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Yu Yu Hakusho FanFiction-Fall of the Youko

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I've seen Akira

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:14 pm    Post subject: Yu Yu Hakusho FanFiction-Fall of the Youko Reply with quote


It began like it had over the past week. He saw himself standing in a forest clearing, lightning arced through the sky illuminating the scene of a mass slaughter in flashes. He stood emotionlessly gazing at the grizzly scene around him. The grass around him was stained nearly black with the blood of hundreds of corpses that lay around him. Even his silver hair and white clothing were dyed red with the blood of the fallen. In his hands he held his whip- his signature weapon-also stained red. Among the carnage he could make out the bodies of many slain ogres, demons, and ferry girls littered among a multitude of humans corpses. As the lightning and thunder permeated the sky with their roar and forked tongues of sky fire, some of the faces of the dead began to become familiar. Illuminated around him in the lightning were the faces of Yusuke, Botan, Kuwabara, Hiei, even his human family. Everyone he had come to know as friends and acquaintances. All off them lay dead before him, their lifeless eyes gazing at him in horror, confusion, or accusation.

Instead of sorrow or remorse, he felt numb. He just had strange hollow feeling as though his mind was not his own. These people had meant something to him, they were his friends, his family. So why did he feel nothing? Lightning flashed more into the sky and he saw himself standing beside two pikes rising from the earth on either side of him. Mounted on them like trophies of war were the heads of King Enma and his son Koenma.

Suddenly there was movement coming towards him from the other side of the clearing as a black Kistune approached. The kitsune was dressed from head to toe in black tunic and trousers made of spider silk over which he wore black leather armor. The cuirass the black Kitsune wore was made up of three large leather plates that seemed to be molded his sculpted frame. The lower plate had a number of sharp spikes made up of hard leather. His arms were guarded by plated leather spalders. The plates that made up his shoulders were studded with three large spikes of leather. The remaining plates that guarded his biceps were studded with a smaller leather spike in the center of each plate. The gauntlets were made up one large band of leather which covered the kitsune’s hands to his forearms. The forearms of the gauntlets like the rest of his armor was studded with leather spikes. The fingers of the gauntlets were made each segmented into three plates at the knuckles. The tips of which were pointed so that they resembled claws. The armors cod piece, cuisses, greaves, and sabatons much like the rest of his armor was made of several plates of hard leather and studded with leather spikes. Two thirds of the kitsunes face was covered with a mask made of black spider silk. However this covering did little to alleviate the nightmarish sight of the kitsune’s face. The parts the mask covered was a hideous mass of scars and scratches. One side of his mouth hung dead from where it had once been sliced open. Above the mask the sight wasn’t much better. The kitsune’s left eye was closed for ever by a massive scar that cleaved through the side if his face. His right eye was gold in color, however it held the look of one who is crazed beyond to the point of insanity. The kitsune’s ears also were heavily damaged. His right ear had literally been torn away from his skull while his remaining ear was heavily split and torn

Silently the black clad being wondered among the corpses as one would examine art in a museum. Finally the stranger turned and looked at him, his haggard face twisted into a feral lop-sided smile beneath the mask.
“Well done, my boy.” The dark kitsune crooned his voice a rasping hiss. “You’ve made me proud.”

“I only live for the honor of serving you my lord and master,” he answered. His words fell dully from his lips as bowed to the dark kitusne. The dark kitsune grinned manically before he leaned his head back and let out a peal of mad laughter that was drowned out by the thunder that roared in the sky above.

Kurama gasped as he sat up, sweat drenching through his night shirt and straight to his blankets and sheets. His heart pounding his chest and his breath heaving in rapid gasps as he looked about the small dorm room. He half expected Misouri Tanaka, the floors RA to burst in to the room and ask what happened. But the room and floor was silent saved for the snores or soft murmurs of other students through the paper thin walls of the rooms next door. When he felt he was calmed enough he stumbled out of bed and turned on the light. Grabbing a small note book he sat at his desk and began to write down his dream as he recalled it in every detail. This was the eighth time he had recorded this particular dream since it started over a week ago. When he was done recording the nightmare he put down his pen and turned to face the window. Gazing at his refection in the glass his red hair was in a mess from where it had started to unravel from the pleated braid he had put it in before he had gone to sleep for the night. His green eyes holding a haunted expression as though hoping this nightmare was not a vision of an enemy he and his companions would soon face.


“Lord Koenma!” Jorge the blue ogre yelled as he raced through the halls of the Palace of Judgment enroot to Koenma’s office . “Lord Koenma! It’s terrible, just horrible!”

“I’ll say, it’s big, blue, and doesn’t have a brain to speak of.” Koenma groused as he continuously stamped the never ending paper work that came with his position as the demi-lord of the spirit world. “Could you come back later, I’m busy at the moment.”

“Sir you really should look at this.” Jorge said as showed Koenma the missive he held in his hand. “It’s from one of our informants in the Demon World. It’s urgent.”

“What?!” Koenma said as took the missive from the blue ogre and started to read it. At first he seemed to read the missive with the calm business-like manner he normally held for such important messages. But after a moment he began to grow pale, his pacifier threatening to fall out of his mouth started to open in horror. Finally he put the message down and mopped his brow with a shaky hand.

“The Bakimono,” Koenma said after a moment.

“The Bakimono, sir?” Jorge asked not quite understanding what was going on.

“It’s a faction of Kitsune, you big,blue, idiot” Koenma nearly snapped,
“They are demanding complete and total surrender of the Spirit World and the human world.”

