VG Pulse 399: Down with the Sickness

This week on VGP, we exist!! We start off with side notes of our many many illnesses over the last few weeks, before diving into our mountains of news! We discuss the aftermath of the Game “Awards”, a Florida Man whining about the GTA VI trailer, lots of lawsuits against gaming monopoly’s, people huffing their Steam Decks, and much more!!! After the news we finish off with talk of anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 399! -Aki

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Popcorn Pulse 213: Dekotora

Two guys and ten movies. No, it’s not us talking yet more James Bond. Though that will be coming. We’ve got something a little special for everyone. By that we mean we’re doing a movie that wasn’t in either of our wheelhouse and probably hasn’t been covered by a whole host of people before. We have Truck Rascals(1975).

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Episode 837: The Garden of Sweet

This week on Anime Pulse we got what is considered appropriate attire, baking bonka pies, and new controllers. Up first Joseph is relearning how to Overwatch after buying a new controller, and Andrew is trying to trick people into taking offers from Kyubey. Then in the industry news a collab squid ink burger appears in Dom Dom, and the future of the translation industry is run by machines. And finally in the final reviews until the new season of previews start, Joseph is reincarnated into a world without apples or good desserts and Andrew makes a lady new shoes in the rain.

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Manga Pulse 506: Blame Tim

A whole other week arrives. Along with all the chill and snow of a new year. In spite of this we rouse the dogs and lash them to the sled. All so we can make our long and arduous journey to the manga store. From which we will review two manga. Will they be found fresh or are they molding like those mangosteens no one ate?

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Episode 836: I Got a Boy in Another Wold and Became Heron in the Real World

This week on Anime Pulse we got a baking company joining Japan’s earthquake relief, more middling isekai, and snow. Up first Joseph sees the first real snow storm to hit New York, and Andrew wants to know if we have any New Year resolutions. Then in the industry news Mr. Anime-was-a-Mistake draws a new years Dragon, and the live performance Spirited Away is streaming now! Lastly in the reviews Joseph walks through a door and becomes a super chad nice guy, and Andrew makes friends with an old man inside a bird.

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Episode 835: Night is Dead, Walk on Play

This week on Anime Pulse we got rude teachers, no new year resolutions, and reverse isekai. Up first Joseph was a good citizen and turned in a cell phone to the police, and Andrew asks the community what the best anime of 2023 were. Then in the industry news an ESL teacher in Japan tries to pass of being an asshole as an “American Joke”, and theater staff are increasingly annoyed by the movie tie-in swag for anime movies. And then in the reviews Joseph reincarnates into the body of a recently murdered boy, and Andrew keeps accidentally bumping into the love of his life who believes all things are fated.

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Manga Pulse 505: Night Bully

Line up folks. It’s episode five hundred and five. Which is always a bit awkward to type out. We were once told that the and in number was for describing decimal points. Yet it feels natural to write it out like that. Then when we go and check style guides and they say that it’s better to use numerals for larger numbers because writing it out wastes space. Screw you, style guides, we have near infinite space thanks to the digital revolution.

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Episode 834: Santa to Another Company for a Second Time

This week on Anime Pulse we got the annual Anime Pulse Christmas Gift Exchange, the worst anime of 2023, and Pro Mercy Joseph. Up first the IRL news has Joseph tooting his own horn about his Mercy game in Overwatch 2, and Andrew has been up and down the country all week long while playing a Meteoroid game on the 3DS. Then in the industry news there’s just one thing worth mentioning, and that’s a big name in anime who think he’s still got plenty more to learn. And lastly in the reviews Joseph wonders why isekai protagonists would prefer magic and monsters over plumbing and showers, and Andrew is training to be the best Santa there ever was.

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Episode 833: My One-Hit Rec

This week on Anime Pulse we got horrible gaming mistakes, no one in Japan knows what relationships are, and what is One Punch man was a hot older sister. Up first Joseph confesses to making a horrible decision to return to a game he swore off for good, and Andrew has put on his Santa hat to find all out what all the good little otakus want for Christmas. Then in the industry news some robo vacuums invade a temple, One Piece is getting a remake, and Japan is a very lonely country. And finally the reviews see Joseph reincarnated into another world with his hot older sister who wants to bone him, and Andrew invites a voice actress into him home after her apartment burns down.

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