AP 565 - Q. AMV's

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AP 565 - Q. AMV's

Post by VicMonado »

I'm sure I don't need to explain it here but for the uninitiated AMV stands for Anime Music Video of which I'm sure most people here have seen one or two of in their time. Pretty simple question really, what are you favorites? If it's up on youtube you can use the handy embed tags above or at least link them in your response.


Also this topic was suggested by user illicitmaterial so thank you for your input.
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Re: AP 565 - Q. AMV's

Post by Midnight Crooh »

Oh wow, I don't really watch AMVs that much anymore. It was mostly a thing during my anime adolescence many many years ago. I do have a couple that i like though.

This one's really well edited and features a swedish song, so that's double the awesome for me.


Speaking of swedish music, any AMV that features Sabaton is generally pretty damn epic. Especially when combined with a military anime.



Well, that's enough swedish musical patriotism for now. Who knew norse music and asian cartoons could go so well together?

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Re: AP 565 - Q. AMV's

Post by xahldera »

Like Midnight Crooh, AMV's are not something I go and watch regularly anymore. It was more of a feature of my younger years.
Nonetheless, here are some that I recall are quite funny, poignant or entertaining in other ways

Original Song "'Cause I'm a Blonde".
Artist: Julie Brown.
AMV Creator: Ingress Productions.
Anime: Various,including Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyu.

This was one of the earliest AMV's I've ever watched and found it hilarious especially given that the footage of Sailor Moon fits well with the lyrics and that Usagi is a bit of an airhead.

Original Song "Harder to Breath".
Artist: Maroon 5.
AMV Creator: sakuraslight.
Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura.

I recall seeing this at an anime convention many years ago and liked the editing and the idea of a relatively innocent anime like Cardcaptor Sakura being set to a much harder, grittier rock song.

Original Song "It's my Life".
Artist: Bon Jovi.
AMV Creator: Orange Kitten Productions.
Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Another one where I liked the editing and the footage synced up well with the song and given what Evangelion is like, I can see the song matching the mood of the characters at least before they became total wrecks :lol:.

Original Song "Runaway (U and I)".
Artist: Galantis.
AMV Creator: WhiteDex.
Anime: Beyond the Boundary/Kyoukai no Kanata.

This AMV is probably the most recent one I've seen and I've stumbled upon it by accident. Normally I hate most Electronic Dance/Trance type songs such as that from the aforementioned artist behind the track used on this AMV. But the editing was done pretty well and the music seemed to fit pretty well, especially with the particular scene in the anime that involved a lot of dance moves. I can see the characters doing this act as part of a talent show to this music track.

Original Song "Song2".
Artist: Blur.
AMV Creator: Overdrive-RvS.
Anime: Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (3rd season of SZS).

Just stumbled across this one. The fast paced editing goes quite well with the fast paced song. Especially funny when you consider that Nozomu Itoshiki is one of the most lethargic people out there and yet here he is going all hyper in this video.
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Re: AP 565 - Q. AMV's

Post by rampant_a_i »

(Second time's the charm, hopefully.)

I cannot seem to recall any AMV's of recent note, but Andrew's GIF on the OP with Araragi reminds me of Nisemonagatari and one of its openings (Platinum Disco)


It doesn't really count, but there it is. :)
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Re: AP 565 - Q. AMV's

Post by GhoulShinobi »

I don’t really watch many AMVs but this was one I discovered along time ago and liked it enough to put it on a playlist (which I never do)


The song is hero by Skillet and the anime is Dragin' Balls Z
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Re: AP 565 - Q. AMV's

Post by marjibi »

This Bakuman AMV is responsible for me rewatching the whole series (3 seasons, 75 EP) 3 times. One of the highest quality AMVs I've ever scene.
Great anime BTW..

I'm not sure of how popular this one is, but qyll's annual Animegraphy AMV is a must watch. Unfortunately, The last one he did was on 2015. Honestly, his Animegraphy AMVs are one if not the most well edited AMVs. His music choices are divine which took his work to that level above top tier level. Here are his last 3

Finally, this AMV is a 60fps eyeporn
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