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VG Pulse 15: Sex Lies and Buffalo Wings

Hi Everyone I want to take a moment and remind you that VG Pulse is still new and we need your feedback to improve segments. Please keep in mind old co-host are not coming back other then maybe NinJa. So love it or hate it give VG Pulse your feedback thanks and Enjoy the show. Send Emails to Continue reading VG Pulse 15: Sex Lies and Buffalo Wings

VG Pulse 14: Where is the LOVE

I ShakeLOVE was off this week so I left Rhynoo and NEC to do the show by themselves. Looking back that wasn’t a good Idea. I really should of just re-posted an old Manga Pulse episode. People may listen of actually listen to the show then. I would like to go ahead and say sorry for anything that happened. This is the last NEC episode of VG Pulse. Continue reading VG Pulse 14: Where is the LOVE

VG Pulse 13: Nintendo Won E3

Sorry Everyone this was a draft I forgot about and never finished.The second half of our E3 coverage. This week we talk about the weaker shows of MicroSoft and Sony. I talk about Zombies I don’t remember why listen and tell me please. I really don’t remember much about this show enjoy. Continue reading VG Pulse 13: Nintendo Won E3

VG Pulse 12: Never Say Never Again

This is the first of two E3 episodes. NEC was there Live despite next weeks episode title this is mostly about Nintendo. Because the won E3 really they did no one had anything new to show. A slim 360 isn’t an E3 quality release it’s really a slap in the face by Mr. Softy. Check out the VG Pulse Summer gaming event in the forums everyone may enter. Continue reading VG Pulse 12: Never Say Never Again

VG Pulse 11: The Real Dot Job Blues

Nec is off this week so Rhynoo and myself call his girlfriend (Mrs. Pacman) . She tells us he’s really into something called dot jobs. Like to thank premium subscriber Rainy for helping out this week. Had a lot of fun this week listen in give feed back make sure you listen to my great ending. Thank you to all the live subscribers that listen every week to VG Pulse Live. I do this for your happiness , I make my money at my regular job singing the national anthem at cock fights. Updates Ninja is coming back some time in September he’s getting married, and his PC went to PC heaven he called me a week after taping this show. Continue reading VG Pulse 11: The Real Dot Job Blues

VG Pulse10: It's just better LIVE

Format change it may seem familiar to you and the Viewer is back this week. This week NEC, Rhynoo and I cover everything from M*ther F’n invisible sharks to the joke that is the BBB. We cover some gaming news I think the details are a bit foggy. So thats it enjoy oh and sorry about the clicks Rhynoo and I where having a track pad race. Continue reading VG Pulse10: It's just better LIVE

VG Pulse 9: How do we have a show

We just jump right in this week with NECs pac man dream. We called Pac man before the show started but he’s so burned out on dots we have to do some major editing to his call before we release it. Not much going on this week we just try to make it through NEC was tired and The Economy was stopping the show every few minutes with distracting sexy comments. Happy anniversary to Pac Man 30 years of dot munching action we love you man. Oh and Pac man NEC is messing around with your wife. Just thought you should know see you at the Pinkies Bar this weekend. Right now I’m in Venice well be doing the show live from the Beach Club Continue reading VG Pulse 9: How do we have a show

VG Pulse 8

We changed the format a lot added some new special hosts. NEC and Rhynoo join NinJa and myself ShakeLOVE on the new VG Pulse. We give you live feed to Xbox Live customer support it goes a little to long sorry but thats customer service for you. We continue to work on the show to make it better were still in the early episodes , but we can’t improve without your feedback. You have an open invite to E-mail me anytime at On a personal note this will launch on my anniversary. Continue reading VG Pulse 8