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So we have more info on the live-action of GitS

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 6:51 pm
by Algazero
We have a trailer out now as well as the "opening" scene featuring the "shelling" (as the crew called it) of the "Major". So let's go ahead and discuss it here where we have no need to worry about character limits. Whitewashing aside, I'll focus on the contents of what has been released to us so far.
Here's the trailer for those who wish to view it.
I don't have much to say on this one other than the trailer looks too bland/the same as what we already had in animated form. I do recognize a lot of the city from the original Oshii film which is fine, but the trailer as a whole looks to play it way too safe and looks to appeal to the lowest common denominator just to make cash. Hoping to maybe get a tank or tachikoma in here somewhere. We also have the problem that maybe they're going to play into a conspiracy or lie, with the last lines of the Puppetmaster in the trailer, which goes against what film/manga Major were seeking to do. We also have the geisha robots from Innocence in there as well for some reason...

And here we have the "shelling" clip.
An interesting take on the "shelling" as they called it, I however don't like the "actiony" take on the "birth" of the Major. The original film depicted a delicate, slow, tedious process that the original film and music understood perfectly. This version features a sequence of flashes akin to a flashback as opposed to focusing on the creation of the Major, and while the Kawai's music is still being used here, it is altered to give the sense of action and ramps up the tempo and spends less time on the crafting of the cyborg that we'll come to know.