Episode 643: Zombie de Sekai Saikyou

Wash your hands, and don’t scratch your butt. This week on Anime Pulse the guys are staying safe as the world around them slow devolves into madness, but first they talk about how their week’s have been. Joseph is up first as he as finally finished a 2 year old anime, and then Andrew asks us what characters in anime we share birthdays with. Afterwards the industry news coughs its way in with Patreon thinking adults look like kids, and a bunch of uptight political pencil pushers will watch Interspecies Reviewers. And finally comes the reviews as Joseph bangs a loli vampire while climbing his way out of a dungeon, and Andrew gets run over, resurrected, and forced to rap battle as a zombie girl.

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Episode 642: Interviews with Hensuki

This week on Anime Pulse the guys talk about Funimation tripping over their own shoelaces, finding cinderella using panties, and holding the deepest conversation about what supernatural beings in anime are your favorites. First up is IRL news with Joseph playing a perverted version of Papers Please, and Andrew picking between cat girls and dullahans. Then the industry news gets in with subjects like the latest big budget anime film earning some big awards, the positives of the Coronavirus, and a mangaka publicly airing their editors dirty laundry. And finally the reviews close us out with Joseph learning all the girls around him are perverts, and Andrew interrogates some cute monster girls.

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VG Pulse 348: 2020 Sucks

This week on VG Pulse, we have an interesting mix of good and bad news! We start off with talk of how I managed to hurt my back last week, as well as talk of Mil’s new computer, before we dive into the regular news where we discuss the amazing news that Reggie Fils-Aime has joined up with Game Stop to help save that ship, as well as the major (yet not unforeseen) news that E3 2020 has been canceled due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus. After the news we head into Millennium’s review of Remedy’s Control, and finish off with talk of anime and food! All this and more up next on VGP 348!! -Aki

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Episode 641: Nu Wu Shen de Craft

We got old men in politics who don’t get anime, solving crimes with a legal loli, and making our own spinoffs. First up comes the IRL news as Joseph makes some headway on his backlogged anime, and Andrew is on the lookout for a new Anime Pulse Original with his community topic this week. Afterwards we get to the industry news with the Tsuredure creator making good out of a bad situation, and reminding us that High Guardian Spice is still a thing. And then we are back to the reviews in full force as Joseph stars in a buddy cop series with a true foreigner, and Andrew cooks us up a wholesome meal with some Norse angels.

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Popcorn pulse 118: War Wolves

Oh shit, is it the movie show again? How about a movie about soldiers who are werewolves? No, not Dog Soldiers, we’ve already done that. We’ve got War Wolves[2009] who are barely soldiers and only wolves in that they put in fangs from a Spirit store special. A group of coed soldiers get bit during an attack in the mid east.

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Episode 640: Dorohedoro Datta Kemono-tachi Invaded

This week on Anime Pulse we got a hybrid show for ya, as Joseph returns to the reviews and Andrew keep the previews running for last week. First up IRL news gets Joseph gushing about the latest episode of Fate/Grand Order Babylonia, and Andrew wants to know what piece of anime technology would you want to have for real. Afterwards the industry news brings us topics like mall posters for Love Live making SJWs mad, another channel hits the escape button on Interspecies Reviews, and Funimation being Funimation. And lastly is the hybrid section with Joseph killing monsters created by the military, and Andrew attempts to solve a murder mystery by sticking heads in his giant dino mouth.

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Manga Pulse 413: Late Darling

We have a pair of manga this week with some requests.

Tim has a request for Darling In The Franxx. Most of his exposure of this series came from the meme’d scene where Hiro and Zero Two announce their love for each other. They’re both mech pilots without partners. Hiro can seem to pair with anyone and Zero Two keeps killing hers. So she grabs him and forces him to work with her in the mech which works and they fight a monster. It gets a crackers for being fun while being light on story.

Weltall has Late Winter. It’s the furture and a brand new ice age has show up ready to wreck humanity. Instead of getting back megafauna of yore, we get monsters that show up. Oh, and like an apocalyptic story aren’t the real monsters the humans we met along the way? It gets Borders for great pacing but a dull premise that has yet to win us over.

Popcorn Pulse 117: Blown

The nineties had a window in ninety four where villains had to one man armies with overly clever gadgets. One such entry is Blown Away(1994). Tommy Lee Jones plays a leather coin purse who was an IRA member in jail. He’s a master bomb maker who escapes prison and heads to Boston for revenge.

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Episode 639: Winter 2020 Previews #4

This week on Anime Pulse we talk about selling magical water, wholesome romance, and having a wolf girl lick your wounds. Up first is the IRL news as Joseph talks about his car woes, and Andrew uses a user submitted community question about the best romantic anime of the 2000’s. Afterwards the industry sees topics like a rap music video accused of tracing its animation from other sources, and China officially hates My Hero Academia. And lastly come the previews where Joseph speaks in a Nagoya accent while summoning his embryo, and Andrew maxes out his defense against wolf girls.

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VG Pulse 347: Full POTATO

This week on VG Pulse, we have a new recording computer! We start off discussing the specs about that, as well as my initial thoughts on the Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC, before we dive into the… gasp… EZMAILS!! After the ezmails we head on off to the regular news where we discuss the PS5’s delayed reveal, stupid criminals doing stupid things, and the apparent censoring of a scene in Persona 5! After the news we head off into the forums, Millennium gives a brief first look at The Outer Worlds, and we finish off with talk of anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 347!! -Aki

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