“You’re not going to answer them are you?” Jorge asked.

“Of course not, but still Kitsune are dangerous creatures who are not to be trifled with. You’ve seen for yourself how powerful Kurama is and he’s nowhere near the level of a nine-tailed Kitsune.” Koenma sighed. “I’m sure they have even made plans to start attacking the human-world regardless of whether we choose to agree to their demands or not.”

“But what can we do?“ Jorge asked earnestly. “We can’t just let them attack the human world. Think of all the paperwork that would cause.” Koenma didn’t answer the ogre. Instead he sat in deep contemplation before pressing the intercom button on his desk.

“Ayame, Botan, Hinageshi could you come to my office for a moment.” Koenma said. Immediately all three ferry girls materialized into the office.

“You requested our presence Lord Koenma?” Ayame answered.

“Yes, it seems we have a situation, Ayame I need you to look up all information we have in records concerning the Youko Tribes, particularly a Youko that goes by the name of Maion.” Koenma ordered. “Hinageshi I need you to inform the other Ferry-girls that there is more than likely going to be a large number of human deaths if this situation is how I fear it will be. So I want every one available to be at the ready.”

“Right away ,Koenma sir” Both ferry girls answered and obediently teleported to do their appointed tasks.

“Is there anything you need of me, Lord Koenma.” Botan asked .

“Indeed, “ Answered Koenma. “I want you to inform Yusuke and his companions about this.”

“But, they’re not Spirit Detectives any longer.” Botan said. “And the Demon World is in an era of peace, don’t tell me things are that bad.”

“I wish I could say otherwise. “ Koenma sighed. “If it was a minor situation I would have appointed a new spirit detective already, unfortunately I haven’t had the time and with this case I have no choice but to pull Yusuke, Kurama, and Kuwabara out of retirement. Even then I’m unsure their powers with or without Hiei will be enough. “

“I understand, I’m on my way.” Botan answered as she summoned her oar and took off for human world.

Koenma watched her fly away from his office window before sitting down at his desk again. He made no move to start on his paper work.

“I just hope we aren’t too late to prevent any actual damage.” Koenma sighed after heavy silence. “This isn’t the first time a kitsune has launched an attack against any of the three worlds and currently the only one that we have alive is held in the dungeons. “

“Is that the one that tried to kill your father, sir?” Jorge asked picked up a stack of papers to be filed.

“Of course it is, you big blue dope!” Koenma shouted nearly causing the hapless ogre to nearly drop the stack of papers he held.
Elsewhere a kitsune girl sat at a loom. Even though her physical age hardly looked beyond the age of ten, it didn’t take much for one to see that she was many years older than her age suggested. She was dressed in a toga like gown of the purest silvery white. So white it seemed to be made of moonlight itself. Her hair also was a shimmering crystal white color and tied at the nape of her neck in a long flowing pony tail that seemed to fan out as it descended her back. Unlike most other kitsune, who normally had only one visible tail, she had ten long silvery white tails that wrapped and coiled behind her like an elegant train of moon beams. Her skin was such a soft shade of white that almost seemed to be translucent. Even her silvery white eyes gave her and almost other worldly appearance. Her delicate hands deftly weaving the shuttle though the strings of the loom as she continued to create the endless tapestry that continually flowed out of the loom. Glancing up she noticed with some sadness that one of the spools of thread was reaching the end of its coil.

“So another of my children has gone to rest in the eternal void.” The kitsune child said more to herself then anyone who may have been listening as she took the now empty spool from its spindle. Of the massive fan of spindles that surrounded the loom, only a sizable fraction of had any spools of thread. Of these a sizeable majority of the thread were stained a darker shade of their original color. Absently she started moving her finger down one thread that seemed to alternate between red and silver and watching the moments in that particular life that had yet to pass.

A boy with long red hair seated at his window while a ferry girl with long bluish hair was hovering outside of it, the two of them speaking as though they were childhood friends just seeing each other again after a long absence.

The same boy walking in a park when the blue haired ferry girl (now disguised as a human) sees him and joins him on his walk when they both notice it start to rain. The girl gets a confused look on her face, but the boy on the other hand seems to know the rain had a more sinister purpose.

The kitsune boy, lying feverishly in a bed as his friends were gathered worriedly around him.

She continued to look through the future events until she saw one that made draw her fingers away from the thread as though burned, however her eyes seemed to become intrigued at the future she saw causing a small smile crept over her wise young face. At that moment she heard footsteps behind her, she didn’t need to look to know that it was the high priestess.

“I’ve found the spools you were looking for, m’lady.” The priestess said as she held out five empty spools of thread. On each spool was written a name: Sadao, Nessyen, Kaede, Jahuel, and Tsuneo.

“Thank you,” The Kitsune child answered as she took the spools from the priestess. “These five will need to be brought out of their slumber in the eternal void. I have awakened the spirits of Evnessyen and Sabriel, as well as Vesta. Their threads have been restored to the tapestry as they restarted their lives in the human world. However even with Evnessyen and Vesta being 9 tails their power is not enough. I will temporarily restore life to them and through my power they will be able to each possess a human form until this situation is averted. “ Placing the empty spools on the spindles she began breath a prayer onto the them. The words she spoke were as ancient as time itself in a language long forgotten.

As she incanted the ancient spell five hairs lifted and parted themselves from her scalp before attaching to the spools. Two crystals on her right side and three crystals on her left all seemed to glow before the lights of each crystal leapt upon the spools like a predator on a kill. Turning each of the thread like hairs turning them varying shades of bluish black and silver.

