Popcorn Pulse 32: Strange Fall

Like a slinky pitched over the side of a building, the joint discussion of the week revolves around Fallen (1998). In it, Denzel Washington plays a cop who’s yet to be too old for this shit. He ends up being haunted by a demon who can pass along to someone new with a pat on the shoulder. It ends up inside mister Rogers after he stops to comfort James Gandolfini for being in Get Shorty. This allows Rogers to terrorize a small Midwestern town until he’s hunted down by Werner Von Van Helsing.

Tim then decides to trot out a film that’s aged worse than the Mona Lisa inside of a compost pile in Louisiana, Dr Strange(1978). It features a man for whom no is merely a suggestion and mustache wax gets itemized on his taxes. He plays a psychiatrist who finds out he will now have literal magic hands which he uses to battle Morgan La Fay for custody of Merlin’s bones. Also, the sorcerer supreme has the Jedi mind trick in his bag which he uses no less than three times.

Weltall discusses Brother(2000). It’s about a man named after the honorific for big brother who doesn’t turn out to rule Eastasia. He drops out of the Yakuza and moves to L.A. to find himself. Upon arrival, they go to a wedding, get completely wasted and wake with no memory of the previous night. This culminates with a wild seventeen minute car chase on the highway which ends with Keanu Reeves punching a speeding bus at him.

Manga Pulse 327: Other Pain

Late starts aren’t new to anyone in the world, we assume. This is especially true for everyone in the Delayed Puberty Awareness support chain on Tumblr. We began a bit late as recordings were in progress and Weltall’s managa was loading slower than a geriatric lumper.

Tim began with a review of Othello in which an animated doormat wakes up and goes to school. She hangs out with a group of girls who hate her because doormat’s parents gave her the Japanese version of the devil’s dictionary. Luckily doormat’s split personality awakens and begins to get vengeance on her friends.

Weltall then discusses Kangoku Gakuen. It’s about an all girls school that’s forced to allow boys in but only five. They all adjust to school life normally and one of them graduates which honors which he shares with a female friend he never harbored a secret desire for…is what you’d expect if you’ve never seen a manga before. Instead, there are lots of the usual staples. Titties! Fear boners! Shennaigans! Also, random titillation because they forgot porn is easier to find.

Weltall: Kangoku Gakuen – Even if you receive it as a present, burn the book and piss on the ashes.
Tim the Enchanter: Othello – Even if you receive it as a present, burn the book and piss on the ashes.


No music cause it was on the franken PC and I barley got it out as is…

Script 2 Script 4: 1984

In this episode we tackle a request by a fellow comrade, 1984. It is a glorious tale of Big Brother’s march forward towards victory. We will discuss the tragedy of Winston and Julia, two ember of the inner party who became corrupted by Goldstein’s philosophy and turned traitor.

How could a man, given glorious work within the Party, turn against it? It begins with his corruption of truth when he believes he is short of razor blades. He becomes convinced that there is a shortage because he has so few when the records clearly state that there was a surplus that year. The only answer then is that Winston is a wasteful man who tosses his luxuries away without thought. Continue reading “Script 2 Script 4: 1984”

Popcorn Pulse 31: Wormtongue

Cyberpunk doesn’t crop up in films these days. During the nineties though, they were as numerous as the Buffalo on the US. Death Machine (1994) is one of these corpses, stuffed and mounted for generations to gawk and poke at.

It stars Wormtongue, an actress from Lawnmower Man 2: Death of the Franchise, two guys with bit parts from the Fifth Element, the brother who dies first in Die Hard and Commander Porkins. Wormtongue unleashes the titular Death Machine when he gets fired by the CEO while demanding his job back. The only solution they come up with is to stuff a random terrorist into a cyborg suit and make him fight the killer alien robot. Continue reading “Popcorn Pulse 31: Wormtongue”

Manga Pulse 325: Slice of Cheese

Finally, a show that focuses on the manga. You’d almost think we’ve done one of these once in awhile or something. Through the magic of circumstance we both managed to do some slice of life mangas at the same time. Considering how dull they usually are, it’s nothing short of a miracle if we generated some entertainment from them.

Tim talks about Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa. It’s a slice of life about a socially awkward construction worker who wants desperately to be popular. He decides that he will find way, in his simple and methodical way, to win the hearts and minds of his coworkers. Being socially inept, he fails multiple times. And while the story isn’t as excruciating as some it only earns a borders.

Weltall then discusses Cheese in the Trap, a manwha. Like the lives of some people we must all know, at some point, it goes nowhere and does nothing. Sort of like a fat pigeon glued to a manhole cover. It’s about a girl who resents a boy for reasons the author doesn’t want to elaborate upon. Without any character growth or substance to speak of, it too earned itself a borders.

Weltall: Aria the Scarlet Ammo – Read it at Borders.
Tim the Enchanter: Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa – Read it at Borders.
Not in the USA



Far Apart (Airglow) / CC BY 4.0


System Shutdown (Airglow) / CC BY 4.0

Manga Pulse 326: Car Bow

We often receive a number of suggestions which we ignore in our email. Solicitations to buy blue strawberry plants, pleasure our women longer or to find out the one weird food you should never eat end up in the trash. However, we almost always fulfill our manga shows with the suggestions of listeners. The chief reason being we are often lazy and get tired of hitting the random button. Continue reading “Manga Pulse 326: Car Bow”

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