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The Bleeding Lance: A Fate/Stay Nigt Fan fiction

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Evangelion is cool

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 2:35 am    Post subject: The Bleeding Lance: A Fate/Stay Nigt Fan fiction Reply with quote

If you couldn't tell already, I'm a huge fan of F/SN and all of Type-Moon and Nasu Kinoko's works. So, here's a humble little tale that I wrote to satisfy my own wandering mind.

Please be warned that this fic is very spoiler heavy. And I mean the actual visual novel, not the anime. To be precise, it contains spoilers for all three scenarios, but most heavily from Heaven's Feel, the third and final scenario.

Proceed at your own risk.

Please enjoy anyway. Very Happy

Kara No Kyoukai ~ The Garden of Sinners
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Evangelion is cool

Joined: 23 Aug 2007
Posts: 205
Location: Fuyuki, by way of Misaki

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 2:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

FATE/Stay Night: The Bleeding Lance

Disclaimer: I do not own Fate/Stay Night, or any of the characters. Type-Moon and Nasu Kinoko do. They’re much better at this sort of thing anyway.

Chapter 1: Dreams and Paths

Shadows closed around her from all sides. Giants of shadow oppressed her, swallowing whatever warmth remained in the damnable cavern. Yet the sword in her hand burned brightly, filling her with untold heat. Mana from infinite worlds filled her to overflowing. With this weapon, nothing could stop her. Filled past the brim with untold energies, she slashed the jagged blade toward the monstrous black colossuses. A brilliant river of light passed through them, annihilating the shadows with light.

Drained of mana, she felt the blade of the jeweled sword cut into seemingly nothing. Nearly instantly, the heat was back, her magic circuits burning with energy collected from so many elsewheres. Again and again, she brought the power of the sword against the hulking darkness that tried to devour her.

And then, she saw her, her own precious little sister. No, not her sister anymore. Angra Mainyu. All of the world's curses made manifest within the ravaged body of the girl who was once Matou Sakura. The formerly gentle eyes had become crimson and glowed with malice. A command seal, the color of drying blood crept up her cheek. The all encompassing darkness emanated from her, as if she were the source of all the world's shadows. "I won't let you stop me, Nee-san," Sakura stated coldly. "I won't let you take anything more from me."

Rin filled herself with mana, ready to strike down this evil that had once been her sister. Before she could release the boundless energies, she saw a dark figure from the corner of her vision. A black knight approached, dragging something red. "Saber..." Rin gasped. She had left her to Shirou, which meant...

Saber tossed her burden toward the siblings. Closer, Rin now recognized what the former servant had been dragging. "Shirou!" Rin shrieked. The boy was now a mass of blood and bone, cut to something barely recognizeable. Only the borrowed left arm was intact; the crimson of the cloth wrapping it now matching the rest of what was once Emiya Shirou.

Rin screamed and unleashed the power of the jeweled sword, releasing the stored mana in an unstoppable torrent. No trace of Saber remained. As she turned back toward Sakura with tear filled eyes, a tendril of shadow slashed across her wrist, sending the hand that gripped the sword flying.

Clutching the stump where her hand was once attached, RIn howled. Even in her distress, she noticed the lack of blood. Instead, the wound was black, as if burned.

Sakura loomed over her. "Thank you, Nee-san," said Sakura. "I would have had to destroy her anyway. She killed Sempai." Rin could see tears flowing from her sister's red eyes. "But at least now, you won't have him." A pale hand stretched out and gently caressed Rin's cheek. "I won't kill you though, Nee-san. I love you. And unlike you, I won't abandon you. I'll keep you close to me forever." Sakura's cold lips brushed Rin's forehead. Burning pain spread throughout Rin's body. She watched in horror as the black seals of Angra Mainyu covered her flesh.

"Nee-san, this will hurt. But it is only fair for what you let them do to me."

Rin felt the worms then. Hideous gray monstrosities crawled on her skin and began to chew their way inside her.

"I waited so long for you, Nee-san," Sakura continued. "It hurt so much. I gave up quickly waiting for Father and Mother, but I was certain you would come for me."

Rin screamed as she felt the parasites burrow into her.

