Xbox Scorpio (1X) review

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Xbox Scorpio (1X) review

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I make bad finical decisions ill freely admit that so i thought what the hell lets get a Scorpio and see if its really worth all the hype (and money). so i have had it for 3 months and here is what i have concluded.

1. Yes there is a better frame rate on SOME games PUBG, Subnautica, ARK: Survival Evolved but for most games the average person is playing unless you also play on pc the frame rate bump is not that noticeable.

2. (( Sarcastic tone) 4K GAMING) yeah as with the frame rate bump its not that noticeable unless you have a 4k tv i do and the only game i noticed it on was destiny 2 but it just made the "iron sights" on guns more clear and bearable to use Example. other than that one time i have never noticed a difference.

3. Better load times. this one is actually great again with destiny as and example i load in a good 30 seconds before everyone else so i can start going for the objective before the enemy's spawn in, or when playing PUBG the loot and building load in 10 seconds before anyone else on the normal Xbox so i usually kill everyone that lands with me. its a clear advantage actually the devs should look into that...

4. Price point at $500 USD a lot of people are hesitate to pull the trigger on one and for good reason after a few hundred hours on it (at least 4 a day normally 8+) i can safely say its not worth it if you dont have an Xbox at all and want one get the 1S it starts at $230 USD and will work just as well.

Rating: GameFly
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