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This week on VG Pulse, we have a lengthy and tangent-heavy show where we seem to ramble on endlessly! (as usual…). We start out the show with side notes of falling down the stairs, getting heat exhaustion, and having to direct the actions of rental companies! After the side notes we delve into what may possibly be our longest ezmail segment ever! After the ezmails we dive into the regular news, in which we discuss the sad passing of Satoru Iwata, the surprising news of Dead Island 2 no longer having a developer, and the latest happenings with the Konami/Kojima mess. We finish off with Xahldera’s long overdue review of Borderlands 2 and another lengthy tangent about anime! All this and more up next on VGP 233! -Aki Read more>>

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Second week of summer previews and Red is absolutely melting, poor guy feels like a chocolate bar left out in a car on a hot summer day. But the show must go on! And on it goes! First up Red and Ryo catch up on what’s been going on in their lives, Red did some lawn work with his father and Ryo continues her curse of the cohost chronicles. Afterwards Ryo touches on a comment made by one of our listeners and community members, an then both Red and Ryo dive into the news! That’s right, the news is back! Red has an article about head pats and pinning your love interest against a wall, while Ryo discusses the finer points of drugging horny old men and stealing their money. Then it’s onto the discussion thread, where we wanted to know who your favorite transgender characters in anime are. And finally comes the previews, this is week two so just one more week left before we’re back into reviews. Please note, if the conversation between Red and Ryo sounds a bit ‘off’ it’s because Ryo’s audio desynced from Red’s. Red tried his best to fix it, but he’s no audio expert.

Show Notes


Intro - Clattanoia from Overlord by OxT
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase







Favorite Romantic Gestures

Chocolate Date Thief

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It’s a new season! Summer! Full of scantly clad girls, beaches, sun, and of course UMI DESU! But not for Red and Ryo, your two anime pulse hosts are working hard to bring you the latest on the shows this season. They begin things with a new segment, dedicated to delving into the weekly ongoings of your lovable hosts. Nothing too off topic, just a quick look into what Red and Ryo have been up to outside of the show. Then it’s onto the final week of suggestions, that’s right, after this week there will be no suggestions segment for quite a while. After that comes the discussion thread, which asked who you thought was the best ‘blade’ maser of all time. Yes, even box cutters count. And finally it’s into the previews, Red has two shows to introduce and so does Ryo. Stick around folks, because we’re just getting started.

Show Notes


Intro - Mazeru na Kiken from Ushio to Tora by Kinniku Shōjo Tai
Outro – Neko Mimi Mode by Dimitri From Paris from Tsukiyomi Moon Phase


Ushio to Tora

Monster Musume

Rokka no Yusha


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Don’t make me write an excerpt, you wouldn’t like me when I type. How many reviews, do you imagine, began with some variation of “wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” when the original Hulk film was released? I’m sure a quick search could give us an estimate but no one wants to go back and read warmed over reviews for a bad movie.

Which is why we decided to watch and jointly discuss the Ang Lee Hulk[2003]. Tim had only ever seen the Edward Norton Hulk while Wetall has only seen Eric Bana. Only one of those was rectified for this show. We talk about the Hulk Dogs, Nick Nolte and pitch a possible theory as to why it doesn’t work as a whole.

Weltall then talks about Skin Trade[2014]. It features Tony Jaa and Dolph Lundgren, whose name Wetall likes to mangle for fun and profit. They’re both combating the titular skin trade, prostitute slaves, being run by the slab man himself, Ron Perlman. There’s a bit of a Taken thing going on with Lungren’s daughter who doesn’t get found by the time the credit appear. So it’s a very cheerful film, is what we’re saying.

Tim drags up the ancient and decaying Bones[2001]. It features Snopp Dogg, who can’t act, terrorizing people who killed him. Or rather, that’s the summary of the synopsis on the cover. The movie has no idea what it wants to be, constantly loses focus and drops in plot points wherever convenient. It is a train wreck that occurs in slow motion over the running time and invites unfavorable comparisons to other horror franchises by leaning on their tropes. Which all makes it hilarious.

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Someone must have spiked our drink with the waters of forgetfullnes. We spend an inordinate time attempting to figure out which episode number we’re on. It might be the result of a contact high from all the April celebrations here in Colorado or we’re stupid. Really, whichever of those fits your preferred narrative is perfectly fine.

Our joint discussion centers on the wonderfully campy Sundown – The Vampire in Retreat(1989). Going by the DVD cover, and IMDB poster, you might think it stars Bruce Campbell and David Carradine. This is a disservice to all the macho posturing done by the world’s most disappointed dad and his college rival, who may or may not have knocked up dad’s wife. Also, cowboy showdown between vampires.

Weltall then talks about The Protector[2005] and The Protector[2013]. Not to be confused with the half other dozen movies and single TV series that bear the same name. We stumbled on the tabline reshow, Taken but with elephants, and that’s what we’re sticking with. Feel free to imagine Liam Neeson speaking Thai and kicking ass across Australia.

Tim then digs up another vampire film, in keeping with the them. Near Dark(1987). If the very fact that it has both Lance Henriksen and Bill Paxton isn’t enough to get you to watch it then you’ve clearly spent far too little of your life watching Aliens. Also, no one in the movie stops and gapes when they realize there are vampires around them. They don’t say vampire specifically but it’s clear they haven’t traded their brains for some magic beans.

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