Soon enough five fox like shadows appeared to her and bowed in reverence, before they dissipated and journeyed towards the human world.
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Sensei (先生)

Sensei (先生)

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I liked the violent part :3
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I've seen Akira

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

A kitsune strode purposefully down the stone hallway of the Bakimono’s fortress. He dressed in a white spider silk shirt over which was a black short sleeved tunic. The hide pants and waist cape he wore were also black in color. His bare feet and shins were wrapped in white strips of cloth and his long black hair fell about his back and face in curled waves.
Two guards stood before an ornately carved door before him. Also with them was a young female kitsune. This Kitsune was dressed in deep violet leotard made of spider silk. On her feet was a pair of knee length black leather boots. Her bust was also covered by a black leather chest guard. Her forelocks were silver in color and gradually gradiented towards midnight bluish-black as it was swept up in a long pony-tail that descended to her knees.
“I was summoned by Lord Maion.” The approaching Kitsune answered.
“It’s about time you arrived, Torin.” She hissed with a hint of seductive playfulness as she opened the door to the chamber beyond “Father is waiting for you. Come with me.”
Torin didn’t answer as he walked behind the female until they came to a dais. Upon the dais was an ornately carved throne of stone. Sitting on the throne was the very Youko from Kurama’s nightmares, Youko Maion.
“Torin has come, at your request.” The female announced.
“Thank you, Astraya.” Maion answered, his voice nothing more than a graveled hiss, escaping his damaged throat. “Koenma has received our message, I assume.”
“He has my lord.” Torin affermed. “I made sure your warning founds its way into the hands of one of the Spirit Worlds messengers.”
“I doubt he’d think the threat to be an idol one, given our proud history.” Maion stated with a feral smirk behind the mask he wore over his face. “Still…I desire a small demonstration as how…much of a threat that our race can be. Torin, you are skilled in causing illnesses, are you not?
“Yes, my lord.” Torin answered hollowly.
“Good…Create for me a virus, an air born one that would affect masses, large scores of people. However do not create it to kill off humans, …at least not normal humans.” Maion mused to himself. “Create it to affect the populations of Kitsune who hide in the human world. Make it slow so that is would feel like a common human affliction so by the time it reaches its full effect, it would be too late for anyone to do anything about it. Their borrowed human forms will die and the fools themselves will tossed back to this world, and will face my judgment.”
“I will do as you command, my lord.” Torin hollowly answered, before turning and leaving the hall.
“What would be the point of inflicting this virus on the Kitsune that nest in the living world?” Astraya asked.“Those that return to Demon World after their human bodies die will be too weak to be of any use to us. It would be easier to just let the beasts of the demon world do away with them, then go through the trouble of tracking them down ourselves.”
“I don’t plan this virus as a means to gather more forces. It’s merely a distraction to keep those fools in the Spirit World on their toes.” Maion answered the girl with a smirk. “While Koenma and his fools are worrying about all the deaths will occur as a result, some of our brethren will take their places in the living world.”
Maion paused as he threw back a curtain and looked out over a vast subterranean field of ice pillars each with youko trapped inside it. Some of the ice pillars held one youko each, while others held small groups. Several of the youko trapped within the pillars were small families, some of which were frozen in their attempts to shield their young children from the ice that surrounded them.
“As for the Kitsune who will return to the Demon World, I want them rounded up so they can face punishment for spitting on their noble heritage.” Maion sneered. “But as you have put it so astutely, Astraya, they will be too weak to be of any use to us. It would be better for them to fall prey to those who devour the weak. Yet I am not without any sort of mercy, if a Kitsune of any value is brought before me and concents to follow us, then I will gladly oblige them my good graces and allow them the chance to recover. For those who still refuse however...I’m sure they would look quite lovely in my garden.”
“Rejoice for the Game Master is dead” The video game announcer proclaimed as Yusuke won “Demon City” for what felt like the millionth time. To this day Yusuke had never really liked the ending of the game, it brought up to many bad memories.
Yusuke heaved a sigh as he removed the cartridge from his game console and tossed it aside. Even though a year had passed since he had returned from the Demon World, it felt like hundreds maybe thousands of years had come and gone. Everything was boring now. Since he never completed Jr. High he had difficulty finding employment. Fortunately Keiko’s father had allowed Yusuke to have a part time job at his ramen sho. Kurama also had offered to talk with his step-father about whether there had been any openings at his pharmaceutical company, Kyosai Pharmaceuticals. Yusuke however declined this offer because he didn’t really see himself as being a cubical monkey. Sometimes he wished a demon would crawl out of a hole somewhere and cause problems just so there was something interesting for once. Also it would give him a chance to be with his friends again.
Keiko, Kurama, and Kuwabara were all in college and Hiei had returned to the Demon World. Now that he was no longer a Spirit Detective he saw his friends less and less. In Jr. High Keiko and Kuwabara had always been there, and there was never any issue as far as hanging out. And Kurama, while he wasn’t the hang out down town type of friend like Kuwabara was, he also had been available to talk to when it really mattered.