"But you never came. And when Nii-san did those horrible humiliating things to me, I just wanted you to stop him. I just wanted you to rescue me.” Sakura’s eyes were burning with malice and flowing with tears. “But you never came."

They were completely inside her now, feeding voraciously on her magic circuits.

"But I forgive you, Nee-san; after you feel the pain that I did."

"Please! Forgive me, Sakura!" Rin screamed. "I didn't know!"


Rin's eyes snapped open to take in the dim London morning. Although it was Winter and rainy, she had been sweating. Such a horrible dream. Rolling over, she hugged a pillow to herself. Closing her eyes, she listened to the rain patter on the balcony of her flat. After a few moments, she realized she had been crying. "I'm sorry, Sakura," she whispered to herself.

But it was alright now, she thought. Sakura was happy, and everything was alright now. Sakura, Shirou and Rider were living peacefully at the Emiya house as they had since the end of the War five years ago. Rin knew her sister finally had what she wanted, what she had needed: a loving family. And I guess I'm a part of that, RIn thought. Even now, it made her happy to hear Sakura call her Nee-san, hearing the affection in her sweet and kind voice.

Rising, she walked to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth.

In minutes, she was walking out of the door of her flat to trot down the four flights of stairs, sipping coffee from a thermos. As she walked toward the Clocktower, she knew how she would spend her day: just the same as so many before.

Mages were naturally solitary and secretive, and it was even worse at the Clocktower. Every day, she sat by herself among tomes, or worked alone in ancient labs. No other mages questioned her work, and she kept the same courtesy for them. For a mage, improving your own magecraft was paramount, and secrecy gave you the edge.

True, her magical abilities had grown by leaps and bounds, but how much did that really matter? She was among the elite of the Association, but the price had been steep. How many years of her life had been spent in the pursuit of arcane secrets? And it had left her alone. Technically, she did have an apprentice, but Shirou would not be her successor.

She'd have to get working on that, or the Tohsaka line would end with her. She'd gone so long without anyone that she couldn't fathom actually looking for some mage to start a family with. She wondered if she even still had the necessary social skills.

It had been two years since she had set foot in Fuyuki; since Fujimura-Sensei’s wedding. It had been a very impressive western style wedding. Taiga’s grandfather had spared no expense. She had had fun too. It was nice talking with everyone, seeing faces she hadn’t seen in years, even Ryudou-kun. And Sakura had looked so happy. She and Shirou had danced for what seemed like hours, their faces alight with the simple pleasure of each other’s company. Of course, Rin had teased them to no end. But inside, she couldn’t help but feel jealous, and she had hated herself for it. She had returned to London the next day.

That day, like so many others, she buried herself in her work. Her hunger gave her pause, but only briefly as she quickly stepped out to a nearby shop for a sandwich. It wasn’t until nearly eleven at night that she returned home, quite satisfyingly exhausted.

She emerged from the shower to find her phone ringing. Looking at the number on the display, she saw the call was coming from the Emiya residence. “Hello? This is Tohsaka,” she answered.

“Nee-san?” came a quiet voice.

“Ah, Sakura. How are you?” Rin replied, genuinely glad to hear her sister. It must be early morning there.

“Did I wake you?”

“No, I was going to bed soon.”

“Oh good.” Sakura paused. Rin could tell that her sister was nervous about something.

“What is it, Sakura? I can tell you’re avoiding something.”

“I can’t hide anything from you, can I Nee-san?”

“Of course not. I am the most brilliant mage in the entire situation, and your caring older sister to boot.”

“I have news, Nee-san.”


“I’m having a baby.”

Rin froze, but momentarily found her voice again. “Sakura! That’s wonderful! Congratulations. I guess I get to be an aunt. That makes me feel so old.”

“Oh Nee-san, can’t you come back? I miss you. And so does Senp— I mean Shirou. Even Rider. You must be so lonely there. And I want you to be here with me when I have my baby.”

Rin felt terrible hearing the concern in her sister’s voice. “Don’t worry Sakura. I won’t miss it for anything. I also have to make sure that my apprentice fulfills his duty as a daddy.”

“So you’ll come back, Nee-san?”

“I only have a little bit of work here that I need to finish up. Then I’ll head back.”

“Promise, OK?”

“Of course, Sakura. I promise.”

