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The Trials

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 9:19 am    Post subject: The Trials Reply with quote

In the metropolotan of Japan, a young man who has decided he will be the ultimate martial artist in the world. His talents of knowing where to hit with his "Heavenly Palm" technquies and his anaylising of his opponets moves are something he cannot explain and he chalks up to being just being lucky. Little does he know his world is about to change...

A young man steps off of a bus and thanks the bus driver, as he walks towards a glass dome building. As he sat his bag down and adjusted his cap, he could see that every one around him was much different from him. His worn tennis shoes where to the point of coming apart at the seams. His hoodie which sported the kanji symbol for strength, was worn and fade from it's once beautiful sea bule to a greyish brown color, along with his faded and torn jeans, Yoshikuni Shun was a sight to behold in this white collar area of town where only buisness men and the highest ranking members of yakuza opperated. And this was where the tournament of a life time was to be held. The World cup for mixed martial arts, the most highly prized tournament with a prize purse of a three million yen, nothing to cough at that was for sure.
"Nothing is going to stop me this year from winning." Shun thought to himself.
"Even if I have to use that technquie this year I will win!"
Shun was begging to draw attention to himself so much that people were stopping and staring. Shun did not let this affect him he picked up his duffle bag and walked through the glass doors.
"Exuse me?" A tall man is a suit stared at Shun from behind a tall shiny metal desk. "What buisiness do you have here?"
Shun smiled, "I'm here for the tournament. Which way should I go?"
"Turn around and walk right back out that door the tournament is for prequalifers only."
Shun smiled agian and held up his papers. " But I did prequalify. My name is Yoshikuni Shun."
The color in the mans face faded, "You're Yoshikuni Shun, of the heavenly palm style?"
"Why yes I am. Did i do something wrong?" Shun smild politely.
"No sir the loker room is down the hall and to the right."
"Thank you."

As Shun walked down the hall he couldn't help but chuckle eversince last years tournament his name had become widely known among the mixed martial artist in the Japanese circuit.
As he walked into the locker room he bumped into a large man wearing a suit and sun glasses. "Pardon me sir." Shun stated, smiling.
"It's okay Shun-nichan" the man stated peering at Shun from atop his sun glasses.
This was odd a man that shun had never seen in his life called him family, that couldn't be all of Shun's family had died when they were gunned down in the cross fire from a Yakuza gun battle. Shun thought little more of this his thoughts where on the money and the women he would attact with it if, no when he won the tournament.
"Well time to check out the competition." Shun thought to himself letting the big man pass, and waling into the locker room.

The room was abuzz with competitors who looked very eager to begin the tournament. Their silk white robes where starched and ironed to perfection and their belts which looked like they had never been worn hung around their sucked in waist, as their gold chain necklaces around thier puffed out chest.
This bothered Shun a little, all of these competitors had been taught by the best teachers that money could buy, and here he was self trained, no some one had taught him he had a faint memory of that, but for the most part he had come all this way on his own. He pulled out his swear stained a tattered robes, and his worn belt that know was beggining to unravel as well and began to dress for the tournament.

Everyone left Shun alone and allowed him to dress, every once and awhile a glance would be directed towards him in which , if he saw it Shun would just smile.

The time had come and the tournament head began the cerimony. Shun decied not to compete in the kata part of the tournament, no he reserved all his strength for the main events: Breaking and sparring.

Shun took this time to watch the contestants, most used the preying mantis style of fighting, a mostly defensive style that only true masters could prefect, while most of the others were monkey style a style that was so off the wall not even the user could predict what he would do next. As well as a tiger and dragon style fighter, this style realied on strength and power amking your opponet's body to weak to continue from the constant blows to the torso. Shun smiled his style was his own and totally different, the heavenly palm targeted the soft tissue, arterys and organs in ones body, amking his opponet's arms and legs useless in a match, or if it came down to it bleed interally.

As the power breaking part of the tournament began Shun knew it was his technuique that would allow him to win and not his strength alone, something these other contestants where relying on alone.
Shun stepped up to the brick holders and selected to break two.
"What is this only two this is powerbreaking! A child could break two."
Shun smiled and told the holder to raise the bricks chest high. Shun drew back his hand into a spear like position his fingers in front supported by his thumb as one might if playing shadow puppets. Laughter from the crowd errupted no one could break brick with that kind of strike to do so would break ones fingers to the point of paryalsis of the hand.
Shun smiled stepped back and drove his fingers into the brick and screamed as a crack echoed thorugh out the entire stadium.