But now that they all had graduated high school and were attending college, they were often busy, still Kuwabara and Keiko at least made time to meet up for coffee with him when they could. Unfortunatly their meetings we’re never much fun since Kuwabara would mostly talk about his still unrequited love for Yukina and how he was going to propose to her. With Keiko, the talks always would cycle around their pending wedding. These talks always annoyed Yusuke. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to marry Keiko, it was the idea of the issues and details involved in the ceremony that irked him. If he had known just how detailed weddings actually were he wouldn’t have proposed to Keiko as much as he had when they had been children.
Kurama on the other hand was another matter. To say he was difficult to get in contact with was an understatement, because recently it seemed he was avoiding contact entirely.
He had graduated from high school during the two years they had been preparing for the war that would eventually become the Demon World Tournament. After Kurama was able to return to the human world he had taken a job position at Kyosai Pharmaceuticals so he could save up for college tuition and housing at Higanzakura University. When Kurama began his first semester he had been fairly available much of the time and would meetup with everyone at Genkai’s when they had times to get together.
However several weeks ago he started to become distant to everyone. It seemed like every time Yusuke had tried to contact the old boy, Kurama’s cell phone was almost always turned off or went unanswered. The times when he had been able to get in contact with Kurama however, the older boy had always sounded exhausted and/or somewhat irritated by something. Kurama would naturally apologize for it and excuse it as a result from the classes he was taking. Yusuke however he couldn’t help feeling that Kurama was -like always- just giving him a partial truth.
The former Spirit Detective wasn’t known to be the sharpest tack in the shed, but still when it came to his companions he was able to recognize little quirks in their mannerisms. For the life of him he didn’t really remember Kurama being stressed about any of his school classes before. As far as Yusuke remembered, the only time the older boy really sounded irritated was whenever something was really bothering him.
“Maybe there are problems at home?” Kuwabara had commented when Yusuke had discussed his concerns the last time he had a meet up with his former school friends. “I mean Kurama once told me that his step-father can be somewhat judgmental.”
“I don’t think expressing concerns about Kurama being rather quiet means problems at home.” Yusuke said. He also knew Kurama’s step-father-Kazuya Hatanaka had expressed some disapproval about the length of Kurama’s hair and the fact that Kurama was rather quiet. Yet these were petty complaints and concerns, not really grounds for any sort of problems.
“Maybe Kurama’s mother is pregnant.” Keiko suggested. “It’s possible for women in their forties to still conceive. Maybe he’s worried about how this pregnancy may affect her.”
Yusuke had to admit that was possible. Kurama was rather protective of his mother and pregnancies in older women were known to have complications. However he also doubted that Kurama would be avoiding them if that was the case.
“What exactly do we really know about the guy, Urameshi.” Kuwabara asked after a thoughtful moment. “I mean we know he’s a fox demon and all and he was once a thief, but what do we know beyond that.”
“He told me part of his story when I first met him back when I was starting out as Spirit Detective” Yusuke answered. “That’s all I really know.”
“Yes, but even then most of that is a half-truth.” Keiko pointed out. “I know demons like Kurama and Hiei aren’t trusting, but still at this point shouldn’t he trust you enough to be more forth coming about subjects such as his past.” Yusuke nodded agreement. When he had first met Kurama, the older boy had only trusted the newly appointed Spirit Detective would listen to him. And that trust between them had grown into a solid friendship over the time they had known each other. Didn’t that at least mean that he of all people was given an opportunity to hear more about what sort of person Kurama had been before he had come to the human world?
“I get it! You were too stupid to ask, weren’t you Urameshi?” Kuwabara crowed. “I would have sat Kurama down and told him he couldn’t leave until he told me everything.”
“Why didn’t you?” Yusuke smirked mockingly at his best friend. “I don’t remember anyone stopping you from doing that, unless you didn’t like the thought of being eaten alive by one of his plants.” Kuwabara just bit back a retort and grumbled to himself annoyed that Yusuke had just verbally trumped him. “Besides,” Yusuke continued. “I always got this impression that the past was a subject that he felt was better left alone.”
“All the same, don’t you think you should still ask him?” Keiko inquired. “Maybe things would be better if he actually talked about it?”
Thinking about their conversation, Yusuke picked up the phone and started to call Kurama’s number. Even if the older boy wasn’t in the mood to talk, he needed to at least know there were people who were concerned about him.
Putting the phone to his ear, Yusuke heard the other end ring once, twice, three times...then finally…
“Hello, this is Shuichi Minamino. I’m unable to take your call at the moment, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.”
Yusuke let out a groan at the familiar sound of Kurama’s voice mail message. However instead of hanging up, he waited for the voice mail to start recording.
“Hey, Kurama…It’s me Yusuke…um….well It’s been a while since we met up and I was just wondering if you had any free time available. At least call and let me know how you’re doing, Look I’m not gonna force you…but if somethin’ is bothering you and you feel like talking, I’m willing to listen…”
“Lame, Yusuke, real lame.” Yusuke grumbled as he hung up the phone. “Why don’t you just up and tell him, you’ve had a crush on him since the moment you first met him. You might get a better response. What’s the use…”
His thoughts however were interrupted when he heard the sound of something knocking at the window. Glancing at the sliding glass door he saw Botan standing on his apartment balcony. The Blue haired Ferry Girl smiled and waved at him before phasing through the glass door.
“Bo…Botan” Yusuke said looking at her as a deer would a pair of on-coming head lights. “What brings you here?
