Episode 667: Pupipo to Mori no Kamisama

This week on Anime Pulse we got Tsukimi sandwiches, why Westerners hate sugoi dekai, and adopting an imaginary monster friend. Up first IRL news goes in with Joseph ready to break free from his self isolation, and Andrew wants us to rank the most unconventional anime weaponry of all time. Afterwards we dig into industry news with Tom from Cartoon Network supporting BLM, an adult actress explains the finer points of Uzaki, and a VTuber couldn’t handle the heat after just a couple weeks. And lastly the reviews return to normal with Joseph going on a journey with an adopted human daughter, and Andrew brings home an invisible creature.

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Popcorn Pulse 128: Me Super

Who likes chicken? All you who didn’t raise your hands are welcome to sit out and sign petitions for the rights of fruit flies. The rest of us can gather in solidarity and rail against Morgan Spurlock’s latest attempt to cash in on the fifteen minutes of fame he had years ago. Yes, we dual reviewed and are talking about Super Size Me 2[2017].

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Episode 666: High School Maou-Sama!

This week on Anime Pulse we got demonic boobies, demonic McDonalds, and a job opening in Japan for Prime Minister. First up IRL news gets us through the gates of hell with Joseph’s trip to Florida, and Andrew wants us to point out our favorite demon lords. Then in industry news Charon takes us down the river of Styx with the artist of the act-age manga responding to its cancelation, and Japan went full weird with the mascot for the Osaka Japan Expo. And finally we take a tour of the seven circles of hell as Joseph grapples with uncensored demon tits, and Andrew sells us a devilish happy meal with extra french fries. Please excuse Andrew’s mic quality, the devil cursed it.

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Manga Pulse 423: Creepy Yakuza

Dust off the shelf and dig through the piles. It’s manga time once more.

Tim has Gokusen. It’s about the granddaughter of a yakuza boss who’s become a teacher. She ends up teaching a bunch of delinquents which only lasts for a couple of chapters. The rest fo the first volume is her filling in for grandpa while he recovers from the consumption. It earns a Crackers.

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VG Pulse 354: Junk in the Trunk

This week on VG Pulse, another month has passed us by in this strange strange year! We start out with side-notes of general life updates, before diving into the regular news where we discuss Microsoft possibly acquiring TikTok, the exciting news of Remedy creating a shared universe between Alan Wake and Control, and the morbidly interesting teaser trailer for Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War! After the news Millennium and I give a joint review of Carrion, and we finish off with talk of anime and food! All this and more up next on VGP 354!! -Aki

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Episode 665.5: Encouragement of ReLIFE

Hello, Andrew here. Joseph’s on holiday this week so we’re down to half of the hosts but (hopefully) not half the fun. The forum question this week is about anime that aged poorly the second time round. With news there’s Gundam and other anime being made available for free topped off with everyone’s favorite salt-mining college Kouhai getting immortalized in Saitama. Finally in the the reviews, Andrew relives his youth with a magic pill to climb mountains.

Special thanks to MillenniumX17, Ryowei247 and Joseph in helping me get this episode up.

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Popcorn Pulse 127: Rock-a-Doodle

Oh crap. Show. Ugh, how about a Don Bluth movie? No, not one you like or have probably seen. We did Rock-A-Doodle(1991). It’s about a rooster who believes he crows the sun up but the sun rises without him one morning which makes the other farm animals laugh at him. So he runs off to the city to become an Elvis impersonator. The protagonist gets sucked into his story book from the real world, gets turned into a kitten, and has to set out to bring cock of the walk back to try and stop the rain. Also there’s an evil owl.

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Manga Pulse 422: Doctor Bitch

Twin manga powers activate. Form of, a shounen! Plot of, a shoujo!

Tim revisits Dr Stone now that he’s read well beyond the first few volumes. It’s still a mostly grounded story where they have to use their brains and luck out to find some incredibly rare pieces in a prehistoric tech world to revive humanity. It culminates to a point where they determine they have to go to the moon. It keeps a Read It Now though the plot is getting ahead of itself.

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Episode 665: Yatogame-chan to Nekoyama-san

This week on Anime Pulse we got Nagoya accents, exorbitant prices for Crunchyroll, and no show next week. Up first IRL news has Joseph reminding us that he will be in Florida next week, and Andrew asks us what our greatest anime achievement is. Then industry news hits us with a mangaka being arrested for touching middle school girls, a major piracy site bites the digital dust, and a chain of bookstores in the Down Under stop selling some very specific manga titles. Finally the reviews are back in full swing as Joseph reads us off some more Nagoya edition Snapple facts, and Andrew the cat lover argues with a dog lover until they yuri.

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