Episode 607: Domestic no Index

Get your tissues folks, because this week Anime Pulse is suffering from hay fever. Well, at least half of it is. Starting us off is the IRL news where Joseph talks about selling out for Borderlands loot, and Andrew has the opposite question to last week where he wants to know what anime we’ve grown out of. Industry news rolls in with FGO popularity drops, the top food anime, and the UN’s anime ban proposal being slapped down. And lastly the reviews cap things off, with Joseph venturing forth into the murky waters of drama and Andrew punch girls with his anti-magical fist of justice.

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VG Pulse 332: E3 2019

This week on VGP, more E3 2019 coverage! We start off with side notes of illness all around, before diving into the main show where we recap and discuss the press conferences of Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Nintendo! As we did during the special episode, we go through what was announced step by step and talk about what we liked, what we didn’t, and why! All this and more up next on VGP 332! -Aki

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VG Pulse E3 Special 2019

It’s time once again for E3! On this first E3 Special, we discuss our thoughts and feelings about all of the announcements from Microsoft, Bethesda, and Devolver Digital! We’ll take you through everything that was said and done in the order it was presented, and talk about what we feel they did well, and what we feel could have been done better! All this and more on the E3 2019 Special Episode! -Aki

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Episode 606: Girly Air no Katachi

The spring previews are over, meaning Anime Pulse returns to their regularly scheduled reviews. First up IRL news comes at you with Joseph wrapping up his time on Borderlands GOTY edition, and Andrew wants to know what anime have you warmed up to over time. Afterwards the industry news is full up of fake copyright strikes, disappointed manga authors, and Akira Toriyama being knighted in France. And finally the two wrap up with reviews, with Joseph failing to take off in a living plane and Andrew confessing his love to a girl who can’t hear him.

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Episode 605: Spring 2019 Previews #5

Wait a second, is it me or did it get kind of dark in here? Because I’m positive Joseph just previewed a softcore porn. That’s right, we got basically hentai, police losing their shit over nothing, and your least favorite genres of anime. IRL news follows along as Joseph is once again on his own, and Andrew updates us on the KickVic situation. Industry news hits us with Cup Noodle animated shorts, and Crunchyroll fumbling their job in an amusing way. And finally we come to our final previews show for this season, as Joseph punches his way out of a hentai and Andrew strikes out twice trying to play baseball.

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VG Pulse 331: Common Sense Not Included

This week on VGP, we have a shorter show in the lead up to E3! We start off with the side note that we don’t really have many side notes, before hopping into the regular news where we discuss the new Death Stranding trailer, Game Freak showcasing their new sleep based game, and Call Of Duty having an amazingly new and innovative name for their next game! After the news we skip the forums and instead go into my first look at Oxygen Not Included! We then finish off with talk of anime and food. All this and more up next on VGP 331! -Aki

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Episode 604: Spring 2019 Previews #4

Break out your sun tan lotion and get the ice, because this week on Anime Pulse we are laying out the burns on both ourselves and others. First up is IRL news where Joseph has mowed his lawn until he turned into a crispy chicken, and Andrew wants to know who we think the worst Anime Moms are. Afterwards the two talk more about the ongoing KickVic saga, as well as shooting models into space for the olympics. And finally the previews this week cap us off, Joseph being reborn in another world as an overpowered samurai who hunts demons and Andrew plays us a musical number while shoving a kappa up someones ass.

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Popcorn Pulse 104: Denzel Vu

Wouldn’t it be crazy if everything was a simulation and we were all just programs in it? Not really as it wouldn’t change your day to day goings on. Thankfully that’s not the question asked by the nineties in Virtuosity(1995). Because there wasn’t a lot of room for movies in that era asking if we lived in reality or not and most of that space in pop culture was reserved for the Matrix with a small corner carved out for The Thirteenth Floor.

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Manga Pulse 399: Jesus Ladies

Weltall and Tim, once again, can never seem to agree on the varying pronunciation of the term for comics depending on the source. There may be an official and sanctioned way to pronounce the subtle differences between manga, manhwa, and manhua but looking them up would take something akin to effort. Even if they wanted to, you’ve come to expect far less and we can’t break with tradition now.

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Episode 603: Spring 2019 Previews #3

Are you ready to sell your soul to the loli devil? Good, because this week Joseph upsets all the ANN readers with one his previews. Before we get to that, the guys hit us with what has been going on with them IRL. Afterwards the industry news is short and sad, as Anime New Network loses its shit over loli fox girls and mangaka all across Japan scramble to buy up watercolor ink. And lastly are more previews, with Joseph introducing us to a feel-good loli fox girl and a cat-ish girl from Nagoya, and Andrew summons his newest stand to help translate the romantic feelings between two mythological creatures.

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