“Well that’s a jolly good thing to say to an old friend who has come to visit.” Botan huffed though her smile didn’t fade for very long. “It’s so good to see you again.”
“Yeah but…” Yusuke said as his brain tried to process why the blue haired ferry girl had come to visit. It couldn’t have been that Genkai had passed away, Botan was much too cheerful for that. “Why are you here though?”
“I’m here to inform you that you have a new case, silly” Botan said. Yusuke’s surprise quickly turned to irritated confusion.
“Hey wait a moment, Botan!” Yusuke demanded as he stood up menacingly. “Do you Spirit People have amnesia or something?! I was fired remember, and on top of that the Spirit World also had a contract out on my life.”
“And we would have appointed new Spirit Detectives, Yusuke.” Botan countered. “However we have a situation that is much too much of a doozy for any rooky to handle. Even our more elite fighters would have serious difficulty dealing with this threat.”
“And “Binky-Breath” thought we’d be able to deal with it.” Yusuke grouched about the situation, though inwardly he was glad that there was something going on for once. “The last time Koenma sent us on a suicide mission, it was against a rogue Spirit Detective that wanted to destroy humanity. And in case you missed that part, I died and came back as a demon. So why is it that we are coming out of retirement to face a threat that the Special Forces can’t even take down?”
“That’s just it Yusuke.” Botan answered. “We have no idea what to expect, because the threat hasn’t happened yet.”
“Seriously, you’ve just lost me!” Yusuke grumbled in irritation. “Don’t tell me I have to march over to Higanzakura U and somehow manage to locate Fox-Boy and drag him back here just so he can translate.” Botan just sighed in disbelief, she never remembered Yusuke being this difficult.
“All right,” She said after a pause. “Koenma received a notice from a group known as the Bakimono who gave a demand that both the Demon World and Spirit World be surrendered to them. If their demands are not met, there will be disastrous results.”
“Sounds like the mission where we had to face the Spirit Beasts.” Yusuke commented. “What’s so different this time?”
“Well…the Bakimono are a group of Kitsune.” Botan answered.
“Kitsune!? You mean we’re going after a bunch of guys like Kurama?!” Yusuke blanched slightly. Kurama’s powers as a Youko were immense, and even though Yusuke was now an S-class Demon he still didn’t know if he would still have a winning chance against former thief. Let alone more than one of him.
“Well sort of…” Botan answered not sure how to approach the situation, “Maybe worse…remember nothing has happened as far as we’ve seen as yet. I’ve only come to inform you that your position as Spirit Detective has been restored so that you would be ready should anything happen.”
“Well to be honest I was getting bored of normal human life anyway.” Yusuke sighed as he sat back down on the floor. “While I’m not looking forward to any crap that Koenma may want to pull about this, I’m in.”
“Great!” Botan cheered. “I’ve really missed the times we used to work together.”
“Unfortunately I have a couple of problems.” Yusuke said. “The first problem is Keiko, she won’t like learning that I’ve become a Spirit Detective again.”
“Oh right,” Botan said as she sat on the floor with Yusuke. Keiko’s outburst last year had also not escaped her mind.
“As much as the talk of our pending wedding bugs me, I don’t want to lose her just because I have to go out and save the world. The second problem however is Kurama…I just know what to do about him anymore.”
Botan looked up with concern, her heart tightening as though someone had grabbed it with an iron grip.
Kurama sighed in relief as he exited the crowded elevator onto the 4th floor of the computer arts and sciences building. He wasn’t entirely fond of crowded spaces, especially when it was so close personal space was non-existent. Unfortunately between the graphic arts & web design department, computer sciences department, School Library, and the computer lab the elevators were always crowded.
“Ah, Minamino” The clerk at the front desk greeted as Kurama entered the computer lab.
“Good Afternoon,” Kurama answered as he offered his school ID the desk attendant. “I’m here to use the lab.”
“Alright,” The clerk answered as he walked to a wooded board that was mostly covered in white plastic cards. Some of the slots had the ID’s of several students, but most of the computers at this time were empty. This was something that would change as the semester ticked closer to finals. The clerk pulled one of the white cards at random and replaced it with Kurama’s ID card. “I’m going to place you in section G, is that alright.”
“That’s fine, thank you.” Kurama said as he took the card and glanced at the black lettering that read ‘G-15’. Turning into the lab itself wondered past students several students who were seated at the other computers in the lab. Some of them were doing class assignments, while others were looking at sites or applications that weren’t all that school related. Kurama however ignored them as he made his way to G-section, computer 15.
Sitting down at the computer, he logged onto the internet and pulled up the website for the Asahi Shimbun newspaper and stared skimming the headlines. The first report had something to do with the Prime Minister…Kurama quickly ignored that one. The second article talked about a 4.5 earthquake striking around the Kansai area of Japan. That caused Kurama to pause a moment, however he ignored the article after he noticed that there were no fatalities. That didn’t make the quake any less of a warning. The next article had caught Kurama’s attention causing his green eyes to widen in horror as he read the head line.
“Virus Confounds Emergency Rooms ”
As Kuruma read the article his horror dwindled into a state of distress. The article spoke of a flu like virus that had appeared. Those who contracted the illness would have similar symptoms to a normal cold or flu such as dizziness, congestion, sore throats, body aches, nausea, and fevers. As such people treated this illness as they would a common cold. However while flu symptoms last for only between three to seven days, these symptoms lasted much longer than normal. The doctors didn’t really know what to make of it, but doubted it was anything to worry about.

