Episode 698: Spring 2021 Previews #1

This week on Anime Pulse we got recycling with the power of a burning finger, being possessed by the ancient spirit of a samurai, and the most cultured talk about fan service in anime ever. Up first Joseph is surrounding himself with Tharjas, and Andrew’s weather is hot and cold and then hot again. Afterwards there’s news of another strange theft, China gets it’s first new anime since 2007, and horrible women in a terrible anime wear sexy undergarments. Lastly the previews make a return as Joseph gets teased so hard he takes in a girl off the street, and Andrew allows the spirit of a samurai to possess him and battle football players.

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Popcorn 147: Double Miracle

Let’s dig into the best year to ever have occurred in the history of our lives. At least that’s what we’re going to call it based solely on the films that came out that year. We’re not going for anything most people have heard of though, we’ve got The Miracle Fighters(1982).

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Episode 697: Last Crusade or The Rise of Top wo Nerae

This week on Anime Pulse we got card thieves, the most annoying characters in anime, and going topless to fight aliens. Up first IRL news sees Joseph reach Platinum rank in Magic the Gathering: Arena, and Andrew cooked up another amazing meal for his family. Afterwards the news only brings us two whole topics of discussion, as a man steals a million yen worth of trading cards and a plagiarizing anime gets canned. Lately the reviews show us out with Joseph using science to fight magic while falling in love with the enemy, and Andrew becomes a groupie for the pilot of an elite space alien fighting force.

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Popcorn Pulse 146: Willy’s Wonderland

There are some actors who are like the white rice of film. Then there are tried and true spices like garlic and you can never have too much garlic. The same could be said of one Nicolas Cage and we’ve got a dollar store can full in Willy’s Wonderland[2021].

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Manga Pulse 441: Regenerated Manga

How many manga can we cram into a single show? Could we do seven, fourteen, a hundred and eighty? Considering how long and rambly we get, it’s doubtful. We’re honestly lucky we get through the two we normally slate for these things. Speaking of two, that’s exactly what we brought in.

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Cartoon Pulse: Episode One – The Cowardly Martians

It’s a brand new show! Joseph and Andrew have quit Anime reviews, and are moving to the West to tackle cartoons. In our inaugural episode we talk about our favorite Western cartoons, a scared dog, and Sponge Bob getting a little too spicy for 2021. Up first we delve straight into the reviews because that’s what you’re here for, as Joseph attempts to defend his home in the middle of nowhere and Andrew hangs out with some very ugly aliens. Afterwards the guys talk turkey about their offline lives, with Joseph gloating over his bs Magic the Gathering Arena wins and Andrew doesn’t have much to say. Lastly it is some news to sound us off and see us out the door, with Canada pointing the finger at an animated Bigfoot, some classics get brought to a little known platform, and a cupcake animated short straight from the bathrooms of bored animators.

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Popcorn Pulse 145: The Last Forger

Has it been awhile since we did a Travolta movie? Probably. No one cares for us to go back and look. We grabbed The Forger[2014] off the rack to see what travesty was produced.

Travolta plays an Art Forger who’s son is dying of cancer. He calls in a favor from a mob boss to get out of jail early. This involves forging a Monet to steal and give to the mob. Travolta almost fits being a washed up wannabe artist who makes copies. Plus they don’t pull any punches and have the kid miraculously beat cancer at the end.

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Episode 695: Sleepy Princess in the Abyss

This week on Anime Pulse we got tons of trading cards, Netflix being utterly droll, and descending deeper into the Abyss. Up first Joseph is excited for his trip to Flavor Town, and Andrew stuffs his face full of pocky and melon pan while watching cute girls doing cute things. Then the industry news rolls in with Japan tracking your every movement, a life size and possible Rei figurine, and how to avoid being canceled by a Japanese artist. Lastly the reviews sound us off as Joseph watches a cute girl doing demonic things, and Andrew take a dip in the Sea of Corpses.

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