Chapter 2

Shun pulled his fingers back close to his chest, as he shook the dust and debris from the crevacis of his fingers. The crowd was silent, it was an eerie sillence, but it was soon broken by Deafening cheers and claps. Shun smiled he knew he had won this power breaking. As he passed by the contestant who used the dragon style the man sneered. "Anyone can do that."
The man selected 3 bricks and assumed the same hand postition as Shun had, the crowd now knowing that this feat could be done were a little less sceptical.
The man drew back his hand and drove his hand into the bricks.
Shun could sense it before he saw it, he didn't know how but he just could. The mans hand exploded from the inside out the bones of his hands bursting from the skin like a knife through a peice of paper. The man screamed in agony and fell to the floor bleeding. Shun knew in his heart; this man would never practice the marital arts agian, there was far to much damage done to his hand. The nerves where cut and the arteries that run thorugh the back of the hand completly shreaded by the bones that had cut through his hand.

The Ems Crew carried the man out of the arena on a strecher, as the crowd clapped him out. It may have been a dumb move but it was a brave move, well thats what most of the crowd thought. The contestants looked upon the man with disdian, they knew it was pride that brought that man down the path he would have to walk forever a man without martial arts.

Shun felt bad "If I hadn't have shown off then this never would have happened."
"Don't feel bad, this was not your fault." a voice behind Shun stated.
Shun spun around to see the man he had bumped into eariler. The man now wore a black martial arts uniform, although he still sported the sunglasses.
"He chose his own path, and now that path will be his life."
Shun smiled polietly and the man walked away with ot saying another word.

After Shun watch the other power breakers it was time to go to the locker room agian and prepare for the sparring. This part of the competition always excited Shun, no where else could he get the kind of rush that he felt from sparring.

The gong rang through out the arena it was time for the sparring match, Shun and the other contestants waled towards the sparring mats. The other contestants had a certian fire in their eyes when they looked at Shun. Shun knew that this would be an all out battle that he would have to win. there was no room for defeat.

Shun's name was called over the loud speaker for the first match. Shun exhaled and stepped into the ring. His opponet was the tiger style fighter, Shun shook with excitement. Both Shun and the man shook hands and bowed to each other. As they turned and walked back to opposite sides of the mat Shun could feel the bloodlust of the man radiate off of him.

Shun turned to the man and dropped back into his stance. the gong rang again as Shun and the man rushed towards each other like two rams fighting over the snowy side of a mountian.
Shun felt a hot burning sensation agianst his face as the man struck him with the back of his fist. Shun pivoted inorder to roll with the blow, and fired off a reverse palm strike. His palm met the mans torso and the man was knocked back and was stunned this was no ordinary strike. His palm had landed right in the mans solerplex. The man was Horrified how did he know about the weak spot in his chest. Where as the solarplex is weak this mans was weaker; crushed when a bullet from his ex wife had pierced his skin, and shun had hit in that exact spot. How how did he know? Did he see things that no one else could or was it just luck?
Shun launched himself towards the man agian, and once agian landed a palm stike in the exact same place. The man crumpled under this blow, and fell to his knees. Shun turned and knelt down as was custom in a tournament if one had wounded his opponet.
The man stood up fighting to keep the blood down that was rising in his throat. Shun could feel the man stand up and stood and face his opponet.
The man threw caution to the wind as lashed out at Shun with a move Shun had never in his life seen.
Shun could sense the danger of this blow the mans fingers were curled around his palm and the palm was headed directly at Shun's face.
Shun had little time to react he knew this.
The crowds cheers for both men came to a hush and a sickening crack and then a gagging cough echoed through out the arena. As blood spattered upon Shun's uniform, one question ran thourgh his mind "Why"?

Chapter 3
The one thought goning thorugh Shun's mind as the blood hit his uniform and face was "why". As Shun tumbled backwards he had no idea why the big man had down what he did. he must have known that the strike he was using would leave him wide open, but even more imporatant if it had connected it would have kill Shun. The crowd had no idea what had just happen except for one man. the tall man in the sunglasses had seen everything. The Fighter who had been using the tiger style had missed, but only b/c at the last moment Shun had struck the man in the throat causing the man's jugular to burst forth a stream of blod and saliva gushed from the man's mouth. "He has talent but he lacks, control." the big man thought.

