Popcorn Pulse 176: Stalin’s Beast

You better have you bats secured. Your capes fully latched. Blood bags filled and kept in the fridge. Because it’s Morbin’ Time! That’s right, the most popular movie ever made to bear the Marvel seal has finally battered down our defenses. After an earth shattering initial release which necessitated a second run in theaters we knew we had to hop onto this bandwagon. So we’ve caved and done Morbius[2022].

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Popcorn Pulse 175: Joaqu Berg

Hey, is anyone here holden? Holden? Anyone? Ah, there you are. Mister Thurgood Q. Holden. I have a delivery for you if you’ll just sign here. And initial here. Then please write the date, month and day is fine, next to it. Yes, it’s June. I know. Halfway over and I can’t hardly believe it. Still feels like it was just the other day it was the new millennium.

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Popcorn Pulse 174: Knuckles Deep

If one is good then more is better. That was the adage that a certain movie studio must have been living by. Because they release a film with a certain blue blur who got revised in post. Which then went on to be a funny movie no one had any expectations for. Naturally we had to do the sequel, Sonic 2[2022].

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Popcorn Pulse 171: Potter Potion

What happens when you don’t pick a film until the last minute? Wild guesses and titles are thrown out. It’s like a bingo night where everyone’s deaf, the caller is reading from the phone book, and no one is a winner. That’s how we end up with movie picks like Love Potion No 9(1992).

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Popcorn Pulse 170: King’s Ghost

Wake up weaboos, we got a Japanese movie for you to enjoy. It’s what happens when a director who’s strictly worked in Japan makes a foray into the west. Of course he grabs Nic Cage to star as an outlaw. This requires he wear a full leather jumpsuit with bombs near his balls, arms and neck. This is all very important to the plot, so we are told.

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Popcorn Pulse 169: Untouchable State

Twice as nice for have the price. That’s our movie review deal and you’re getting whether you like it or not. We’re taking a trip back to the days where people went over to stores to rent movies for a couple of days. This is because movies hated us just as much but they still needed our money. And they couldn’t just hook up the milking machine like they do now. That’s right, the nineties which people swear is the worst decade but only because they preferred the eighties.

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