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Popcorn Pulse 124:

getting there

Popcorn Pulse 123:

Whatcha want?

Popcorn Pulse 122:


Popcorn Pulse 121: Killing Hunter

Popcorn Pulse 120: Blast On the Face


Popcorn Pulse 119: Momma Mia!

Someone never wrote up a description I’m just getting out episodes for everyone stuck at home to listen to.

Popcorn pulse 118: War Wolves

Oh shit, is it the movie show again? How about a movie about soldiers who are werewolves? No, not Dog Soldiers, we’ve already done that. We’ve got War Wolves[2009] who are barely soldiers and only wolves in that they put in fangs from a Spirit store special. A group of coed soldiers get bit during an attack in the mid east.

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Popcorn Pulse 117: Blown

The nineties had a window in ninety four where villains had to one man armies with overly clever gadgets. One such entry is Blown Away(1994). Tommy Lee Jones plays a leather coin purse who was an IRA member in jail. He’s a master bomb maker who escapes prison and heads to Boston for revenge.

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Popcorn Pulse 116: The One

What if Al Gore won the two thousand election? We’d have a multidimensional police force that operates like another sci fi movie with a martial artist. Jet Li plays himself, on trial for attempting to kill all the other known versions of himself. As they attempt to exile him to the phantom zone, something goes wrong and he invades the world with the last other Jet Li

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Popcorn Pulse 115: Venom Cries

It’s easy to forget that Tom Hardy was in Venom(2018). This could be because Tom Hardy has played a lot of roles where a mask covers parts of his face making him hard to remember. Or it could be that nobody remembers this movie. It’s what you get when someone tells you that you have to make a Spiderman movie minus Spiderman.

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