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VG Pulse29: The Fan Show

We let some of our fans host this week give it a listen. Also everyone we would like to know your favorite episodes and segments of any VG Pulse episodes. Email with the Episode number and time stamp thank you . Continue reading VG Pulse29: The Fan Show

VGPulse 28: Dance Dance Zombie Revolution

So it was Halloween on VGPulse and Nega ShakeLOVE came back for one more episode before going back to his job at the Food Network. Well he was here he transformed myself into a brain eating zombie. How you ask well it’s rather simple you force someone to listen to Willow Smith and feed them Coco-wheats well they watch Avatar. Really grab your little brother and try it. Continue reading VGPulse 28: Dance Dance Zombie Revolution

VGPulse 27: One Shake to rule them all

Sorry for the lateness in posting this episode. I wanted to finalize the ShakeLOVE Friday Freebie prizes first. Ok anyway I’m all alone on this show. I talked about some news and the VGAT thats really it I was going to do a review but I hadn’t played the game in awhile so I’ll save it for when I get a bit of a refresh. So #SLFF prizes are listed in the forums. We got some cool stuff from my friends at Stitcher shirts and other swag to give away because our new show Rainy and Shakes Cocktail Hour is now live on Stitcher. Continue reading VGPulse 27: One Shake to rule them all

VG Pulse26: Negas Villain Countdown

So I found this episode complete and waiting for me on my mac it was edited and posted for me. It was NegaSHAKElove I later found out so good luck. Continue reading VG Pulse26: Negas Villain Countdown

VGPulse25:Caption N and the Masters of the Universe!?

Look Sonic 4 is crap thats how I start the podcast , and how I want to Start this post. What was Sega thinking what where you fans thinking that made you think for a minute this crap was a good idea. DON’T Play, look at, download, or think about this game it’s on the list of crap thats dead to me Final Fantasy 13 is a better buy then this. Anyway fun show with a guest review enjoy. AND DON’T BUY SONIC 4 EVER!!!!!!!!! Continue reading VGPulse25:Caption N and the Masters of the Universe!?

VGPulse 24: Doki Doki Panic

Things return to almost normal or as normal as things can go here. We chat about the 3DS and FloTV which has died since the episode. Qualcomm done with it so no FloTV on the 3DS :(. I almost forgot that I talk about twitter stalking. Continue reading VGPulse 24: Doki Doki Panic

VG Pulse Presents: The Shake and Rainy show

Live from Professor ShakeLOVE’s club we present the Shake and Rainy show , or rather we did then we re taped over and over and we didn’t like any of them. So what did we do ? Well we had a call in show before taping our Live show. We took calls from Anime-Pulse subscribers to our Google Voice line which was changed after the show to +1 (559) SHKLOV1 call and leave us a Voicemail or a review. Because this was before the show it wasn’t video game themed calls . Rather it was people calling into talk to iSamJackson so enjoy. Continue reading VG Pulse Presents: The Shake and Rainy show

A Look at Sonic 4 Episode 1


The wait is over Sonic 4 episode 1 is out now for iOS users , and next week will launch for PSN and LIVE players . This is the return to classic sonic gaming many have asked for. Sonic is the only useable character it’s basically a refresh of sonic 1. VGPulse is giving a copy away Friday on twitter follow @VGPULSE on twitter for more updates Continue reading A Look at Sonic 4 Episode 1

VGPulse – We'll be back next week

Sorry guys episode 22 has a lot of issues I couldn’t fix I tried a different software, and it’s a bit crap. So anyway VG Pulse will be back next week with episode 23 the ShakeLOVE and Rainy show.


VGPulse 21: Clash at Demonhead

To start things up this season Doctor Claw left Rhynoo a message he thinks we stole his cat. He’s right we did sorry man but it was rush week at Hyrule University and we are pledging Beta, and as you know Ganon runs things now so what are you doing to do. It’s a new Season and new semester so join Rhynoo on the quad for some BBQ and smash bros. Dean of student gaming affairs, Rainy will be happy to help you with all your gaming need. Don’t forget to stop by Professor ShakeLOVE’s bar and grill where Ladies drink free from 7-9 every night. Don’t forget your student ID and pay no cover Sex Bob-omb plays LIVE all weekend. Continue reading VGPulse 21: Clash at Demonhead