Episode 702: Odd Fumetsu at Magic High School

This week on Anime Pulse we got confessions in a Taxi, our best anime purchases, and lawn mowing. First up IRL news rolls in with Joseph getting a 10% man buff by mowing the lawn, and Andrew reverses last week’s question to find out what we feel is our best anime purchase. Second in are the news articles, with Andrew taking point once more talking about how Joseph will never go to Russia and more depressing robot boy and bunny girl adventures into a deep hole. Thirdly and lastly, is a Gatai show, as Joseph is slightly disappointed with a Magical High School and Andrew drives a taxi around looking for any signs of humanity.

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Script 2 Script 27: Blood and Chocolate

Pining after an artsy boy, hating your family, hair where there was no hair before, and turning into a monster once a month all sounds like your average teen girl, werewolf…or both!  That’s right, before True Blood and Twilight there was “Blood and Chocolate” by Annette Curtis Klause adapted by MGM is a mad cash grab to get that sweet money from horny suburban moms and their daughters in 2007.

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Popcorn Pulse 151: Level of the Boss

There was a land of the four entertainments. Books, TV, Music and Film. Everyone watched in peace until the Film nation attacked. And then everyone tuned out because who the fuck cares about the Academy awards anymore? Grab you popcorn and enjoin us in poking the bloated body of film.

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Episode 701: Spring 2021 Previews #3

This week on Anime Pulse we got atrocity points, table top EXPLOSIONS, and Pokemon nostalgia. Up first IRL news has Joseph catching Buneary for the seventh time, and Andrew is scrutinizing our spending habits. Afterwards industry news brings in tow whole topics, one about another magical girl contract movie and the other about being iseki’d to a flat piece of cardboard. And lastly we wrap up with Joseph being sent to the Demon School to expand an evil empire, and Andrew becomes a saint after killing slimes for 300 years.

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Manga Pulse 445: Interspecies Shinto

Another episode and yet two more manga from the box of mystery. Whoever wanted us to review this intended us to hurt a little. If that was the intent, they’ve done an incredible job dispensing agony. So if they need feedback for masterclass in villainy, top marks from us.

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EPISODE 700: Anniversary Special Edition

Wow, another episode with two ‘0’s’ in a row! Let’s celebrate! On this very special episode of Anime Pulse we talk about our experience on the show as well as a trip down memory lane with you, the listeners (and some special guests). There’s some Q&A, a competition announcement, awards and finally me and Joseph talk a little bit about our favorite anime. Here’s to another 100!

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VG Pulse 361: Cbomb Bass

This week on VG Pulse, we’re alive!! We start off with side notes and excuses for why we haven’t had a show in so long, before diving right into the regular news where we discuss Twitch’s questionable new harassment policy, how badly Capcom want to make Lady Dimitrescu scary (it’s ineffective thus far), GameStop’s CEO leaving the company, and a haunted Mario Lego figure!! After the news we go over the Discord Discussions, before diving into Millennium’s review of his new gaming headset! We finish off with talk of anime and food!! All this and more up next on VGP 361!! ~Aki

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Script 2 Script 24: King Stuff

The working version.

Stephen King has a long history with adaptations of his work. No small amount of it has been decent to good books being turned into movies that are best described as “free, please take”. Is this a problem with trying to cram a book big enough to beat a rhino into submission into ninety minutes? We attempt to find out by watching Mangler and Cat’s Eye.

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