Kurama sighed after he finished reading the article. “So it’s as I feared.” He said to himself, picking up his book bag, he retrieved his ID card and returned to his dorm room. It was time he took a little trip.
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Warnings : 1

I've seen Akira

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 2:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow that was good. i do fanfiction in my head for the anime/manga i watch and read. i would put it online but i don't to be sued :-(
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I've seen Akira

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 3:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

$10forair wrote:
wow that was good. i do fanfiction in my head for the anime/manga i watch and read. i would put it online but i don't to be sued :-(

You can just write a disclaimer stating you don't own the series or its characters and you aren't doing this for money.
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Warnings : 1

I've seen Akira

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow u are so smart thank you. I wis my fanfiction could be as good as yours.
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I've seen Akira

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Botan decided to stop by Higanzakura University on her way back to the Reikai. She felt she was probably making a mistake in doing this. However what Yusuke had told her about Kurama avoiding contact with his friends bothered her immensely.

Kurama’s personality had always been secretive, she understood that quite well. And even though she wished that in all the time she had known him not only as a member of the Urameshi team, but also as a friend. She wished he would open up to them more. Still she was well aware that some bridges couldn’t be crossed by force, and it was be better that if and when Kurama did speak of his past as Youko Kurama, he do so when he felt he was ready.

Still the avoidance was not normal, and if something was bothering him wasn’t it wiser for his friends to know. Calmly she entered a building at the far end of the campus. The interior of the inner lobby was spacious. There were arm chairs, couches, and table scattered about the place. In one corner of the room was a large TV where a number of students were loudly gathered about playing a video game.

Several other students occupied some of the chairs either reading or talking. Other students at the tables were studying or engrossed in playing some sort of card game, she didn’t really see what. At one side wall was a panel of mail boxes, Botan perused the names on the each of the mail boxes to see if this is where she wanted to be. Sure enough she found the name she was looking for “Minamino Shuichi.” She sighed happily to herself glad to be in the right place.

Casually she glanced at the students in the room, hoping Kurama would be there. Though she wasn’t very surprised to see he wasn’t. Close to the stairs was a desk, where a girl with dark purple hair was sitting. She wasn’t paying any particular attention to anyone in the room. Though she did look up every so often with an annoyed expression whenever she heard the video gamers give a loud bray in excitement. An expression Botan had seen Kurama give on more than one occasion, especially when Yusuke and Kuwabara were acting like morons. The girl was dressed in a black pair of pants with a white corset top. On the girls chest was a name tag that read “Tanaka Misouri.”

“Excuse me.” Botan asked the girl.

The girl looked up at Botan in surprise to hear someone talk to her.
However that surprise turned to a not quite hostel, but definitely an unfriendly expression.

“Can I help you?” The Misouri asked in a clipped tone as if she was forcing herself to sound pleasant.

“Yes I’m looking for Ku…I mean Shu…ichi.” Botan answered not entirely sure why this girl was looking at her like she wanted to wring her neck. She thought she saw Misouri’s violet eyes flicker strangely when she had started to mention Kurama’s real name, but quickly brushed it off as a trick of the light. “Minamino Shuichi, is he in?”

Misouri heaved an irritated sigh and glanced something on the computer in front of her a couple moments.

“I’m afraid not,” Misouri said once again in her forced pleasant tone. “He signed out of the dorms and won’t be back all weekend, shall I let him know you dropped by?”

“Sure,” Botan answered as Misouri pulled a small note pad and pen from one of the desk drawers. Botan quickly scribbled down a note before handing the pen back to the dark haired girl. “Thank you for your time.” Botan bowed politely as she started to leave, she noticed Misouri raise an eye brow slightly as she looked over the note a second. This left Botan wondering if Kurama would even receive the notice. Kurama had been rather popular back in high school even though she didn’t recall many of the girls being particularly catty.

“Can I ask you something?” Misouri asked, not really looking at Botan. “What sort of connection do you have to…Shuichi?” Botan had noted that Misouri’s forced pleasant tone was gone, instead she sounded rather suspicious. The only person who would be asking this sort of question would be someone who felt there was a threat in her standing with a potential boyfriend. Botan couldn’t help feeling a little defensive, though she didn’t understand why.

“Oh he and I are friends.” Botan said pleasantly, though she inwardly felt like screaming at that remark.

“Just…friends?” Misouri asked not entirely convinced.

“Oh yes, we were practically like brother and sister.” Botan lied. “It’s been ages since I saw him last, that’s why I came to visit…why do you ask?”

“Oh no reason,” Misouri answered. “I’m just surprised, I never expected him to be friends with a person like you.” Botan didn’t know what to make of that remark, part of it felt insulting but yet there wasn’t jealous hostility in the other girls tone. It sounded more confused if anything.

Misouri pretended to go back to her book as she waited for Botan to leave. When she was sure the blue haired girl was gone, she re-read the notice that the girl had left.

Kurama, I need to talk to you.
- Botan

She felt her mind wander to another time, years ago. A little silver haired youko child walking up to her, his arms outstretched as though he wanted her to pick him up. His gold eyes looking with almost curious wonder at everything around him as she pulled him into her arms.

She quickly banished the thought though. That was a time long dead, and if by chance Kurama was still alive after the 1763 years that she had been hovering in the eternal void, he would no longer be the innocent child she had once known. The Makai had a way of swallowing up those who let it, and those who manage to survive are greatly changed and rarely for the better.

Still that Ferry Girl…Botan. Before she had said that she wanted to talk to Shuichi, she had started to say the name Kurama. And for some reason she had caught herself as though realizing that was not a name she should ever say in public. Still, why would a Ferry Girl of all things be friends with Shuichi Minamino? And why would she refer to him as Kurama? It just didn’t make sense. Even if the name Kurama only turned out to be a childhood nickname, it still was too convenient for her comfort.

The sun was setting when Kurama pulled up in the driveway of a timber cabin. It had been ages since he was here last, considering the last time his mother and himself had visited this place was when they were scattering his father’s ashes on the lake. After that this place and all the memories associated with it had been left to fade into the earth like his father’s ashes gradually would.

