Episode 829: Fall 2023 Previews #5

This week on Anime Pulse we got the last previews show for the fall 2023 season, jewel encrusted Pikachus, and golf course food. Up first Joseph introduces us to some new manga he picked up and his trip to a golf course for dinner, while Andrew is trying to get the anime industry filled with a simple genie wish. Then in the industry news a real trash human being wins an Emmy, and Pikachu might have never of been more expensive than now. And finally our last previews show of the season sees Joseph with two undead girlfriends in another world, and Andrew cooks up some potions to survive China.

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Script 2 Script 34: Dune

It’s time to get dried out from all the aquatic themed books we’ve done. What better place than Arrakis, Dune, desert planet. The Frank Herbert novel is getting another adaptation soon-ish. It’s a classic space opera where one family attempts to trap another on a hostile world to be exterminated.

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Episode 828: Fall 2023 Previews #4

This week on Anime Pulse we got Andrew back in town, Joseph regretting his Wendy’s decisions, and reincarnation ideas. Up first in the IRL news Joseph never wants to eat a Ghost Pepper themed anything ever again, and Andrew attended a friend’s birthday and gets stuck due to a storm. Then in the industry news Areosmith gets their own Japanese themed snack, a Sugar Baby is in deep with the law, and Starbucks get an Osakan slang. And lastly the previews for the second to last time for the season show us out, with Joseph proclaiming he is atomic to a bunch of goblins and Andrew is beheaded for falling for the villainess.

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Manga Pulse 504: Chou Bachi

Alright. We’ve got two sample bottles of scotch and two mangas. No funny business or running gags. No diversionary little anecdotes that are about as pointless as a marble. Perhaps a little bit of rambling that goes nowhere like a road to an abandoned farm which has antiques you can steal. They’re haunted as a matter of course. Have a priest’s number on hand before you go barn looting.

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Episode 827: Fall 2023 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got solo Joseph, no news topic, and what may very well be the fastest Anime Pulse episode ever. Up first Joseph mentions how terrible the Pokemon Violet DLC was, and about how he is looking forward to going to Wendy’s on Friday. Then in the industry news he talks about a man arrested for ninja washing a lady’s underwear, and some Pokemon themed doughnuts found exclusively at Mister Donut. And then to wrap things up Joseph goes from being a cool bone daddy to a stupid kid that has to teach a girl how to kick back and enjoy herself.

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Popcorn Pulse 208: Three Vampires Outside Renfield

It’s October, as we recorded this anyways. And we needed something that fitted within the spirit of the season. That spirit is whiskey and it’s a perennial favorite of ours. That spirit guided us towards our patron saint, senor Nicolas Cage. We’re pretty sure he was knighted in Spain so he can be called senor as a title. That’s right, we have Renfield[2023].

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VG Pulse 397: Thematically Accurate, Desirably Inaccurate

This week on VGP, the new computer is here!! We start off with side notes all about the joys of being able to game in a non-blurry mess, before heading off into the regular news where we discuss a potential new Nintendo console on the horizon, Stardew Valley’s music getting a full on orchestra concert, Microsoft finally cementing the Activision acquisition, Xbox banning third-party controllers, and of course my highly anticipated chance to talk about the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie!! After the news we give our review of Starfield and finish off with talk of food and anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 397!! -Aki

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Episode 826: Fall 2023 Previews #2

This week on Anime Pulse we got more previews of course, weight loss, and a popular Japanese local prepping for Halloween. Up first Joseph see some results from his new diet, and Andrew wants to know what anime inspire Halloween themes in us. Then in the industry news Domino’s Japan puts out a very unique looking pizza in time for the spooky celebrations, Amazon now has access to your Crunchyroll library, and some anime related locations to visit in Tokyo. Lastly the previews take us out with Joseph being really really really really really inexperienced to dating, and Andrew’s daughter leaves the nest to go on a journey to the end.

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Manga Pulse 503: Fire Kaiser

Hello, we’re Manga Pulse and we thank you for choosing us today. We have a lovely set of specials right now. A very seasonal word salad made from only the worst quality slang and confusion. Peppered with silliness brought on by anything mentioned within the news. Braised with whatever alcohol was on sale. This is all paired with a tasty set of reviews on only the freshest of manga, left to sit on the warehouse dock through the weekend.

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Episode 825: Fall 2023 Previews #1

This week on Anime Pulse we got the first of our fall 2023 episodes, NY Burgers in Japan, and rage quitting Mario Party. Up first Joseph tells us about a recent Mario Party experience, and Andrew is interested to hear what creepy powers stuck out to us the most in anime. Then in the industry news the a man slipped on some moss, the sushi terrorist gets their just desserts, and an illustrator says to never give up and never surrender. And finally in the previews Joseph plays a VRMMO where his only skill is being hungry, and Andrew become a ninja tasked with assassinating his identical twin.

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