Manga Pulse 512: Red Secretary

If you’re reading this then you’re probably hearing about all the issues on website posts. Which is ironic because the only way this shows up is that the issues are resolved. One of those kind of funny paradoxes where you get to hear about it for the next couple of episodes now that it’s all done. It’s kind of like getting the results back from a cancer screening after you’ve already had surgery to remove a growth. If it helps, we’ve been keeping up with the recordings at least so we have manga.

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Popcorn Pulse 218: Cruel Road

Everyone has heard the word in Hollywood. That word is exploitation and shady sexual favors. Wait, that’s not a word. The word is remake. That thing we’ve been complaining about long enough to wear out a couple of presidents. Hollywood is nothing if not persistent in their endeavor. Once they’ve bit down they will do a death roll until everybody has drowned.

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Episode 850: Spring 2024 Previews #1

This week on Anime Pulse we got a bunch of previews, very little IRL news, and space ships! Up first Joseph skips the IRL news section with Andrew to go straight into community, which is all about our favorite anime space ships. Then in the industry news, there is one! And finally we have a chungus previews episode to make up for the fact there will be no show next week. Joseph is banished by his goblin family for buying an elf slave, and Andrew takes a train to camp out with a wise wolf.

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Episode 849: 5 Centimeters Senpai

This week on Anime Pulse we got no IRL news, short stacks, and a father takes a really long bike ride. Up first is the community section, because both Joseph and Andrew have zero things to talk about. Then in the industry news it’s a swap as Joseph is the only one with something to mention, and it’s about an old man who rode his bike over 300 miles. And finally in the final reviews before we transition over to previews for the season, Joseph is pouring syrup all over his tiny senpai and Andrew enters into a very long distance relationship with all the drama trappings.

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Manga Pulse 511: Fool Land

Suddenly there was a shout. The maid pointed towards the entryway. “Look out, he’s got a nug!” She bellowed. We discovered afterwards that she had long been diagnosed as having too much black bile and that lead to a curious condition. A transposing of letters in her speech and reading. This did not affect her day to day for what maid needed to be properly lettered as she polished the silver. Still we were taken aback by the presence of two manga.

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VG Pulse 403: A VGP Woodland Adventure!

This week on VGP, we’re awake! We start off with side notes of weaksauce and German food, before diving into the regular news where we discuss Stardew Valley breaking records, Kotaku imploding, more government movements towards anti-monopoly practices in the video game space, Twitch being Twitch, and many exciting updates to Palworld!! After the news we head off into the reviews, where I discuss theHunter: Call of the Wild, and Millennium discusses Lumberjack’s Dynasty! After the reviews we finish off with talk of food and anime!! All this and more up next on VGP 403!!! -Aki

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Episode 848: Ms. Vampire Makes Me OP

This week on Anime Pulse we got the results of Jury Duty, Indian Curry, and the disappearance of anime media. Up first Joseph talks curry and how he faired during his jury duty, and Andrew is excited for his upcoming trip to Japan and talks about his Easter dinner. Then in the industry news we got a single whole topic, but it’s pretty big, 60,000 minutes big to be exact! And in the reviews Joseph breaks the economy with his monster drop ability, and Andrew discovers a loli vampire living in his neighborhood.

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Episode 847: Ten Mob Puru 100

This week on Anime Pulse we got 1000% psycho, a very short community segment, and snow. Up first Joseph had to dig himself out after old man winter took a dump on his lawn, and Andrew took some days off and spent them on family. Then in the industry news the greatest heist of the century sees the villains caught and arrested, and you may get a chance to soon ride the dragon and eat some balls at a park. And finally in the reviews Joseph goes to become a celibate monk but finds a bunch of hot nuns instead, and Andrew reveals he is a psychic with a ????% power level and may be related to Saitama.

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