Kurama looked about him taking in the scenery. The whole place looked like it was captured in a time of memory. Everything looked as though it had not been touched by the years this place had been left forgotten and unused. Though that was more than likely a result of restoration crew being hired to fix it up for his use.

The cabin itself was a three floored luxury cabin overlooking an azure lake, far too big for his actual needs. His father, Kenichi Minamino, had liked coming up here when he had become a writer. Later when Kurama’s human parents had begun dating they would come up here for the summers and for Christmases. And when they married they came here for their honeymoon.

It had been rather surprising when his mother presented him with the deed to the cabin as a present for his twentieth birthday. She had explained that she felt his late father would have wanted him to have the old cabin, and so she had kept the deed until she had felt he was ready to receive it.

She also explained that she had done some updates to some of the rooms, so that way he could have the cabin be a place he could spend time with his friends. Still right now it felt like her efforts were a waste. As much as he disliked avoiding his companions, he didn’t want the dream he had been experiencing the past several weeks to come true.

Entering the lush interior of the main floor at one end of the entry hall was two doors that led to the main level master bed room. That room belonged to his parents when they had been together, things were much different now. Instead of the lavish queen sized bed that his parents had once slept, there were three twin sized beds. The furnishings had a definite feminine quality, but still maintained a masculine touch. The bed spreads of each had a soft white sheet with a cream colored blanket topped with a golden tan colored damask quilt that accented the honey tones of the hard wood floor and walls.

Beyond the master bedroom was a large kitchen. Kurama observed there were some non-perishable items already stocked such as pre-packaged pastas and canned items. The freezer also had some heat and serve meals available. He made a mental note to find a local grocery store in the area when he was returning to school.

Beyond the kitchen area was a cozy sitting room set around an inviting fire place. The dining area was an alcove with window on all three sides of the house. This offered a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, as well as the lake that was nestled fifty yards down the hill side like an azure plate. On the stone patio just outside was a handsome stone fire place with benches placed around it, perfect for summer and warm autumn nights. Slightly to the right was a stone staircase that went down to a lower patio which also lead into the basement level. The patio itself was trimmed with a half wall of stone which covered over the entire lower level of the cabin.

Kurama didn’t go to see the bottom level right away. He figured that if the master suite on the main level had been clearly designed to have female occupants, then more than likely the whole basement area would be meant to have people like Yusuke and Kuwabara as occupants. That left one other area, his father’s old office.

Climbing the stairs to the upper floor guest room, he found the room had been designated as a living space that had been meant for him. His father’s oak writing desk was there, however that was the only thing from his late father’s study that remained. Many of the books in his father’s book collection were gone, either sold, given away, or donated. A small book case in the corner held most of the books his mother had wanted to keep, most of which were the novels his father had written.

The bed itself was a small futon bed that was set up like a couch. A thick warm quilt of dark green edged with gold trim was flung over the top of it while the pillows rested invitingly against the edges. Putting down his bag, Kurama sat down at the desk with a sigh. The surface of the desk had long since been warn smooth with years of use. Circular marks scarred into the wood serving as testament to the many cups of coffee or tea this desk must have seen. Idly Kurama traced a few of these marks as if doing so would help him understand the father he had never truly gotten to know.

~How long are you going to avoid our friends?~ Kurama heard Shuichi speak into his mind. This question caused Kurama to pause a moment. He didn’t need to answer the boy who he shared bodies with. It was well known to him that he could not avoid his companions forever, the illness…this hell virus confirmed all suspicions that Maion was starting to make his move. The illness itself was as much a warning as it was a distraction and things would only get worse until Maion was defeated for good.

Kurama let out a frustrated groan as he placed his elbows on the desk and buried his face in is hands. In all the battles he had fought alongside Yusuke and the others…no matter how impossible the odds. As long as they had only one hope of survival he was able to maintain belief they would be able to win. However this time…this time he couldn’t see any way that any of them would be able to see the end of this event.

“Why now?” Kurama whispered to no one. He already knew the answer before he voiced the question. The Makai had entered a time of peace, for someone like Maion this time was opportune. There would have been no better time than now in which to begin launching an attack against the Ningenkai especially, now that the kekkai barrier the Reikai had placed in psudo-space had been removed.

He had actually feared to this result would happen when Yusuke had proposed the concept of having the Makai Tournament. However he didn’t voice this concern because Yusuke’s proposal was like a beacon of hope for many demons within the Makai. The only alternatives were to enter a war where he had fight two people he had come to see as not only friends but brothers into a battle to the death. The end result being an autonomy lead by a tyrannical leader and the other a unity among the demon tribes that could result in more disastrous results for the Reikai and Ningenkai. And admittedly he also had longed for the concept of peace within the Makai, even if that was nothing more a calm before the storm to come.

The boy sighed as he left the dorm that night. He was dressed in a pair of ragged black jeans and a dark blue hooded sweatshirt over a white t-shirt. His storm grey eyes hard with intent as he walked through the dark and nearly deserted campus. He ran his hand through his sholder length bluish gray hair in frustration..

It had been over twenty years since the Lady-the mother of the kitsune race- had sent his spirit along with the spirit of his younger brother Sabriel and his mate Vesta to the Ningenkai. However in all the years he had spent in this world, he didn’t know where to start looking for any of them. He knew the Lady wouldn’t make things so easy so as to magically make Vesta, Sabriel and Kurama to magically appear in his lap. She was much more enigmatic then that. Still he would appreciate some clue as to where they could be. Were they even in that island country? How were they supposed to recognize one another? There were already who knew had many youko living in that city alone, and there were no telling how many worldwide.

