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Original Story

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 8:53 am    Post subject: Original Story Reply with quote

This is an original story. Please guys let me know what you think.

Here is the Prologue:

Prologue to the things to come

The twelve guardian families were united by the heir of the Pillaris Royal family after a thousand year rivalry. The origins of the rivalry are unknown; however some historians speculate that power, pride and avarice were the principal motives of the Millennium War.
In the middle of the Millennium War a power greater of any of the families started to approach the nearby region of Centuria. A Dark Wizard from the Forbidden Land of Oskuria united an army of terrible proportions. The army was full with the darkest souls, monstrous creatures, despicable wizards, villainous trolls, murderous vampires and gigantic titans from the four Forbidden Lands, and that was without counting the kingdoms and countries the Dark Wizard already conquered.

Only one person became aware of such terrible news, the heir of the Pillaris family. The Pillaris family did not have any special characteristic. The location of the Pillaris family was in the center of the Millennium War, but because of their lack of powers they were considered neutral. The other families considered them not worthy of being in such an important conflict, and the Pillaris family was happy because whoever wins the war would be strong enough to protect the whole kingdom against any enemy that would approach.

Nevertheless, news about the Dark Wizard was just simple breeze on the ears of the thirteen families. The heir of the Pillaris family asked his father to create an army to fight the evil Lord. However, his father resigned himself and told his son “What can we do? We are just simple humans .And if the other twelve families are not worrying about it maybe the Dark Wizard is not as powerful as he seems to be”. The heir new that the reason the twelve families did not see the Evil Lord true power was because they were blinded by avarice.

In an act of desperation the heir decided to go against his father’s decision and he ask as many people as he could to volunteer so he could raise arms against the Dark Lord. After knowing about his oldest son’s actions the head of the Pillaris family disown him and thrown him outside the city along with his followers that barely reached a hundred people. The old prince stood in silence and he looked the same as his followers. He had no title, he was part of no family, he was not rich, he had not home, and yet he did not feel alone.

At night the crownless prince was sitting on a rock looking at the fire and after a while he stood himself up and said “Well, I guess there is only one thing to do” and he went to the east. He decided to go fight the Evil Lord. His followers were right behind them, never asking why. They crossed the titanic battles between the twelve families, not many survived.

The titleless prince lost almost half of his following in the crusade, however in his way he picked up weapons and armors from the fallen warriors of the different families. His favorite weapon was an old Arcadian sword he found inside and old wooden chest from a destroyed Arcadian military base. The blade of the sword was as bright as the sun itself when reflected to it, it could blind any enemy during a battle, it was as light as Bennu’s feather, easy to maneuver; and its blade was thin yet strong enough to cut through metal. The heir valued that sword because it helped him to protect his followers during his crusade. He named Ilumina. The legend of Ilumina brought many incredible myths such as the use of moon light to fool darkness.

During the titanic crusade that lasted five years the crownless prince saw the fall and death of many leaders, many times feared that he would eventually share their fate. However, along with his followers reached the Gates of Ezraei. The dawn before his final assault he left his camp, rode his horse to highest mountain directed his sword to the moon and let out a scream “ILUMINA” that soared through entire Centurian kingdom. After the soaring cry the darkness of the sky became so clear the stars were as bright as the sun, the sword let his brightness to the moon and illuminated the night. It is said that the scream emitted was so full of sadness that for a little while it equaled the clashes of power form the titanic fights and after almost a thousand years of fight all the region was shower with the moonlight and as silence as the cry of the fallen souls from that war. In that desperate action he implored the members left from the twelve families for help. He pledge them eternal servitude in exchange for their help.

I will continue .... maybe.

I can take a punch in real life so please have no mercy Very Happy
For the days to come,
All my love to long ago.
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