“Alright, then. I have to go, Nee-san. These calls are expensive.”

“Right. Bye, Sakura. You take good care of yourself and that baby. And Shirou too, I guess.”

“Bye, Nee-san.”

Closing her phone, Rin sighed loudly. It seemed everyone was moving forward, while she was left alone to drudge in the dust of the past. But still, she was happy for Sakura and Shirou. If anyone deserved to be happy, they did.

Yet why aren’t I happy, Rin asked herself. Because, she answered, this is the path of the Magus. This is the path you walk. Happiness is not needed. It is knowledge and secrets that fulfill your existence. The moment that crest was affixed to you, it directed your life. That crest is what you exist for, just like all who have borne it before you. For the sake of the Tohsaka family, the Association, and the world do you exist now. Happiness is not needed. Only the strength to bear the burden.

Sitting down in her favorite chair, Rin drew her knees up to her chest. She remembered her own father, so distant and so cold. She could never remember her parents even smiling toward one another. And when they had given Sakura away, Rin heard her own mother voice any objection. Such were the ways of a magus and as the wife of a great house, Tohsaka Aoi would act accordingly. Sakura had been merely and extra, only useful as a favor to the Makiri. And although Rin was certain that her parents had no idea what Zoken had planned for their youngest daughter, Rin now found it hard to forgive them. And she knew she would never fully forgive herself.

Yet it had happened, and an innocent girl had suffered greatly. Such things were exceedingly common in the world of the magi. That was the way. As full of thorns as it was, that was the path.

Changing into her nightgown, Rin began the nightly ritual of storing mana. For a reason she could not grasp, she pulled out the large red pendant that had been used as the catalyst to summon her servant five years earlier.

Gazing into its gorgeous red facets, she remembered the crimson knight who had been her partner. Never had she expected to draw a servant such as Archer. He had been so sarcastic and nearly caustic at times, yet there had also been so much kindness and consideration. So fitting, considering who he had been in life.

It was months after the fifth war that she had deduced who her servant must have been through subtle clues and hints from the final days of the war and the words of Illyisviel. It was the perfect explanation for why the graft of Archer’s arm had worked for Shirou and for why Archer had been summoned with that catalyst. Of course, time makes no difference to the Holy Grail. But still, some things still didn’t make sense to her. Servants were supposed to be heroic spirits, made powerful through the legends and tales told of them. Emiya Shirou was just a magus. What could possibly have happened to Shirou to lead him to the path of a Servant? One thing was certain, however. The Shirou she knew and the Emiya who had been Archer were not the same

It was when her vision began to blur and she felt how cold she was that Rin realized that she had been drawing blood and transferring mana to the gem for hours. The room began to spin. Damn, she admonished herself, I really overdid it this time. She really did have a talent for spectacular miscalculation. Her vision faded and her head swam. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she saw the pendant glow. Her last sight before blackness engulfed her was the clock striking two.


I appear a few hundred meters from the castle. Already, I know that people will die. Killing is all I am able to do.

As I approach in the late night darkness, my eyes fill with mana, bringing all into crystal clarity. Neither distance nor darkness can obscure anything from me. I can see the guards pacing the walls, firearms cradled in their arms. I wonder if they realized that simply being there on this night means that they will never see the morning. There are familiars present as well, though they do a better job of hiding. Still, they too will have their existence ended.

Within me, the perfect pattern of a bow emerges, and I make it appear in my hand. I’m not sure, but I think I feel pain as my magic circuits conduct the mana. I’m not sure if I can feel anymore. In my right hand, an arrow appears; simple arrows to end simple lives. Within seconds, all familiars and human guards in sight are dead.

My presence will be known, but it will not matter. I prepare a dozen pairs of Kansho and Bakuya before hand, keeping them all but materialized. I bring forth the first pair of blades, allowing my mana and my body to give them form. Yes, there is pain. I do feel it.

Mana fills my limbs and I run. Moving too fast for human eyes to see, I have run to the wall and leapt over. There is confusion in the courtyard. Still unaware of what has happened to their comrades, stray guards and servants are running about in panic. My blades slay them swiftly, cutting limbs and necks. Before a single shot can be fired, all lay dead. I pause to glance at the carnage I have wrought. The shock and confusion is plain on their still and bloodstained faces. What is this I’m feeling now?

As I stand before the large wooden doors that lead to the great hall, I can feel the barrier upon them. They will be waiting for me, the magi who dwell inside. Caladbolg will do. The altered form of the sword appears in my right hand, the bow in my left. I aim to the side of the door, where there is no barrier. The knocked and drawn Broken Phantasm glows and I loose.

The sword, which is said to destroy hills, obliterates the stone of the walls. Debris and dust obscure the vision of all but myself. As I dash inside the great hall, dozens of spells are aimed at where I was. Kansho and Bakuya cut the outstretched hands of the magi, and their heads soon follow. By the time the air begins to clear, a dozen magi lay dead around me.

There is one other figure standing besides me amid the ruins and corpses. It is slight and cloaked and remains unscathed.

“Ah, a dog of Akasha,” says a feminine voice from the depths of the cowl. “No matter. I have what I came for and was leaving anyway.”

I do not speak. My job requires no words. I dash towards the magus.

From nowhere, a pair of gigantic black hounds pounces at me. Instantly, my movement shifts, my tactics adapting to the new threat. Slashing jaws snap at me. I dance among the tearing claws and snarling mouths, stabbing with my blades. Not bothering to withdraw my swords, I project replacements as needed. In the blink of an eye, the beasts are dead.

Yet that blink seems to be all that the magus requires. In her cupped hands is a sphere of blinding light. The mana is so dense that it looks like she holds the sun. Such a spell approaches the level of Sorcery.

There is no time to kill her. I feel what could be described as fear. Desperately, I search within my soul for the answer, for the most powerful protection I have ever encountered. There. Deep within my own world, I see a golden scabbard. It is somehow so familiar, like rediscovering a part of myself. Drawing more mana than I could ever remember doing, I make it appear. As the scabbard materializes, the sphere expands at lightning speed.

This close to the blast, there is no sound. Yet the scabbard stands firm, and I am untouched as everything around me erupts into light and heat. Quickly, the night returns after being chased away by the false dawn.

The scabbard begins to fade, its purpose fulfilled. I watch it as it disappears, and wonder why I feel so painfully nostalgic as I gaze at its beauty.

As night fades in again, the only illumination comes from the now burning ruins. From among the crackling flames, I can hear agonized voices. There are survivors. They are probably the families and servants of the magi. Moments ago, they were probably sleeping soundly. Now, they have awakened to hell.

I survey the chaos around me. Individuals who are capable desperately attempt to assist survivors. The scene strikes something deep within me. I have seen this before. Once, there was a fire like this, where innocents who had been slumbering peacefully suddenly found themselves in an inferno. One lucky child survived. Tonight, there is no such fortune for anyone here. There can be no witnesses to my work. I am a cleaner, and they are now no more than dirt.

Swords will do. Swords kill swiftly. As do I. In seconds, it is done. Men, women, and children alike are all now extinguished. I stand alone among the ashes, rubble, and corpses.

I can feel something on my face. Reaching up, I touch the salty liquid. Blood? No. The liquid is clear. I think I am crying. Why would I do that? Why am I on my knees shaking? Why is my voice wailing? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? WHY!!!???

“Why?” My voice is gruff and choked. “Help me. Oyaji. Sakura. Fuji-nee. Saber. Illya. Tohsaka.” But who are they? I think to myself. The names are gone now. All that I remember is how to make weapons and end lives.

I am standing, and my eyes are dry. Why? I had asked. Because this is what I am. This is what I do now. The ideals I once believed in were a sham anyway. This is the truth. This is the real price of justice. This is the path of the savior. And this is the price of a miracle.

My work is done for now. I am no longer needed. Already, I can feel myself fading. I know I will be back, bringing death with me. For the sake of all who live. My body decays, and I feel nothing.

In a small flat in London, Tohsaka Rin tossed on the floor in her sleep. Clutching the pendant in her hand, she murmured in her dreams: “Shirou…” A tear trickled from a sleeping eye.

Chapter 1, End

All reviews and/or criticism (even bad) are appreciated. Please don’t hesitate to PM me with more direct questions or comments.

Kara No Kyoukai ~ The Garden of Sinners
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