VG Pulse 330: Pro Detective Maker

This week on VGP, we have very little news but still manage to go over an hour! We start off with side notes of new tech and tech fail, before diving into the main news where we discuss the situation with YouTuber ProJared, the contents of the Mario Maker Nintendo Direct, and Bethesda’s latest mishap. After the news we head on off into a very unusual review, where instead of discussing a video game we instead talk about a movie we saw! I’m sure you can guess which one ;P. We then finish off with talk of old-school anime and pizza! All this and more up next on VGP 330!! -Aki

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Episode 602: Spring 2019 Previews #2

This week on Anime Pulse the crew talks about anime being used in politics, going on a cleaning spree, and more anime from the spring 2019 season. First up is IRL news with Joseph being alone at home for a week and five days, and Andrew gets into community asking about what anime we have backlogged. Then with industry news, we got topics like an Anti-Moe animation talking down on anime and Kizuna Ai making it into the big leagues of most respected people in the world. And finally the previews wrap things up, as Joseph picks up some harems and Andrew puts on some slightly off color rose tinted glasses.

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After Dark 40: C-4 Pussy

It’s been a while listeners. Ryo has been busy. But now she and Blonde are back with a last minute title that leaves them both bored and consistently side tracked. Then the duo tackle consent, and all that comes with it. Get into cosplay and get ready for Anime Pulse After Dark!

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Popcorn Pulse 103: Moron Gate

Bibliophiles don’t usually make the list of top candidates for most exciting job. We’re pretty sure that they’re ranked just below the people who muck out the stables for for Mel Gibson. Which means we must have a movie centered on just that. The Ninth Gate 1999, staring Johnny Depp before he started mistaking hat and makeup for acting.

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Episode 601: Spring 2019 Previews #1

After taking a week off for Easter, the Anime Pulse crew returns just in time to open up 2019’s spring anime catalog. As usual Joseph and Andrew begin with IRL news, covering the things they’ve been up to since we least heard from them. Afterwards industry news is back with 20 foot Gundams for sale on Craigslist, the KickVic saga continues, and the passing of horses that have been immortalized in anime. And finally the previews return, as Joseph has one very bad show and one “ok” show and Andrew fulfills his contract to the devil with more cute girls doing cute things.

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VG Pulse 329: Factory Scramble

This week on VGP, we’ve got supervision again! We start off with side notes of quiet weeks, before diving into the regular news where we discuss Riot Games trying to get out of lawsuits, Kongregates CEO leaving, and the reaction to the first official trailer of the Sonic movie! After the news we head on off into the forums, before Millennium and I talk about Satisfactory, and then we finish off with talk of animes! All this and more up next on VGP 329! -Aki

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Manga Pulse 398: chainsawbaka

We’ve managed to barricade ourselves in the lower levers. The main gate failed early on though the gamer geeks took heavy casualties to get it done. The slings of the TV and comic nerds took down our archers. We’re low on arrows and hoping for reinforcements from Animu-land. I would like to believe we can hold it to then but I can hear the drums of the theater kids. They’re singing an acapella version of an incredibly popular song from five years ago. I fear they will press us far too soon.

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Popcorn Pulse 102: Mortal Pulse

We jointly review Mortal Engines[2018]. It’s a “young adult” novel so of course it’s post apocalyptic. Cities in Europe chase down and consume each other for reasons that don’t make any sense. London has basically picked the land clean of smaller towns and now wants to attack Asia. Hugo Weaving is planning on doing this by reviving the weapon that ended the world.

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Episode 600: Anniversary Special

On today’s episode of Anime Pulse we celebrate the 600th episode, and the 14th coming of our ancestral founder Ichigo. He joins Joseph and Andrew as they discuss what has been going on with Ichigo, as well as submitting the questions from our dear listeners for him to answer. We also talk about Ichigo the firefighter, what anime tropes you hate the most, and we even hear from our resident Southern Belle. No show will be held on Easter, but look forward to our return the week after where we’ll be covering the new anime of Spring 2019.

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