Shun could see that the man was finished, there was going to be no recovery from the blow that he landed. Shun had no smiles in him right now this man was going to die if he did not get medical attention and fast. The ems on the scene rushed to the mans side who was now on his knees clutching his throat, as blood squirted in spurts from the gaps in his fingers.

Shun did not turn and kneel this time instead he walked of the mat and sat next to the other contestants who all quickly moved away form him and gave Shun plenty of room. Shun buried his face in his hands. What had he done? He didn't even hit that man, he just barely missed him there was no contact made, and every one had seen that.

The EMS were able stablize the man, and carried him off in a hurry to the hospital. Shun made a mental note to visit the man in the hospital after the tournament.

The large man is sun glasses Came and stood next to Shun. "Come with me." He whispered.
Shun was almost afraid, had that man been a friend of the man in the glasses? Was he going to try to get revenge on Shun for what he had done?
The man led Shun back to the locker room and told Shun to sit.

"You have an amazing gift, but you lack the control to master it." The man stated. "Much like Yoshikuri Huma had."

Shun was shocked he had not heard his fathers name spoken in over three years.
"The style you use is the heavenly palm style right?" Shun could only shake his head yes. "Then you know that it is a deadly style and is not to be used lightly."
"Yes" Shun was able to say in a hoarse whisper. How did this man what style he used? Sure he had called it that before in tournaments but this was almost too much.
"You know it is deadly, but do you know how it works?" The man asked Shun who now was looking more and more guilty.
"I didn't think so, or you would not have struck that man that way, or at least I hope not. What do you know about spiritual energy or Chakra?'
"Well I know that everyone has it and they can tap into it with extreme training, or thats what they say."
"Well you have an amazing ability one that is apparent only in your family. You are able to mold the Chakra around your body most importantly your hands and make a sort of chakra blade with your charka and strike the soft vunerable parts of the body and make people either bleed internaly by sending the Chakra though out thier organs, and thus destorying the body's ability to mold or use the charka, or if need be penerate the flesh and rip a person's chakra neverous system from thier body, making it to where they will never be able to use chakra agian. That is a pitiful exsitstance and should only be reserved for the foulest of enimies, and that is your power young Shun. You are the last of the Yoshikuni clan and the only one who can use the Heavenly palm style, and that is why I have come to take you home."
"Home you mean in down town Toyko?"
The man laughed, which seemed odd it was a laugh of some one who had no reason to laughed but was desperatly looking for one.
"No I mean home the home your father left, the home that he one day hoped you would return to."
"I will show you." The man pulled his arm from his robe and exposed a small tattoo. The man then cut his finger on a knife he was carrying in his robes and smeared a bit on the blood on the marking. He then grabbed Shun by the front of his shirt and pulled him up. Before Shun could react he felt the sensation of falling, at a very fast rate. Shun's Body felt like it was burning it felt as if the the skin on his body was going to burn completely off. Shun could feel himself dying inside as he fell unconcious.

Chapter 4

Shun could feel his body burning from the inside out, he felt as if he was going to die. He woke up briefly just to see the buildings that were surrounding him. The building were designed in the traditional Japanese style that only hotels and museums used to attract tourist, but it looked like this was actually the town, or village or what ever it was. Shun didn’t have time to think about that right now.
The big man set Shun on the ground as Shun vomited. “Heh, I keep forgetting that always happens on some ones first time. Guess I should have warned you.”
“Yeah that would have been nice.” Shun stated wiping him mouth with the back of his hand.
“Well this is it. This is Zinopa, the village your father grew up in. The village where he learned everything he learned about martial arts and the art of the ninja.”
Shun almost began to burst with laughter, ninja had died out hundreds of years ago. Sure there may have been people that practice ninjutsu but it was a dying martial arts, most of them were older men who would not teach anyone else who they deemed unworthy, and that was usually everyone.
The big man began to walk towards a large hut, and beckoned for Shun to follow. Shun not knowing what was going on or even if he believed any of this followed the man his head filled with thousands of questions.
The big man pushed the door of the hut open and Shun peered inside. His mouth almost dropped in awe, this hut was loaded with fine silk furniture, weapons of all kinds, very expensive weapons at that, a large Jade table that sat inches from the ground with fine silk pillows placed around it.
The big man smiled at Shun’s reaction, he chuckled, he wondered what Shun would say when he told him that this house was his left for him by his father, when he left the village. His father has said when he left the village that should Shun ever return that he was to inherit the house and the contents of it.
“Shun, I have something to tell you” the big man beamed.
“This house and everything in it is yours, it was your families and since you are the only surviving member it is now yours.”
Shun almost fainted from excitement, he had never had anything nice, not even when he was at the orphanage he had to fight the other children for the covers, of course he won but this, this was something he would not have to fight anyone for, or so he hoped.
“Go ahead go on in and get washed up, there are robes in the closet they are your family robes, I will call for you in a couple of hours.” The big man stated scooting Shun inside and sliding door shut.

Shun stood inside the house a million questions still circulating around and around, he ran his dirty hands across the nice silk pillows and stood in the middle of one of the rooms and looked up. The ceiling was the highest Shun had ever seen inside a house, with three stories above him. This house was amazing and it was all his.
He found the bath house out back, his own private bath house! He almost exploded with excitement. He bathed letting his aching body soak in the hot water.
Shun then went to looking for the robes that the big man had spoken about, he still did not believe any of this what it a huge joke that some one had cooked up? Still the thought of this house belonging to just him was amazing. Shun opened a closet and found the robes that were made of a white silk, but when Shun put them on they felt tougher than silk almost like Kevlar, the material used to make bullet proof vest, but they were still very light. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” A voice behind shun said,
Shun turned but before he could see what or who it was his feet where knocked out from under him and he was on his back. His head hit the floor hard and he was almost knocked out, he felt razor sharp knives press against his throat, he could tell that it was all over for him at this every instant.

Chapter 5
The big man stopped in his tracks he had forgot to tell Shun about abruna, what could he have been thinking she'll kill him if she finds him in the house.

Shun could feel the knives begging to bear down on his throat, wait no not knives claws. Shun opened his eyes to she a grey tabby cat with it's paw claws exposed pressing agianst his throat. "ah hey not no need for that kitty."
The cat peered down at Shun, "Call me kitty agian and I WILL slice your throat open." the cat then withdrew it's claws and circled around Shun. "Now, tell me your name."
"I am Yoshikuni Shun, my father was..." before Shun could finish the cat had placed her paw on his throart agian.
"Continue with these lies and you will die, I am the keeper of this house and I do not tolerate liars or theives."
The door of the house slip open and the big man rushed through it, "Abruna, leave him alone that is mater Shun."
The cat looked at the man "There is no way it cannot be."
Shun desperatly shook his head yes.
"Well my apologies master, please excuse me I have much to do." with that the cat disappered into thin air.
"What... the ... hell... was that?"
"That is the guardian of the YoshiKuni mansion, Abruna, she's a vicous guardian."
"I heard that, oh and Zeju, tell the boy to pick up his clothes in the bath house I am a guardian NOT a maid>' the cats voice echoed through out the house.
Shun looked in amazement at the man who just smiled and helped him to his feet.
"What is going on?"
"Shun you have alot to learn."

Chapter 6

Shun’s head was spinning with all that he had just been told. Apparently Shun’s family was the strongest clan in the village until a neighboring village began to target the family with assassination attempts. Shun’s family fought the village but were killed because the technique that they used the ultimate technique of the Yoshikuni family required one to give his life, due to the large amounts of chakra that it used. Shun’s father, knowing that he would have to eventually die himself to save the family name, took Shun and his mother to the “real world.” Shun’s father had done this to shelter Shun from the violence of the “ninja world” until Shun was old enough to understand all of this, and talented enough to rebuild the Yoshikuni clan.
“Why would he do this to me I can’t rebuild an entire clan, I am not strong enough.”
“You will be, give it time you have much to learn.” Zeju had told him.
But why, he couldn’t do this he wasn’t strong enough to rebuild an entire clan.
He had to try to get back to Tokyo, but then again what was there for him? Old cheese, cup ramen and a cold apartment compared to that this life was cake, so far that is.
Apparently in this world children are trained to become ninja when the reach the age of 16, and carry out missions for the village and earn a living doing as such. Depending on ones rank or talent they would be given task to complete in the “real world.” Then once the children had come of age they would be separated and complete missions on their own.
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