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Here is Something I have been working on

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Evangelion is cool

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:26 pm    Post subject: Here is Something I have been working on Reply with quote

(ok I RP as Sasuke on my myspace and I have been looking for something different to do so I made this its called "Here and Now" its basically taking the Anime and putting it into today's time and its a work and progress so tell me what you think of this beta I guess you could say)

There was a bright blue sky and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen and there was a slight breeze blowing, and the Leaf City looked as busy as ever, there many cars going all over the roads and people where walking up and down the sidewalks talking to other people or talking on there cellphone’s. The City itself was very large; the skyscrapers seemed to go on forever and there many smaller buildings between the large ones. It seemed the mayor of this city, a women buy the name Tsunade, seem to be taking care of this place very well.

Off in the distance the sound of a motorcycle could be heard coming towards the city as it got closer, you could see what it looked like, the motorcycle was painted a dark blue and it had lightning bolts on it, plus the symbol of the Uchiha clan was also painted on both sides of it. The man sitting on this bike was wearing, a black leather jacket, with Uchiha symbol on it and with a white shirt underneath the jacket plus there was a sword on the man’s back and he also had two pistols inside of the jacket, and he also had a pair of dark blue jeans on. On his feet was a pair of black tennis shoes and on his head was a blue bandanna with Uchiha symbol on it as well, he also had a pair of dark sunglasses on, he continued to ride his bike into the city.

As the man got closer to the village, he noticed that he was starting to run out of gas, so he stopped at a gas station on the edge of the village, as soon he pulled up to the pump he got off his bike and pulled out his wallet, he then pulled out a credit card and put it into the machine and began to pump the gas, and as he did he took off his sunglasses and looked at the sky, the man’s name was Sasuke Uchiha, he sighed and thought to himself I never thought I would come back to this city, he had left it many years ago and he had promised himself that he would never come back and yet here he was once again

As he stood there, he heard his cellphone goes off, so he reached into his pocket and took it out and answered it “Hello” and then someone’s voice was on the other line and it was his partner Suigetsu he said “It seems the village is aware of the problem, do you still want to continue” Sasuke sighed, he had heard that the akatsuki where planning on coming to the village to take Naruto buy force and it seemed the leaf had gotten wind of it , Sasuke then began to speak again “Yes, we have come to far to turn back now” Suigetsu then answered back “Understood” then he hung up, Sasuke then finished pumping his gas and he put his card up and his cell phone back into his pocket. He knew that it was going to be harder to try and sneak around the city but that was ok with him, he then got on his bike and drove into the city
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

OMG! Do you have more I can read? I love'd it.

Umm, I dont know if you want advice but maybe you shouldnt go into much detail in the clothes a way its kinda a mouthfull (or headfull) and ends up sounding weird.

Keep it up! Smilie_PDT
"It's a bad habit of mine. When I concentrate on one thing, I forget other important things." - Tsukushi (Hana Yori Dango)
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