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Youtube Ad-pocalypse 2

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:37 pm
by VicMonado
Hey everyone! With the last set of changes made to the algorithm on Youtube most content creators have been hit bad. When this sort of thing happens it is the relatively small channels that seem to have it worst so thinking about that I thought it may be cool if we share some channels we really like here with each other. It may help them out and at the very least we may find some cool poopoodoodoo to watch. Please include the kind of stuff they make and why it's good.

So to start things off I'd like to recommend a channel called Ragnarrox. It covers games from a design theory standpoint. I got into it for the video essays on game design but there's a lot of well researched fun videos about games, film and manga especially in regards to horror. So yeah: