Episode 649: Spring 2020 Previews #3

It’s the final episode of previews for this spring 2020 season, but that doesn’t mean the guys will leave you with some cold leftovers. We got IRL news in first with Joseph getting ready to start his PC build for real, and Andrew is interested in learning when and where you watch your anime. He totally is not selling this information to an analytical algorithm in exchange for bitcoins. Afterwards the industry news has YouTube playing the Eva Rebuild movies for free, Funimation being shit again, and Japan suspending EMS services to the US. And lastly the previews this week gets Joseph to transforms into a mascot character while trying to get a girl to confess to him, and Andrew transforms into a furry to drive a car across America.

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VG Pulse 350: Strugglebus Lockdown

This week on VG Pulse, the world’s still largely at a standstill! We start off with side-notes about life in retail, as well as an update about Millennium’s mysterious sickness, before diving into what little months worth of news there is, including Game Stop wanting to reopen again, a lawsuit about Humvee’s, and some Nintendo security breaches! After the news we dive into mine and Millennium’s joint review of Rebel Galaxy and we finish off with talk of food, anime, and shockingly some non-anime tv too!! All this and more up next on VGP 350! -Aki

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Episode 648: Spring 2020 Previews #2

Boy, sure is getting sparse this season. No? Well delayed anime or not the Anime Pulse guys keep the spirits high, previewing more anime from what is left of the Spring 2020 season. First up IRL news gets Joseph hyping himself up for a mid-life crisis computer build, and Andrew is disappoint in anime. Yes, that was an altered meme. Afterwards comes industry news which is over rather quickly, with a Jump magazine looking for horny isekai and more delays in the anime world. And lastly come the previews as Joseph climbs a tower to be the next top chef, and Andrew gets reborn in another world to date guys while recovering from amnesia.

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Episode 647: Spring 2020 Previews #1

Can COVID keep a good anime down? Well it can certainly delay them, but that’s neither here nor there as the Anime Pulse crew jumps into a new season of anime. First up through IRL news gets us going with Joseph becoming even more annoyed with Borderlands 3, and Andrew is getting musical on us. Afterwards the industry news comes at us with COVID-19 delays, and Kimetsu no Yaiba’s movie being given a totally rock solid release date. And at last we’ve made it into the spring season once again with Joseph trying to hide the fact from his daughter that he’s been isekai’d, and Andrew goes fishing with lolis and a raven.

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Episode 646: Iron Chef Shokugeki

Recording from their underground bunker in the middle of nowhere, Joseph and Andrew have survived another week of the deadly zombie outbreak to bring you one more episode of anime reviews, news, and the latest survival tips. Up first is IRL news as Joseph has talks about his new favorite manga, and Andrew wants to know what the deciding factors are for your choosing of anime to watch. Afterwards the industry news brings us topics like the odd things Otakus will pay the big bucks for, Funimation rearing its ugly head, and good news for organizers of Comiket. And lastly comes a fusion review of the forth season of Food Wars, as the guys prepare to make the jump into the new spring season of anime.

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Episode 645: Chostars

This week on Anime Pulse the guys are still alive in these trying times, here to bring you some needed relief with reviews, news, and general chit chat from the past week. Up first is the IRL news as Joseph is pretty moot on the new FGO campaign, and Andrew wants to know if an anime’s fan base has ever altered your perspective on an anime. Then come the industry news with Joseph listing off the top manga sought to be made into an anime, and Andrew chimes in on the closures and cancelations from the past week. And finally they dig into some reviews with Joseph becoming Prime Minister in a new world, and Andrew is totally not a furry but…

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VG Pulse 349: Coronapanic

This week on Quarantine Pulse, we’re going off the rails! We start out with some life updates and discussions of our health and quarantine, before diving into the tiny puddle of news we have, where we discuss Game Stop, the WHO’s changed opinion on gaming, and racing events! I give a first look on Animal Crossing: New Horizon, we go over the forum, and we end off with talk of anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 349!! ~Aki

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