Episode 611: Kimi no Kansatsu Nikki

It’s time for another fascinating update to the Vic Mignogna trials, on your favorite Vic Mignogna podcast; Vic Pulse. IRL news strikes first of course, as Joseph talks about playing an adult game and Andrew is looking to find out what do you consider a good summer episode in anime. Afterwards we dig into the meat of the episode, the thing you all want to know about, what is going on with Vic Mignogna. Afterwards we wrap things up with the final reviews episode for a while, as Joseph reads some Snapple facts about Nagoya and Andrew wants to eat your pancreas.

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VG Pulse 334: Chaos Maker

This week on VG Pulse, we’re on our own again! We start off with side notes of work rants and things we need to get back to, before diving into the regular news where we discuss our thoughts on the finally revealed Switch Lite, Epic Games offering refunds to Shenmue 3 backers, and EA being EA again. After the news Millennium and I give our review of Super Mario Maker 2, and we finish off with talk of food and anime! All this and more up next on VGP 334! -Aki

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Episode 610: Maho Shojo no Osanazuma

I hope you’re ready for another KickVic update, because Andrew has the latest deets on the situation. Before we get there however, there’s a little bit of IRL news to cover. Joseph talks about making terrible decisions before the show, and Andrew wants to know what anime we feel deconstructed the genres they are in. Afterwards industry news is here with the KickVic update from Andrew, and Joseph mentions that a VR Youtuber has made records by going to space. (sort of) And then the reviews bring us Joseph trying desperately to avoid Chris Hansen, and Andrew making magical girls cry blood.

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Episode 609: Houseki no Live

It’s anti-father’s day here at Anime Pulse, where the guys talk all about those horrible dads in anime. In fact, you might say it’s going to be a mostly negative show this week, as Andrew and Joseph both have rather depressing news to share during the industry news section. IRL news is a bit on the lighter side though as Joseph challenges his supervisor to a Shokugeki and Andrew celebrates a birthday, and the same can be said for the reviews, as Joseph attempts to save the planet by dating girls and Andrew is like a bull in a china shop where all the china are girls made out of crystals and the bull is wizards from the moon.

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VG Pulse 333: Hot And Bothered

This week on VG Pulse, we have one more day till Mario Maker 2!!! We start out with side-notes of new Switch’s and new games, before diving into the regular news where we discuss the latest news on Google Stadia, the tragic death of Etika, and EA being EA as usual. After the news we go over the forums (gasp!), followed by general news about the games we’ve all been playing lately. We end off with talk of anime that we need to get back to watching, and more hype for Mario Maker 2!! All this and more up next on VGP 333!! -Aki

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Episode 608: Go-Toubun no Sugar Life

Ready for another episode of Anime Pulse? I bet you are! This week the guys return to talk about the best anime dads, the birth of an Otaku, and the waifu wars between five sisters. First up is IRL news with Joseph wrapping up his time in Borderlands 2, and Andrew wants to know if there are any anime dads that can claim to actually be a good parent. Afterwards the industry news is here with the announcement of a worldwide OC contest for Japan, and how you yourself can find a job at Ghibli. And lastly are the reviews with Joseph attempting to tutor five sisters, and Andrew coming to the realization he has attracted the attention of a gaggle of yanderes.

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Popcorn Pulse 105: Meaver

There’s nothing quite like watching an actor pretend to lose their mind on screen. Especially when they’re the kind of person who already comes across as unhinged. That’s why we jointly reviewed The Beaver[2011].

Mel Gibson plays the head of a small toy company inherited from his father that’s not doing too well. He has a bad relationship with his kids. His wife, played by Jodie Foster, wants a divorce. So Mel goes to a motel to drink heavily and attempt to kill himself. This fails when the beaver puppet he found in a dumpster tells him to knock it off and put himself back together.

The beaver, Mel Gibson doing an accent that Tim swears sounds like Mel doing a Michael Caine impression, seems to help. His kids start talking to him as he gets involved. He pitches an exciting new idea to the company and gets interviews on TV and magazines. This only lasts for a little bit as the beaver decides to run his life and Mel ends up cutting off his arm to get rid of it.

Tim then reviews Girls Just Want to Have Fun(1985). It’s an eighties movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker before she transformed into the mother of Mister Ed. She’s the daughter of a military man who moves a lot and all she wants to do is dance. Lucky for her there’s a contest to appear on a music show as a dancer that’s open to the public. If you want an eighties dance movie that’s not Footloose and has a lot of store brand versions of pop music, this might be the movie for you.

Weltall’s review is for Hotel Artemis[2019]. He was trying to do a Jodie Foster theme but Tim apparently has replaced his brain with swiss cheese and a mouse and couldn’t remember. Foster plays a woman known as the Nurse who works in a near future where high rolling criminals come to her for treatment. There are rules in her hospital like no killing fellow criminals while you’re there. Naturally someone breaks the rules and there’s tension and twists abound.

Manga Pulse 400: Many Hundreds

Shockingly, somehow, we’ve made if to four hundred episodes. Nearly eight hundred manga reviewed. Hundreds of emails read and dismissed. As it’s definitely a milestone you’d think we would have planned something special to celebrate it. If you’ve listened to us for any length of time then you know we barely remember to show up. So the episode number was a complete surprise to us.

Tim’s manga Kashikoi Ken Lilienthal stars two kids with terminal manga parent syndrome and a magic dog. The kids get a letter from their parents telling them to go to their airport to pick up their new brother. The dog, the titular Lilienthal is waiting and introduces himself as their new sibling. On the bus ride home, weird things begin manifesting as Lilithenal has strange powers he can’t control. It’s a slow moving mostly screwball kids comedy that has a few jokes that land well getting it a Borders.

Weltall revisits Oh Lord Jesus. When last we left off, the girl was in a coma and the protagonist was pointedly ignoring her. Things are shaken up when the main character suffers a head injury and the girl snaps out of her coma. Now she is able to see and speak with ghosts. And the mop wielding weirdo who was a pleasant gag begins to become a more solid player. It keeps its Crackers rating.

Episode 607: Domestic no Index

Get your tissues folks, because this week Anime Pulse is suffering from hay fever. Well, at least half of it is. Starting us off is the IRL news where Joseph talks about selling out for Borderlands loot, and Andrew has the opposite question to last week where he wants to know what anime we’ve grown out of. Industry news rolls in with FGO popularity drops, the top food anime, and the UN’s anime ban proposal being slapped down. And lastly the reviews cap things off, with Joseph venturing forth into the murky waters of drama and Andrew punch girls with his anti-magical fist of justice.

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