Episode 821: Handyman Witch: The Journey of Saito

This week on Anime Pulse we got a hungry host, the Lockpicking Lawyer is isekai’d, and the end of the world as we know it. First off Joseph is hungry having changed his “lunch” routine, and Andrew had a packed week with his fighting game tournament. Then in the industry news the studio Ghibli park gets a unique bus you can ride around on, and a new luxury hotel in Japan is being born from the bones of an old prison. And finally the reviews wrap us up with Joseph picking treasure chest locks for his party in another world, and Andrew hops on a broomstick to journey around the world.

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Popcorn Pulse 205: Arthur’s Phallus

Ok, look. You see that sword over there? Yeah, the one stuck in that rock? Go over there and give it a little tug and come right back for your free meat pie. Now, you’ll see some guys put on a whole show. They’ll flail and flop around, maybe grunt or yell while they’re doing it. They crowd laughs but I’m not throwing in anything else just because you get them riled up. Got it, little Arthur?

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Episode 820: Chillin’ in My 30’s after Getting Fired from the Ultraman’s Army

This week on Anime Pulse we got stairs vs escalators, fat weeks, and Engrish. Up first Joseph talks about how he felt like he was over indulging this past week, and Andrew is brushing up on his Engrish by looking to anime. Then in the industry news the mayor of Shibuya says no thank you to Halloween this year, Netflix surprises itself with how good One Piece is doing, and an anime museum is set to open by the Japanese government. Finally in the reviews Joseph loses his job despite being integral so he finds a big tittied hometown girl to settle down with, and Andrew has to take his father’s place in battling aliens from OUTER SPAAAACE!

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Manga Pulse 500

We have something of a big show today. Being as it is the large sized five-hundo we have many things to talk about. Plus Weltall put in a bunch of effort in hunting down clips and bits from our other episodes. Ok, he at least grabbed some stuff he could find off the top of his head. However, that counts as effort in our book. We’re basically the Howard Hughes of manga podcasts. The Hughes that designed good planes and raced steam cars not the one who was afraid of leaving his apartment.

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Episode 819: Akikan Life in Another World

This week on Anime Pulse we got pineapple in our burgers, unique cheat skills to inspire authors with, and more anime reviews. Up first the IRL news sees Joseph mention he’ll be taking tomorrow off to look at a house, and Andrew is melting in the heat as his A/C is not yet installed. Then in the industry news we learn that old Mr. Anime was a Mistake doesn’t want to stop making movies, there are some upcoming anime announcements, and wearing a tie in Summer sparks outcry in a Japanese city council. And finally in the reviews Joseph is reincarnated into a forest of death where he starts to till the fields and plant his seed, and Andrew cracks open a fresh can of soda and is pulled into a world of carbonated carnage.

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VG Pulse395: Over-Encumbered!

This week on VGP, we has a Kas IRL!! We start off with side notes of her trip over here as well as some tech fail, before diving into the regular news where we discuss Charles Martinet’s retirement, Starfield’s leaker facing felony charges, and hackers making life harder for Genshin players! After the news we dive into mine and Millennium’s first look at the glorious classic Bethesda flavor that is Starfield, and finish off with talk of food and anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 395!! -Aki

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Popcorn Pulse 204: Santa’s Covenant

It’s early September and we’re talking about movies. So that means we had to pick something fitting. Naturally this means we grabbed a Christmas movie from last year with Violent Night[2022]. Which stars the sheriff from Stranger Things. Sure he has a name but that’s how he’s stuck in our heads since he first appeared.

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Episode 818: Don’t Toy with Oooku, Miss Chambers

This week on Anime Pulse we got a long walk, no news, and inner chambers. Up First Joseph went for a long ass walk and talks about the new FGO “summer” event, and Andrew is all about those first kisses. Then in the industry news, there is no industry news! Haha! And finally the reviews keep going as Joseph has found he maybe a bit of a masochist to a certain sadistic tanned judo player, and Andrew finds himself in a last man in Japan situation and sent to the royal chambers.

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Manga Pulse 499: Alcoholic Lesbians

Looks like we’re lining up for a long drive. We’ve settled on a driving club. A number five; five or maybe six. A very nice medium range club with an excellent driving force that’s a little dated. Certainly not the choice of some of the top players but very popular among the amateurs hitting the links. Tim hasn’t gotten his on the green so all Weltall has to do is avoid the sand trap and he’ll be within the his strength, the short game.

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Episode 817: The Fruit of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Evolution

This week on Anime Pulse we got the return of Joseph, the second annual Fall Festival Giveaway, and season two of Monkey Fucker. Up first Joseph recounts his trip to Florida as well as hyping up the return of the Fall Festival Giveaway, and Andrew has recovered from his attempts at killing his liver and is looking for the best energy blasts in anime. Then in the industry news a stealthy bear terrorizing Japanese farms is killed, Cinnabon Japan has some limited time flavors, and anti-AI artists have their art stolen by AI artists. And finally we return to the regularly scheduled program with reviews as Joseph wants nothing to do with a pink gorilla, and Andrew concludes his time in the robot that is also his mom.

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