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Grand Chase

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Which Character would you be more interested in?
Elesis (Warrior)
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Lire (Archer)
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Arme (Mage)
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Ronan (Spell Knight/Van Guard)
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Lass (Theif)
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Ryan (Druid)
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Amy (Dancer/Oracle)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Jin (Fighter)
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Sieghart (Gladiator)
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Mari (Magical Mechanic)
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Dio (Stygian)
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:49 am    Post subject: Grand Chase Reply with quote

Basically This is an MMORPG it has 2-D movement but almost 3-D graphics you start off with 3 playable characters but as you progress through the game you may end up with as much as 11 characters. The starting 3 characters are all female to your dismay. Elesis is the swordsman, Lire is the archer, and Arme is the Mage


Ryan is an Elven Druid who's intentions are to preserve nature. He has the ability to transform into a wolf because of an unintentionaly curse. As he gains more knowledge of this transformation he will be able to transfore into more forms.

Ronan, a Van Guard to the Erudon Family Kanavan, he has the ability to use spells while going melee as well. He can counter balance light and dark to even out his power.

Lass, an unknown child who's memory is blank, he was posessed by the main antagonist Kaze'aze. While in control she used his body for absolute evil deeds. Once the Grand Chase Knights defeated Kaze'aze Lass decided to join the knights to atone for his sins commited as Kaze'aze's puppet.

Amy, the Oracle & celebrated Dancer of Xenia, Don't let the cuteness fool you she's got inhuman/dareing strength her flexability allows her to avoid most damage in combat.

Jin, a Fighter from the Silver Knights clan, his martial arts skills are unmatched. All Silver Knights learn how to control their "Chi", Spiritual energy from within, and use it to make their punches more deadly.

Sieghart is supposedly is a 600 year old hero of Bermesiah, He was granted immortality by the Highlanders for the reconision of his skill. It is often speculated that Sieghart is one of Elesis' ancestors as he shares his name with her grandfather. Believing that they are too young and unskilled to be Grand Chase. He puts on a little "test" for them in Ellia, and after they bypass it, he joins them.

Most of this info I found on Wiki and it's very accurate no BS edits.
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