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Popcorn Pulse 136: Eviction

There’s a certain chill in the air. Pumpkin spice is back on the menu, long sleeve hoodies, and the turning of the leaves. That can mean but one thing. Nolan has another movie out.

Today we have Tenet[2020]. Weltall describes it as the Nolaniest Nolan film that has yet to Nolan. It’s about time travel, sort of. Protagonist gets involved when a terror attack occurs at a theater performance by time reversed moving soldiers. Normally us saying “protagonist” would be there because Tim forgot the character name and not a cheeky mark by a director. Nolan though wanted to see if he could outdo the use of “unobtainium”.

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Popcorn Pulse 135: Bridges go up

So imagine that this year is a really ominous night club. We’re all on stage at once, doing something of a talent show. And every time the audience of faceless demons is displeased, one of us is selected and thrown into a pit. Apparently someone dropped their spinning plates and so they took Chadwick Bosemen.

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Popcorn Pulse 134: DOOOOOOM

Remember last year? People used to smile more. Also there was a new Doom movie. Because we hadn’t had one of those for a good long while. It was shopped around for a distributor to send to theaters. When no one bit, it was off to see if a streaming service would take it. When even nutflux can’t be bothered to offer a pittance, you know it’s bad.

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Popcorn Pulse 133: Old King Pop

Remember when Joker came out and every shitty hack kept saying it was just a ripoff of two Scorsese movies? We’ve both seen Taxi Driver(1976) and didn’t see much resemblance. So that left only one other movie in the pair to watch and review. King Of Comedy(1982).

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Popcorn Pulse 132: No Daddy

Would Nic Cage kill his kids for money? That’s the question the movie attempts to answer in Mom and Dad[2017]. Selma Blair and Cage are parents in a Californian suburb. Their kids suck and they both dream of their youth now wasted. Then something happens where modern TVs start generating static and parents start killing their kids. It goes nowhere and attempts to be far too clever while not exploring the symbolism or the scifi aspect.

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Popcorn Pulse 130: Treasure Master

It’s an animation spamination here on the world of Popcorn and Pulses.

We kick off with the financial bomb that’s rumored to have put the nail in coffin in the traditional animation at the house of mouse. That’s right, Treasure Planet[2002]. It’s something of a re-telling of Treasure Island but in space and it features a space boatload of talent. Basically there’s a place where the pirate king buried all his treasure and they’re off to find it. There’s also music scored by the lead of the Goo Goo Dolls in case future archeologists needed to date this without the use of carbon.

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Popcorn Pulse 129: Wish for Death

Charles Bronson. The man made of old golf bags left in the sun of death valley in august made a lot of bad movies. Including a sequel that would spawn more. Starting with Death Wish 2(1982).

He plays the architect, once again, only living in California. Not Chicago as the previous movie hinted at. He has a girlfriend and his daughter is recovering from the attack in New York. Unfortunately for him, a roving gang he angers in the park find his house after snatching his wallet. They break in, brutalize the housekeeper, kidnap the daughter, do the same to her before she leaps to her death, and think nothing of it.

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