Episode 631: Yuru Musume

It’s the week before Christmas, but that doesn’t mean Anime Pulse won’t stop giving the reviews. First up though IRL news has Joseph excited to hand out the gifts he bought, and Andrew wants to know who your top waifus and husbandos are. Afterwards industry news brings us topics like sleeping around with Monster Girls, the good and the bad of tourism, and yes, even more KickVic news. And lastly the reviews have Joseph adopting a demon loli, and Andrew travels to Mount Fuji with a bunch of moe girls.

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Episode 630: King’s Astra

We hope you enjoyed our guests from MFA, and be sure to keep an ear out for an appearance Joseph and Andrew will be making on their podcast in the coming week. With that said, this week on Anime Pulse we’re talking about spending our savings on a gatcha game, watching bad anime all the way to the end, and playing a deadly game of truth or dare. First up IRL news reveals Joseph has been in a giving mood this season, and Andrew got lost in Germany. Afterwards the industry news rolls through with new, oh so gracious, copyright laws in Japan and the man stepping in Vic’s shoes gets trolled. And finally the reviews wraps things up as Joseph goes planet hopping, and Andrew becomes king of a game.

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VG Pulse 344: Retro Active

MX17 Note – Show recorded 24h before Game Awards, Our full thoughts on “Series X”(?) next show.
This week on VG Pulse, we’re halfway through December retail hell! We start off with side notes of new TVs and TV stands obtained from Black Friday sales, before we dive into the regular news where we discuss Microsoft claiming to know what they’re doing with the names of their consoles (lol more on that next show…) as well as our thoughts on some upcoming games and the announcement of Resident Evil 3’s remake! After the news we give our joint review of Pokemon Shield Version, and end off with talk of anime and food! All this and more up next on VGP 344! -Aki

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Manga PUlse 409: Perfect Saga

The local con season has come and gone and that means it’s time for more manga selected from a grab bag for Tim. This time the manga roulette has brought Tim to The Saga of Tanya the Evil. It’s an isekai where the protagonist is a salary man on earth who enjoys firing people. One of his firees takes this badly and shoves him in front of a subway train. In the afterlife, he meets various gods who want people to believe in them so they send him into a world of magic to be reborn as a girl soldier. The characters is lazy and obnoxious and fun to watch. It gets a Crackers.

Weltall then does Perfect School. Two twins, a boy and girl, are just switching schools. We don’t know why this has happened but we start to get hints. She begins by identifying a girl in class who appears to be ripe for psychological manipulation. She convinces the other girl to change her hair and this begins the protagonist weaving wicked strings throughout the school. It’s not very engaging or up our alley though the premise pushes it up to Borders.

Episode 629: Chihaya Retry

This week on Anime Pulse, Joseph and Andrew find themselves joined by the hosts from My Favorite Anime podcast. Altogether we go over idols getting a way out of contracts, a demon lord who is going to die of cancer, who My Favorite Anime are, and the community topic of the week. First up IRL news introduces the crew of My Favorite Anime, Joseph’s disappointment after beating The Outer Worlds, and Andrew asks us what anime we are thankful for. Afterwards IRL news has Joseph getting hyped for the latest FGO singularity, and Andrew talks turkey about our favorite animes. Then industry news hits us with what should be the final KickVic update, as well as the Japanese government sticking up for their idols. And lastly come the reviews, as the MFA guys totally talk about a sports anime and Joseph diagnoses a demon lord with a bad smoking habit.

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VG Pulse 343: Coppapocalypse

This week on VG Pulse, it may be the end of YouTube as we know it! We start off with some minor side notes before diving into the main news where we primarily discuss COPPA and what it may mean for the future of content creation on YouTube, as well as Death Stranding’s many nominations at the game awards! After the newz we go over the forums, and then finish off with talk of anime! All this and more up next on VGP 343! ~Aki

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Popcorn Pulse 113: Cockless Studio

The requests keep coming and they don’t stop coming. We’ve got another two sent in via the po box. Films from Rooster Teeth reviewed in the order of release tackled by both of us. This will be a bit different as we’re not inherent fans of the group aware of outside of a few things like RWBY or Red Vs Blue.

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Episode 628: Fall 2019 Previews #6

Being surrounded by a sea of otaku, the positive influence for anime, and cooking anime. These and more topics are what you’ll find on this week’s episode of Anime Pulse. First up IRL is out like a flash with The Outer Worlds still failing to hook Joseph and Andrew seeks out the answer to if anime has been a positive or negative influence on your life; with examples. Afterwards the industry news brings us topics like a monster-girl doctor anime, marrying otakus, and anime artists worrying their work is killing their love for industry. And finally we have reached our final episode of previews for this season, as Joseph cooks up a cayenne dish for a study group of girls and Andrew tries to decide whether to join a club of cute girls with guns or delusional pretty boys.

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Episode 627: Fall 2019 Previews #5

Western non-otakus losing their marbles over dragon maids, an assassin who calls his target my little lady, and the top female protagonist in anime. These topics and more can be found on this weeks episode of Anime Pulse. First up is IRL news with Joseph having mixed feeling about The Outer Worlds, and Andrew grills us on who we feel are out top female protagonists in anime. Afterwards industry news brings in topics like a boat full of otakus, a really desperate news channel hears out a mother complaining about manga, and Jump+ says it will only hire women who understand the hearts of boys. And lastly are the previews, as Joseph replaces his head with a gun while not assassinating his target, and Andrew tempts Joseph with a hot female antagonist while fighting the supernatural.

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VG Pulse 342: The Jazz Hands Are Real

This week on VG Pulse we’re right around the corner from Pokemon times!! We start off with a few minor side notes, before diving into the regular news where we discuss Death Stranding’s mixed reception, Blizzard continuing to Blizzard things up for themselves, and the weird state of the Pokemon community in the face of Sword and Shield’s impending release! After the news Millennium gives a first look of Code Vein, and we finish off with talk of food and anime! All this and more up next on VGP 342!! -Aki

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