Kyoto wanderings

Hi everyone. Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post. I’ve been busy all day and either too tired or no internet at night. I’m posting this from my friend Mori-san’s laptop in Osaka before I head out to Nara this morning.

Ok, where to start. On the 12th I headed out from Asakusa to Kyoto. I caught the Hikari Shinkansen (bullet train) down to Kyoto. It was about a 2:30 trip, and very nice. I actually talked for the whole time to a guy named Hide-san who was originally from Chiba but had lived in the states for 18 years, currently in Chicago. Continue reading Kyoto wanderings

Episode 139: Crystal Failure (also known as Crystal Burned)

Tim and I do the show this week while Ichigo gets settled into his new home. We talk about AX and our personal feelings and opinions of the even and then I review Crystal Blaze and finally Tim finishes the show up with a full update on One Piece, YAY!

Crystal Blaze – Even if you receive it as a present. Burn the disc and piss on the ashes. Continue reading Episode 139: Crystal Failure (also known as Crystal Burned)

GSDF Colonel Dies in Empty Pool

Forty-Nine year old Tadashi Usami was found dead in an empty swimming pool around six-twenty A.M. on Thursday Morning. His body was found face down in the pool of a residential neighborhood. Police believe that Usami was on his way home to his hotel when he stumbled into the back yard believing this was his home. Having been drinking for most of the evening with a colleague near JR Ebisu station,Usami being extremely intoxicated was unable to tell the difference between this house and his hotel. Alcohol is believed to be the main factor. Foul play is not suspected.

Mainichi Daily News

Gundam 00 prepares for Season 2 and American release

Last season Gundam fans all over rejoiced over the first season of Gundam 00. While still primarily a giant robot show, this series focus a lot more on the pilots and their reasons for being Gundam pilots. Although there is still that evil organization lurking in the corner that drives them. The Japanese site for 00 has been updated for season two giving the premise for the next season and updated character info in aftermath of the first season’s finale. Continue reading Gundam 00 prepares for Season 2 and American release

A new magazine in town?

When the news came that Newtype USA would be ceasing publication many fans were shocked. For a lot of fans Newtype USA was a one stop Mag for Anime, Manga and more. you couldn’t wait to see who would be on this months cover or what poster was inside. But what all the anime fans wanted was the DVD inside with three free episodes of new shows to watch. So to say we were sad to see Newtype USA go would be an understatement. Continue reading A new magazine in town?

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