Perhaps his companions had practically been given to him and he just hadn’t recognized who they were yet. He knew there were a few Kitsune like himself in the dorm, but he didn’t know where they stood in the coming battle. The one known as Shuichi Minamino sat next to him in Myth and Symbolism. He never got the impression that Shuichi was part of the Bakimono, though he couldn’t deny that his normally kind hearted demeanor was masking something dark. Still dark didn’t necessarily mean evil.

Many of the Youko who followed Maion, did not follow him willingly. One of Maion’s main skills was mind suggestion; all he needed was an opening. Any shred of doubt, any sort of sense of weakness in a person’s mental defenses and he would latch on. Tearing through the mind of his victims, suppressing any memories that would hinder what he desired of them.

In the past before Maion had gone insane, he had use this power to help alleviate memories of those who had suffered traumatic events such as natural disasters, or losing someone close to them. His mental suggestions wouldn't cause people to forget those who were lost, but instead it would call up the memories to help them work through the problems they were facing.

After he started going insane however…anyone he deemed useful to his cause was subject to his power. Some of these kitsune he released when they no longer were any use to him. Unfortunately while Maion did release them from his control, he didn't undo the damage that he had unleashed upon their minds. The grief over the things they had been forced to do and confusion over what memories we’re real and what memories were fabricated often through them to madness. In many cases it was a greater mercy for the healers to just put them down, a concept that often made Sabriel feel physically ill. Those that did manage to recover were not the same youko they once were.

Most of the time however, Maion more than likely killed off those he no longer needed though many hoped their loved ones were still alive, after all the massacre launched by the Spirit World had to have taken out a number of Maion’s forces. That is unless he found a way around the soul binding curse.

This “Hell Virus” that had been going around was no doubt the handy work of one of Maion’s more elite followers. A virus like that could only have been created by a youko known as Torin. Over 1700 years ago Torin had been particularly skilled in causing illnesses. Normally he had used this skill when members of their skulk had been abducted by slave traders. Other times they had brought him along on naming journeys for the moments they were forced to steal supplies.

Most often the illnesses he caused were just annoyances such as allergy and flu like symptoms such as: coughs, sneezes, itchiness, severe headaches, nausea.. However there were occasions where there were demons who would be a threat to the skulk at large. It was times like this that Torin resorted to using illnesses and disease that quickly settled and incapacitated their enemies. That was before Maion had gone insane. Torin had been one of the Youko that Maion had converted to his service by force. This greatly distressed Vesta because Torin had been the only family she felt she could truly rely on. Since her own parents had been some of the people that had followed Maion of their own accord.

The boy paused as he sensed something or rather someone behind him. He knew it had to be Misouri Tanaka, she had been eyeing him suspiciously for over the last few weeks. He knew she had to be a Kitsune due to the floral sent of white magnolias that seemed to pervade her being. The scent was too natural smelling to be any sort of perfume. He gathered that Misouri or whoever she truly was had to have been watching him for some time before engaging this confrontation.

“Is this how you proposition people for a date, Misouri?” The boy asked nonchalantly.

“More like preparing to take out a potential threat, Tokiya Sakano.” Misouri said. Her normally calm and gentle sounding voice holding a hard edge to it. Tokiya barely had time to react before he saw something large and black flying towards him. A blade of shadow. While a normal person wouldn’t have recognized this as a threat, Tokiya on the other hand knew quite well that it was a threat and instinctively jumped out of the way of the swipe of darkness.

“You avoided that rather well.” Misouri said as she melted out of the shadows. She was dressed in a black silk ao dai. In each of her hands was a pair of Sai.

“You’re also rather impressive for one of Maion’s whores.” Tokiya shot back as he reached towards his belt, pulling what looked like a foot long tube which extended from both ends into a quarter staff with a flick of his wrist. However he paused when he noticed the offended and confused look on Misouri’s face.

“On whose side do you lie?” Misouri asked as an embarrassed blush burned across her cheeks.

“I side with myself and no one else,” Tokiya declared.”I’m gathering you also do not fight alongside the Bakimono.”

“No..” Misouri stammered as she tried to regain he composure again.
“Maion and his Bakimono have taken everything I love from me, my family, my mate…. My child” Faintly Tokiya could hear her say her last words as if to uttering caused her heart to break.

“You can stand down,” Tokia said as he retracted his staff back into its tube and returned to a pouch hooked to his belt. “We are obviously not enemies.” Misouri considered Tokiya’s words a moment, she wasn’t sure she could trust him, but if he wasn’t with the Bakimono then perhaps he could be a worthy ally. Calmly she placed her sai into the belt of her Ao Dai.

“Alright.” She said. “I’ll give you this one chance to prove you aren’t lying to me. If I find that you are, then you will be my enemy and I will sever your spirit from that meat sack you call a human body.”

“I will also demand the same from you, Misouri Tanaka.” Tokiya answered.

“Vesta” Misouri corrected. “My true name is Vesta.”

“Vesta?” Tokiya asked somewhat is disbelief. “Vesta from the Hunters Moon skulk?!”

“Why would I be anyone else?” Vesta asked. “Every youko knows that names aren’t given to more than one person at a time.”

“It’s not’s just I wasn’t expecting you would be Vesta.” Tokya answered. “Because my truest name is actually Evnessyen.”
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I watch Dragonball-Z

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your fan fiction is good...

i want to do this thing...
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