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VG Pulse 002: Super File Recovery

PsyGhost is overdosed on theraflu and spends 80% of the show giggling. We talk a little bit about Greek oil fighters, GDC, Naked people and Playstation move. We also cover something I like to call Wiibation hope you enjoy. Continue reading VG Pulse 002: Super File Recovery

VG Pulse 001: Where's my NinJa at?

Welcome to VG Pulse , the newest show here at We cover gaming from consoles, portables and even mobile devices. Featuring the hosts ShakeLOVE, PsyGhost and NinJa. All VG Pulse episodes are in enhanced format meaning you get a picture slideshow as you listen.
Continue reading VG Pulse 001: Where's my NinJa at?

iPhone App Updated

If you have purchased the app in the past you can now upgrade to v1.1.1.

One of the key new features is the addition of Resume Playback. The app now keeps track of where you are in an episode, so if you get a call or quit out of the app while playing (other than hitting the done button) the app will take you back to where you were the next time you open it up or after the call ends.

The new version also improves stability and load times.

Don’t forget about all the other benefits you get by purchasing the app – such as special bonus content, ease in contacting the show as well as other features.

iPhone App Success

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who’s bought our iPhone App so far. Our app is currently on the front page of the iTunes App Store under the Staff Picks section so apparently someone at Apple likes it too. If you haven’t checked it out yet and own an iPhone or iPod Touch, go and get it now!