Popcorn Pulse 216: Armed Blitz

Let’s talk security. Now, most people don’t think about this but your windows are an overlooked ingress point. Most people will put on sensors or bars. But that won’t keep out the postal goblins. Everyone fails to consider the postal goblins. They slip past all you conventional measures and start dumping flyers for restaurants that aren’t yet open and will close before you can use the coupons.

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Popcorn Pulse 215: Bee Paradise

Oh no, I hear buzzing. It’s either an angry transformer, cicada mating season, or the bees. We all know that there’s nothing worse than the bees. Unless you’re not allergic like Nic Cage’s character in Wickerman. Then they’re mostly pleasant as long as they stick to their job of making honey and pollinating. Like bees featured for a few seconds in The Beekeeper[2024]. How’s that for a non-sequitur intro?

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Popcorn Pulse 214: Cube-age

Wait, is that a box? What’s in the box? No, really, what’s in the box? You’d be forgiven for thinking this means we’re talking about a well known and referenced nineties movie. We are talking about a movie that was part of the “have to watch” if you were slightly into film in that era though. Featuring a no-star Canadian cast that can’t help but beg for a box of Timbits and subpar coffee with every meaningful glance. Which can only mean the box we referenced prior has to be part of Cube(1997).

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Popcorn Pulse 213: Dekotora

Two guys and ten movies. No, it’s not us talking yet more James Bond. Though that will be coming. We’ve got something a little special for everyone. By that we mean we’re doing a movie that wasn’t in either of our wheelhouse and probably hasn’t been covered by a whole host of people before. We have Truck Rascals(1975).

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Popcorn Pulse 210: Bames Jond

We’ve gone and done it again. Forgone the usual schedule to stay on the topic of our favorite British secret service agents. No, not Christopher Lee. Though maybe he should enter the equation some time. And he will make an appearance in this little deviation we’re enjoying. Until then, we start with From Russia With Love(1963).

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Popcorn Pulse 209: James Bond

We’ve talked about it for quite some time. Teased and hinted at doing something a little unorthodox from the norm. So we’ve broken down and gone and done it. We’ve leaned into the universe of James Bond. Helped by the fact it’s all free on a certain streaming service we don’t advertise for free.

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Popcorn Pulse 208: Three Vampires Outside Renfield

It’s October, as we recorded this anyways. And we needed something that fitted within the spirit of the season. That spirit is whiskey and it’s a perennial favorite of ours. That spirit guided us towards our patron saint, senor Nicolas Cage. We’re pretty sure he was knighted in Spain so he can be called senor as a title. That’s right, we have Renfield[2023].

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Popcorn Pulse 207: Terminally Firm

We need some sort of inspiration for a film choice. We’ve drawn from novel adaptations. Foreign films. Ok, let’s see if we can find a movie based on a hentai. We’ll just turn to the old fashioned internet oracle. And that was darn fast. Though this is less hentai and more ecchi. Fuck it, we ball. We’ve got Kite[2014].

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