Popcorn Pulse 107: Ice Scream

Deep in the heart of every video rental store of the nineties there were a few VHS tapes that were ubiquitous. These were the movies that were not ordered by the owners. They simply appeared on the shelves complete with worn stickers and suggested rental prices that were incorrect. One such film is Ice Cream Man(1995).

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Episode 616: Summer 2019 Previews #5

You awake to find yourself suddenly transported to another world, filled with cute cat girls, magic, and your mom? And that’s just the start, as this week on Anime Pulse we talk about Isekais, idiots making dumb threats, and edgy protagonists. First up is IRL news with Joseph being rained on, and Andrew getting us super hungry with his community topic. Afterwards the industry news gets up happy with KyoAni returning to work, and gets us sad with some moron saying he’ll set fire to Square Enix. And finally are some more previews, as Joseph gets summoned to another world with a MILF and his childhood friend, and Andrew turns up his edgy factor while live streaming.

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VG Pulse 336: garbage fire

This week on VGP, there are many a rant to be had! We start off with side notes of future Kas visits, before we get side tracked onto talking about the horrific shootings that took place in El Paso and Dayton, and have a rant about the way the media and other outlets are once again handling it. Afterwards, we head on off into the regular news where we discuss Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft planning to have companies disclose the real odds of loot boxes, as well as Gamestop letting go of more than fifty regional leaders in yet another attempt to fix their sinking ship. After the news we head off into my (extremely enthusiastic) review of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and we finish off with talk of food and anime! All this and more up next on VGP 336! -Aki

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Episode 615: Summer 2019 Previews #4

Back again are you? Well then, welcome back to Anime Pulse. This week we got more new from KyoAni, previews for the summer 2019 season, and community stuff. First up is IRL news as Joseph nearly spends himself into the black, and Andrew asks us if we read the manga to anime that we watch. Then comes industry news, with topics like a treasure trove being recovered from the KyoAni fire, and a dormitory being built just for animators. And finally come more previews, with Joseph arresting perverted high school girls and Andrew sweats bullets as young school girls share their perverted desires and confess to him.

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Episode 614: Summer 2019 Previews #3

This week on Anime pulse the guys talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. First up IRL news hits us with Joseph’s upgrades to his recording setup, and Andrew is asking everyone what anime has taught them. Afterwards they run through the industry news with topics like a politician who is pro-otaku, and KyoAni opening an account for donations to support the families hit by the tragedy. And lastly come the previews, as Joseph loses an arm on a trip to space and Andrew becomes a viking named Nobunaga.

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Manga Pulse 402: Street Captain

There’s something infinitely charming about the predictions of the future made in the distant past in science fiction. Particularly when they didn’t bother to cast that far ahead in the date of their fictional world. Take Blade Runner, for example, depicting Los Angeles as a dark, shadowy, dystopian world of flying cars and pyramids. When in reality that more accurately describes modern day Las Vegas.

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Episode 613: Summer 2019 Previews #2

It’s a somber week here on Anime Pulse, as we discuss the passing of 34 KyoAni staff after a senseless arsonist attack on their Studio 1. Our well wishes go out to the family and friends of these staff, and we hope those injured either physically or emotionally recover soon. The show’s format remains unchanged however, and so IRL news starts us off with Joseph paying for some upgrades to his recording equipment and Andrew would like to know what anime produced by KyoAni are the best. Afterwards we go in depth on the attack on Kyoto Animation, our only news article this show. And lastly are previews, with Joseph adopting a devil daughter while he hunts monsters and Andrew hits the gym after becoming stranded on an island.

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VG pulse 335: Retro Heat

This week on VG Pulse, we have supervision in the form of a puddle! We start off with side notes of computer talk and near disasters of both fire and water, before we head on off into the regular news where we discuss all the new Nintendo Switch articles that have dropped recently, as well as talk of Game Stop’s newest plan to get back in action! After the news we go over the forums and post a new one up, and then finish everything off with general life updates and a discussion on the KyoAni tragedy, and how you can help out! All this and more up next on VGP 335! -Aki

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