Pulse 388: Re-Zelda


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Which is why there can never be peace between East-asia and Oceania. On a brighter note, we will always have manga. Which seems to be in larger supply as it’s getting sent in. This saves us from having to select something and forces our hand in reviews. Mostly because we’re incredibly lazy and gladly take shortcuts.

Tim reviews The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. A manga done which appears to cover all the beats of the game. Tim finds it unsettling as Link isn’t a silent protagonist within the manga. Without having played the game, Tim has no reference on how accurate it ends up being. It gets a Borders for being readable and having good artwork.

Weltall then talks about Re-Monster. In what is quickly becoming a nauseating trend, it features a character reborn into an alternate world. Bonus trope points for being something like an MMO where the character is born as a goblin, has stats, and can gain levels. Being as he has a short lifespan as a goblin he has to quickly level up to hopefully escape dying at a few years old. It gets a Read It Now in spite of the well trod ground.

Popcorn Pulse 92: Getaway Maniac


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As we’re getting on in episodes, we must be getting crotchety and senile. Today we’re focused on a film from the seventies when men were men and people drove nothing but muscle cars. Smoking was breathing but for cool people who didn’t do pussy things like save for retirement or plan for their future. People who did such things were clearly communist sympathizers that needed to be shipped to Cuba.

Today’s joint review is The Getaway(1972). It stars Steve McQueen who’s character is imprisoned for something and getting denied parole. The only recourse is to have his wife sleep with someone who has th authority to let him out. Even so, this isn’t enough as he has one more job to do before he’s free. It’s a heist movie that turns into an escape film as in the name.

Weltall then talks about Demolition Man(1993). Because there’s nothing quite as amusing as a future envisioned in the nineties that gets almost everything completely wrong. Wesley Snipes is a bad guy who going to cryo-prison along with the cop who arrests him as Snipes blames the death of the hostages on Stallone. They’re woken up in a future seventies years after the nineties where everything has been sterilized into a semi-utopia to wreak havoc.

Tim, unconsciously keeping in line with the theme of police, talks about Maniac Cop(1988). Who it stars is unclear as Bruce Campbell is credited but doesn’t show up to about a third of the way in. A rogue, tall cop is killing people for no reason which leads detectives to find the nearest guy who’s six foot and put him in cuffs. Naturally this doesn’t stop the killings of a possibly supernatural murder who was a disgraced cop.