Manga Pulse 506: Blame Tim

A whole other week arrives. Along with all the chill and snow of a new year. In spite of this we rouse the dogs and lash them to the sled. All so we can make our long and arduous journey to the manga store. From which we will review two manga. Will they be found fresh or are they molding like those mangosteens no one ate?

Tim starts us off with Amai Seikatsu. Shinosuke is a guy who works in the warehouse of a lingerie company. He’s so obsessed with lingerie he can tell what a woman is wearing under her clothes. He can even tell the catalog number if it’s from the company he works for. Somehow him taking an old pair of panties up to the CEO which was returned gets him a chance to work on designing and marketing lingerie. It falls flatly into the realm of Borders.

Weltall has Blame! We follow Killy running around with a kid being hunted by bad people. You can tell they are bad people because they want the kid to be the star in a remake of Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The plot is difficult to tease out but everything is an urban sprawl hell. Like if Coruscant was earth and there are cyborgs and robots trying to kill everything and each other. Also Killy has a gun which seems to one shot everything. It also gets a Burn It.

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